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  1. F

    Rethink supported housing campaign

  2. F

    Norman Lamb describes government’s £600m funding to mental health services as “breakthrough”

    Norman Lamb describes government’s £600m funding to mental health services as “breakthrough” Norman Lamb describes government According to Rethink only putting back in what was taken out in recent years. Mental health will still be seriously underfunded.
  3. R

    feeling anxious

    i saw the gp a couple of weeks ago he didn't do anything, recently saneline told me to tell me how i feel, he cut me off with everyones feeling a bit like that nowadays What can he do when he does refer me i'm just bounced back to him, a friend suggets olanzipene but i'm tired of people messing...
  4. D

    Getting a second psychiatrist opinion

    Hello my sister has bi-polar but also has obsessive thoughts. Her current psychiatrist says there is nothing that can help her but this is ruining her life. Can anyone help in how to go about getting a second opinion and would Rethink be able to help with this as I work full time and have...
  5. C

    West Midlands County

    Birmingham - Community Garden Martineau Gardens [email protected] 0121 440 7430 'Our mission is to inspire people about the natural environment. We also provide volunteering opportunities in the garden and are a venue for educational activities.' 'Martineau Gardens provides a...
  6. shaky

    Rethink response to CQC report on Mental Health Act

    More grim news being highlighted by Rethink. https://www.rethink.org/media-centre/2015/02/rethink-mental-illness-response-to-cqc-report-on-mental-health-act The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2013/14 report, which shows that the number of...
  7. shaky

    What is the point of Rethink?

    I have Rethink as a 'Like' on my facebook A message popped up saying -'join one of our support groups' and I thought 'Actually, I might like to do that.' So I went to the 'interactive' map and there is nothing in my town The nearest two towns have 'carers' support groups' What is the F***ing...
  8. F

    Fury As Charity Claims People With Mental Health Problems Are A ‘Disease Burden’

    Fury As Charity Claims People With Mental Health Problems Are A ‘Disease Burden’ Campaigners have reacted angrily to an email from the charity Rethink, which appears to suggest that people with mental health problems are a “disease burden” on the NHS. The email announces the launch of a...
  9. S

    Making progress

    I feel at last I am beginning to actually feel content and happy once more but the last four years have been one hell of a journey. Remnants from massive massive breakdown following last job. ie Massive loss of confidence. ie Like most men have felt my definition has to have been with what type...
  10. U

    New to the forum

    Hi, I am new to the forum having migrated from the soon to be closed Rethink Talk site. I suffer with episodes where I experience depression, paranoia and voices for which I am currently taking medication. I tend not to post very often but drop in from time to time. Feeling a bit fed up...
  11. A

    Just moved in, need to meet my neighbours

    Hello. New here. Have been on another forum since my son became ill with schizophrenia in early 2013. Have found it more helpful than I can put into words to connect with other carers and others living with mental illness as a way of feeling less like an alien since our lives changed so...
  12. mrlaurel

    manic low's ????????????

    can low's be manic? I had a wierd hour today, I went really low... low enough to want to die and I was out and committed to Rethink so couldn't just come home. It was horrid, like the wall's around me were moving and poeples were out of time. all very strange. got to Rethink and was feeling...
  13. F

    Dumped again

    Just found out i have been dumped by Rethink for a second time. Apparently it's because the group i attend is a peer run group and not run by Rethink(though Rethink staff turn up from time to time.) Was supposed to do walking group but by the time i was ready to do it(wanted to get used to the...
  14. R


    Phoned up above they gave me the no of this stress place, i phoned it was admin who told me to go to they're web site and give my location, i did so just to be referred to private places i've got no money They said for my gp to refer me for councilling, i pointed out my gp has twice referred me...
  15. mrlaurel

    does anyone get GOOD support?

    I know we can all be very negative at times, and no one more so than me... I'm a grumpy bugga. But I never hear anyone say anything about good support from NHS services, family etc. what could be offered to you to help more? I want to get involved with something like Mind or Rethink in the...
  16. McMurphy's Ghost

    Is it OK for Rethink to take cash from Pharmaceutical drug Companies?

    Pharmaceutical industry support | Rethink Mental Illness, The Leading Mental Health Membership Charity It seems to me they cant take cash from pharmaceutical companies and pretend that they are independent at the same time. If an MP took the same cash we would laugh at them for saying it...
  17. SomersetScorpio

    ESA Factsheet from Rethink

    Hello all, I'm very aware that the ESA benefit and the WCA are a massive worry for people claiming it with mental health issues. I've recently had to send off a form for a re-assessment and have a WCA looming (I know it's coming, but nobody's contacted me yet!), so it's something i'm really...
  18. mrlaurel

    do you use Rethink ?

    I am off to rerhink this morning, need to start to get myself sorted out. Cant live like this anymore. Do you use your local Rethink ? how do you find them? I will report back laters how I get on. Stan
  19. mrlaurel

    Rethink ?

    hi, anyone use Rethink? is it worth getting involved? I feel I need some support and as I think things are getting worse for me (personaly things are going tits up) is it worth using their services? TIA stan:salut:
  20. F


    Got an appointment with them on Thurs regarding benefit advice/help. Anyone had any dealings with them, and if so, what can i expect? x