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  1. M

    psychosis drugs restlessness

    what exactly does ability do ? doctor is giving me nothing ...saying it will help me think clearly. what about restlessness. anyone have experience dealing with restlessness as a result of ap drugs. thanks
  2. D

    Restlessness - help!

    Hi everyone! I am having a lot of problems with feeling RESTLESS recently and also this time of year is my worst - I feel agitated, restless, worried, anxious, scared etc..... Anyone have any tips on how to deal with this restlessness? It's driving me crazy! Thanks x
  3. LittleAmphipod

    Help, horrible experience coming off Zyprexa (Olanzapine)

    Hi everyone, I've taken Zyprexa for about 4 weeks. Because of severe restlessness (akathisia), I decided to stop. After 3 weeks now, I'm still feeling severely restless. I also have this feeling that I don't recognize, I've never had it before. I feel like a zombie, like I'm dead inside, I...
  4. M

    Can paranoia manifest in hypomania or mixed episodes?

    My dad was recently diagnosed with a tumour in his brain around about 3 weeks ago. It is cancer and he is going to have radio with chemo over the next 10 months. I thought I was coping but then showed up slight signs of paranoia. I see someone laugh. They are laughing at me. I confronted the...
  5. B

    Anxiety never lets me rest

    Hi, Anxiety is one of my main issues among many smaller ones. I'm typing now because I feel restless and frustrated. I've realised that every time I start to relax because a worry is solved or reduced, so another one creeps into view almost straight away. There is just no breathing space...
  6. chesterking

    Restlessness on risperidone

    With the risperidone, I have become very restless, pacing up and down. Sometimes, I find it hard to sit down. Its only been several days since I have been on a higher dose. Is restlessness quite common with risperidone and will it wear off?
  7. T

    Alcohol Withdrawal - Feeling Like S***

    Hi all. I've been a big time alcoholic for the past 7 years and been consuming about 360ml of Vodka daily for the past 5 years. I've tried to quit thrice...once for 40 days, then for a week and finally for 10 days, relapsing each time. Well...I'm trying once again and last night, I cut down my...
  8. W

    Anxiety driving me nuts

    For the last two day my anxiety has hit the roof, the churning, sweats and restlessness is doing my head in. Everything is worrying me but there is nothing to worry about if you get my jist there really isn't but i keep working myself up. I can't stop working myself so the cycle keeps going round.
  9. N

    the doctor is giving me congten

    he said this should help with the rolling eyes and the restlessness. he gave me 1mg. i took it lower dose like .25 when i took helldog
  10. rainbow-warrior

    Unending restlessness - help!

    For the past few days I have had this unending restless, anxiety and unease that hasn't allowed me to sit still. I can't relax or stay in one position for too long, I just have to be doing something or feel like I have to go somewhere, always on the move. This is really debilitating and I don't...
  11. prairiechick

    Doing Better

    I've reduced my abilify from 6 mg to 4 mg, and increased quetiapine from 300 mg to 400 mg, and that seems to be a good fit. I'm still not eating overly much even with the increase in quetiapine, and I guess the abilify is helping with that. I'm also more calm again, less anxiety and...
  12. chainsofdaisies

    sertraline side effects

    Hi all Hope you are all well, the gp changed me from mirtazapine to sertraline on Wednesday, I've been taking them since then. I can't stop moving, does the restlessness wear off?
  13. cpuusage

    Altered Heart Rate Dynamics Associated With Antipsychotic-Induced Restlessness

    Altered Heart Rate Dynamics Associated With Antipsychotic-Induced Restlessness Altered Heart Rate Dynamics Associated With Antipsychotic-Induced Restlessness | Mad In America August 9, 2013 Research from South Korea finds an association between antipsychotic-induced reduction in heart-rate...
  14. F

    Sleep and Schizophrenia

    Sleep. I have been on Depixol for about 5 weeks. It is helping me sleep tremendously, like night and day. before I never got proper sleep. I would be up all night until 4am. The inner restlessness is horrific, I can't sit still. The hallucinations [voices] are now mostly muffled.
  15. velvetfeet

    down and anxiety

    hi all... i've been on abilify for nearly 8 weeks now and the last week has been hell on earth... i feel really really down and fatigued but got all the restlessness and anxiety of being high bt with none of the euphoria recklessness etc..... i know that this is an improvement and i'm not...
  16. D


    cannot sleep yet again plagued by morbid thoughts, voices telling me I am a terrible person, I would be better off dead, I am drained by this constant war in my head !! posting here helps, I am grateful for that, I know others are in the same boat. If depression/mental illness was visible it...
  17. raven


    I was wondering if anyone else gets these symptoms. I'm fine if I keep busy but the second I try and settle down infront of the tv or to read a book of some sort, or even surfing the web. I'll get a stress inside me that just takes over. It physically hurts me in my chest. I was put on...