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  1. S

    Returning to therapy.

    I haven't been in therapy for 4 years, I got a letter this morning from my ex therapist for this Friday. I am so nervous about returning. I think that I have learnt to keep things to myself now and the thought of letting her in again terrifies me. It is like starting school over again.
  2. T


    Hey, I'm a returning member, I was CoffeeLove, I had no intentions of coming back but a very dear and good friend enabled me to see sense in coming back. I'll post in time, some stuff has got too big for me to cope alone so I need to talk, I will.
  3. S


    Feel so alone everyone leaves me eventually I miss my son so much feels like my hearts being ripped out wish social services would hurry up and return him but no they want a letter from my psycharist stating that im not a danger that he's safe before they will even consider more contact or...
  4. porkpie

    Now I know what a zombie feels like. Depakote!

    i have often wondered what people meant when they feel like a zombie. After being commenced on 500mg of Depakote daily, fuck I feel awful and so disconnected. When people are having conversations with me I can't think of a response. I don't have the motivation or patience to write anything...
  5. M

    I feel lucky,,, my meds are working

    I have been on many different meds over the years some were of no use some quite good.For some time now ive been by and large steady i still have a lot of dark days but not as many as before i do worry though that i will never come off of them for fear of returning to constant bad days is this a...
  6. C

    Depression returning?

    Hi - I've been on Venlafaxine 225mg and Quetiapine 100mg daily for approx 2 and a bit years. Over the last cpl of months I've started getting my 'Red Flags' about depression returning (tears, too much/too little sleep, apathy etc) - I'm making an appt for my GP this week, hopefully tomorrow but...
  7. W

    everyday is a monday.

    I'm sitting in my room and trying to think of the last time i laughed or smiled and felt pleasure or that feeling where nothing else matters. I can't find it, i know it's in there but i can't find it. I can't see the light ever returning to the end of my tunnel. This is one of the better days...
  8. M

    Fearing returning to work after sickness absence due to bullying

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but could do with some advice please. I have suffered with mild bouts of depression for years, but have always managed to cope. I have been absent from work for a year now. I was suffering with work related stress and a deep depression caused by being bullied daily...
  9. Q

    Intrusive thoughts that keep on coming and going.

    New to this site have tried cbt, interpersonal llttf, moodgym, linden method (probably the worse anxiety recovery programme based on my experience maybe it works for other), seeing a counsellor and now I am seeing a cbt, 19 years old I want an end to this welfare being officer. This worries that...
  10. A

    dealing with centrelink

    Im not really sure what category this new thread fits .. maybe the moderators will move it..? Every time I deal with this government department I walk away feeling like a second (no..third class)class citizen. I have a full time job, however my employer wont allow me to return until the...
  11. T

    AWOL - Been in hospital again.

    I have just been discharged from hospital, but I don't think I was ready. I convinced myself that I was okay as we are going on holiday on the 3rd Feb. I went in to hospital cause I was seeing things and hadn't slept for 4 nights. Really anxious too. then I went high for 4 days, but have come...
  12. N

    hi - returning after some time

    Ok so I'm not new here but wanted to say hi because I haven't been on here for over 18 months. Anyways I have depression and ptsd :hi:
  13. A

    back into the darkness

    until last month I had been doing well, not being affected by the depression that has plagued my life for many years - however after less than a year the darkness is returning and the timing couldn't be worse because I cannot seek help for a month or two... I don't know how I can manage another...
  14. peace_within

    Hello... I'm new ish

    Hello... already had a look around the forum and wanted to post a introduction :-) In this life I have already been to 'rock bottom' and am now building a strong foundation for myself. I am here to listen and to share. I keep returning to the thought that 'I am healing myself', and through...
  15. E

    Returning User =]

    I was a user about 2 years ago and decided to return, so hello everyone :)
  16. E

    Bipolar 2 and returning to the UK after 9 years working overseas - need answers

    Bipolar 2 and returning to the UK after 9 years working overseas - need answers I have been living and working overseas for almost 9 years now. I have recently in the past three months been diagnosed as Boplar 2 after years of anxiety attacks, depressions and gambling binges as well as self...
  17. R

    Beginning to crumble...

    I came off my ADs quite a few weeks ago and I've been through a few emotions which I hoped had stabilised. Today, I feel like giving up on therapy. I can't see the point. I've more or less figured out where I'm going wrong, but just haven't got the energy to put myself out there again and keep...
  18. ABsea

    happy pills

    I want some. Where can I obtain them? I need something that I can just pop like a piece of gum and feel really happy all day. No bullshit side effects. Just happiness. Something to get rid of this cloud over my head forever without a possibility of thunderstorms returning in its place. I'm ready...
  19. A

    returning after a long absence

    Hi all I haven't been hete for a while so forgive me if I post in the wrong section, its changed round here, needless to say I am still fighting depression. Anne
  20. L

    haaaaate me

    I've had enough im sick of this world im sick of being looked down on I am sooo angry with everything and life that im gonna crumble,no bloody point in asking for help,no point in any of this I feel a complete burden well I am I'm also a bad stupid failed selfcentrred cow and I deserve to burn...