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    Detailed and rich NDE

    This is a good one: Talkzone: John J. Davis Keep an open mind.
  2. A

    On the run

    Ever since my last panic attack and I've been on the run. Running trying to get somewhere safe in my mind. I don't really know where is the cause of all this, I try to dig my memories but I just won't get a certain answer. I know that shit happened to me as a kid, and I know there are things...
  3. Z

    Insecure of her rich ex boyfriend

    I really want to get it off my chest, how I feel so insecure of her rich ex-boyfriend. I’m not a total nut job. I’m employed in an 8-5 job with a decent monthly salary, but it’s still different from him. I want to give her luxurious gifts and take her to fancy trips like he used to do for her...
  4. M

    Happy To Be Here

    My name is Mike, I'm new here , first time using any type of forum. From the wonderful state of Taxachussetts, where the rich get richer! Anyways, I'll be poking around, great to be here!:)
  5. G

    How i changed from a low-life drug addict to a millionaire

    I was born in an average family, my childhood was pretty normal. It wasn't until I got to college that things began to take a downward spiral. I didn't realize it then, but my life was about to get really messed up. I started using. I got really broke, stopped going for classes, that was the...
  6. Funnyday

    Relentless voices

    I've had enough of it all. I don't want to hear voices any more. The voice said to me today that if I was to stop listening to music and do as they say I would become a rich and famous author. I would rather be dead than hear them any more. There must be a way to shut them the fuck up. Someone...
  7. P

    Thrust into this hellish world.

    As my father inserting his rock hard cock into my mother's flesh tube he dreamed of how much of a real man he was. They rocked back and forth together becoming more and more agitated. And then the explosion of cum that i was fucking swimming around in. The mechanical and idiot sperm that i...
  8. P

    Crazy put downs.

    A woman online earlier was fucking with this guy. Her put down goes something like this "I'm a woman and you don't have me!" Like what is going on in your mind where a person not having you is the shittiest thing to happen? You ever hear that shit? They say it quite a bit don't they. Do...
  9. P

    Two main types of schizophrenia.

    These are the two main types of schizophrenia. Poor and rich. Thats it. The rich do well and the poor kill themselves. So there you go thats it. It's the two main types of schizophrenia.
  10. mrlaurel

    Famous Rich and Hungry

    try not to watch this kind of stuff on TV but saw last nights episode and really did think it was well balanced for a change. shocking to think just how many people in one of the riches countries on earth and expected to live on so little. I myself know how bad things can be, had to make do...
  11. dodo777

    Ow any people are on medication on a regular basis?

    Not just for mental health but for pain or other ailments ,there must be billions . All the drugs that work for me with my mental health are very addictive. What really shocks me is when someone famous commits suicide or when people are rich take cocaine and heroin and crack. I guess having...
  12. H

    Why is there nothing inbetween?

    Actually I'm really fed up by the whole flaming process. I'm constantly made out out to be either a scrounger who has nothing wrong with them, or crazy and in need of locking up and drugging into silence. Who exactly would choose to live like this unless they had to do so. I feel like I'm...
  13. cpuusage

    When the rich are born to rule, the results can be fatal

    Full article here - When the rich are born to rule, the results can be fatal | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian Those whom the gods love die young: are they trying to tell me something? Due to an inexplicable discontinuity in space-time, on Sunday I turned 50. I have petitioned...
  14. bert tomato

    I just see dollar signs.

    I am not a good person. I just try to be nice to gain social status. I just want to be rich and popular so my life is more fun.
  15. dodo777

    Thanx all for replies.Listening to the news again aaarg.

    Listening to the news AGAIN things are not looking good and as time goes by I think will only get worse. I do hope that guy who had the dog ripping up those police go to prison for a long time to show these thugs having these dogs are not on. I think putting up alcohol is another hit on...
  16. ReddishOfRed

    Natural safe help for Bipolar?

    Hi All, I'm shamefully busy, but here is something I found, it's a non-cheap nutritional supplement type effect that is claiming to stabilise Bipolar Disorder. I've done a bit of research into it, but not enough - I couldn't afford to buy this now anyway. But if any of you are rich enough, you...
  17. W

    How can I change my story?

    When I was young I lied to all my high school friends about my life and my family. I come from a very poor family who clouldn't support me through school so they kept me with distant relatives who put me through school in exchange for my chores in their home. They treated me like a slave, looked...
  18. D

    Angry and scunnered

  19. S

    I am in way over my head. Does anyone know of a place like this?

    I was a psychologist, once upon a time. I've seen the inside of a lot of hospitals and I've seen the way mental patients are treated. I didn't like it, myself but the system works for countless people. It would not work for him. I had quit the practice for personal reasons. When I met him, he...