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  1. speckles

    What's the point?

    Well I was restrained to a physical hospital for rehydration this week. I got restrained for many hours they pulled down my pants under restraint of ten staff and took blood out of my groin. I was injured. They tried 15 times to get a line in. They laughed and shouted at me and then refused to...
  2. J

    The prolonged use of restraints......

    Hi All My partner was left out of hospital 2 weeks ago.... and when he came home they had reduced his medicine by 80% over night.... ( just 30mg of Alibify and dekopate) and within 3 days of him being home I noticed big changes in his sleep and ablity to cope with simple problems.... he was...
  3. M

    Why doesn't anyone understand?

    I've suffered from depression for about two years now and since December last year it has become unbearable. It doesn't feel like a "black dog" or "black sheet" it feels like a beast destroying me from the inside. I feel totally possessed by it. I don't feel like my mind and body are mine...
  4. P

    Fear of Death and the Body

    Been going through a tough time. Would appreciate any advice. 1. Disgust of Body Anyone ever felt uncomfortable about the body. If you think about all the parts and and blood swirling around, it's pretty discomforting. 2.Fear of Dying I'm terrified of dying (dying, not death). And...
  5. E

    Sleepless night

    Ok so my last post has been moderated so can't see it. Basically I induced anaphylaxis got restrained and injected with adrenaline. Then I was fine. I hate this life I just want to die. I get restrained most days for something or other but I don't think I deserve it. Am I a bad person? Do I...
  6. E

    Being restrained

    Ok so being sectioned is bad enough but tonight they restrained me for walking into the garden. I don't think I was allowed to so then I started kicking the door to try and get out. The voices are so bad at night they don't leave me alone. I hate being in here it's torture. Like being in prison...