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  1. O

    Struggling a bit

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site. I am looking forward to offering support and hopefully receiving some as well. I've been in recovery for a long time, about 16 years. My children have never seen me sick and I am really grateful for that. I've been struggling on and off with restricting my...
  2. A

    Confused if this is a disorder

    Hi! This is my first post here I believe. I know I have an unhealthy relationship with food but am unsure if this requires help. A couple years ago was when my disordered habits were peaking. I restricted greatly and lost a lot of weight in 2 or 3 months. After restricting, I had symptoms of...
  3. M

    feel lost/confused about everything

    I have an assessment with earing disorder team but i dont know what to do. feel completely lost and alone with everything atm. I kmow i need help regards restricting food and purging etc but it is the only thing that i feel in control of so take that away i have no control it also helps me deal...
  4. G


    Hi. Can you still be given a diagnosis of anorexia if you're over weight but still restricting calorie in take?
  5. prairiechick

    Out of Control

    Bingeing, restricting, bingeing, over-exercising, bingeing, restricting...and on it goes. I lost weight, and now I'm scared I've gained weight and I think about FOOD ALL THE TIME. What I'm eating, what I'm not eating, how many calories I'm eating, how many calories I am burning. It's making...
  6. T

    Early weight gain

    Hi I am new to this forum but my family just can't talk to me about all this anymore which I understand completely but I just need to not be alone in this so this is where I be turned. Anyway my issue is I've been on the waiting lost for my first appointment at the eating disorder clinic for a...
  7. Agama


    3 weeks ago I came out from hospital and I'm already in deep relapse ...I want recovery so much but I don't know how to pick myself up.. If I eat I purge but I don't want this..it's just happening and I can't control this..because I'm scared of purging I'm restricting.. I don't know what to do?...
  8. amathus

    What were your reasons for restricting your food intake?

    Evidence shows that those dealing with ED issues have various reasons for restricting what they eat. What are / were yours? (please remember Forum Guidelines) Thanks, amathus.
  9. J

    Hello, I'm new, want to introduce myself.

    Well, Ive had an eating disorder since my teens (I'm 29 now) and have been in two different eating disorder units as well as a few psych units and have always left AMA (against medical advice). I generally restrict more than I binge/purge but have been known to do that too on occasion. Im also a...
  10. C

    ED - side effects

    For three weeks I've had reduced sensation in my left foot coupled with a weakness to flex my foot, this is probably the result of restricting right? If so, should I tell my GP when she next sees me or will I only get the third degree?
  11. M

    do i lose all hope

    going on a greeen tea detox, have zero energy level's eve tho im eatig and now taking b12.. 5th day of taking what seems to be useless b12 and anti depressent, yo yo my weight is ad im frustrated.. im at recovered doors with regards to weight but i cant seem to stay hear :/ keep checkig,keep...
  12. M

    ooooo ooh

    :mad: i ate crap tonight... big relapse happened and i defonatly fucked up. :thumbdown: to me i feel guilt and shame but i needed the suger and carbs. back to work out and restricting tomorrow
  13. T

    switching anorexia types - struggling

    Over the past few months, have switched from restrictive anorexia to binging anorexia (psychiatrist says it's not bulimia cos of the constant behaviour and restricting). Apparently, the binging type is more dangerous than the restrictive cos of the effect on the heart, etc. Despite having had...
  14. S

    Kind of want to restrict again

    I'm coming to the conclusion that I just can't eat properly. Since I started increasing my calorie intake & allowing myself to eat sugary food, that's all i want to pick at. I'm a sugar addict :( I felt healthier when I was restricting, I just feel stodgy & full, with these sugar cravings that...
  15. mindy malone

    New Here

    I am new to this forum, never really told anyone about my problem but know I really need help so reaching out to this forum. I was diagnosed with EDNOS over a year ago. Git sent to treatment due to weight being scarcely low. After treatment everyone thought u was better bc my weight went back...