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  1. L

    Psychosexual problem - Serious responses only please. <3

    Hey, So, Yesterday my boyfriend said that he wants injections to make his manhood bigger because from his perspective, he is not big enough. I reassure him that his manhood is normal, I am satisfied with it and statistics show that following enhancement procedures, most men are still not...
  2. cpuusage

    Crazywise:  Revisioning Narratives of Psychosis

    i fully support & agree with this movement, along with other projects to try & introduce kinder, more comprehensive & effective responses to psychosis - Crazywise:  Revisioning Narratives of Psychosis - Mad In America
  3. P

    Any tips for withstanding/resisting compulsive urges?

    Especially (but not only) for primarily just-right/compulsive/perfectionistic OCD, where the feared outcomes (the uneasiness and discomfort and distraction themselves) are a definite result? It's said that you don't just break a habit, you replace it with something else, so is there anything...
  4. cpuusage

    The Helping Room

    The Helping Room - Mad In America "Every culture has its share of individuals who break down in bewilderment. People who hallucinate, behave beyond norms, seek to die, think in strange ways. Called many things—witches, patients, healers—we are met with as many responses, each reflecting how our...
  5. pepecat

    Have your say on the future of the NHS - before 23 Nov

    Here's a link to the page for responses to the government's mandate on changes to the NHS. Strangely (:whistle:) this has mostly been kept out of the news and off social media and Jeremy Hunt is very quiet about the whole thing........ so that he can then claim that the people were 'asked' for...
  6. RainbowHeartz

    BRAIN DAMAGE possibly

    well since psychosis i am a different person is it possible i have had brain damage? maybe a part of my brain wont work anymore? i understand if i get no responses, i realise im a monster
  7. pepecat

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network Please note this request has been approved by forum staff. Could you help us to contribute to our understanding of the experience of hearing voices and other sensory perceptions? We are conducting two studies...
  8. F

    Am I being manipulative?

    My anxiety causes me to constantly phone relatives for reassurance and I seek constant confirmation of their responses. I am often told I am manipulative. Is this manipulative behaviour/selfish?
  9. student12

    Pre Interview Jutters How to over come them?

    Hello all as i mentioned in a previous thread i am preparing for a jjob interview for next week. I am i have so far wrote down some mmock interviews and responses for a camp counselor position. and i even researched the mission and youth programs for the local YMCA organization that i applied...
  10. C

    Eight things you should know about "mood stabilisers"

    “Mood-stabilizers” is a collective term for a group of drugs used in psychiatry to counteract mood-swings. Patients who experience alternating episodes of extreme elation and deep depression were originally said to be suffering from manic-depression, a relatively rare disorder afflicting about...
  11. G

    Finally Content and Hopeful

    These last two days I have felt hopeful in reading others posts and in researching my diagnosis of BPD. BPD is not a life sentence and can be overcome. Looking forward to doing some hard work with therapy in order to get better. Thank you all for the support and responses. You are making a...
  12. monopod

    Aspergers/autism test

    I've often wondered if I would be diagnosed with Aspergers. I took the following test and got 37, which suggests autism is likely. It seems to me that a lot of the questions would get positive responses from someone with social anxiety though. I'd be interested to see how other people score...
  13. H


    Hi, I'm new here. I'm a student and am feeling a little difficulty in studying lately. so I thought if I post my problems here, hopefully I'll get helpful responses:) I'll be discussing my problem in my next thread. just wanted to say hello now:)
  14. D

    not doing. well

    Everything is ultimately pointless so there is no point
  15. pepecat

    Research request: Were you satisfied with your therapy?

    Please note this has been approved by mods / admin Hello everyone, Have you ever had therapy for a personal or mental health problem? (e.g. counselling, CBT, DBT, couples therapy). If so, would you be interested in taking part in the survey I have created for my MSc Clinical Psychology Masters...
  16. M

    Help...I might have a problem..?

    Is purging disorder a form of addiction? Will power alone is not working well. I think I need help. Thank you so much in advance for your responses, it is rare for me to reach out like this.
  17. R

    Interesting Article on Neuro-cardiology

    In my quest for information on what's going on with my mind / heart / body, I found this article. Basically, it talks about the heart being responsible for many of the neuro responses thought to only take place in the brain. It talks about the heart's role within the autonomic nervous system...
  18. S

    Offensive video about schizophrenia wins award!

    I watched a youtube video a while back entitled 'this is schizophrenia'.I found it deeply offensive.The maker of the video said he wanted to educate and inform people.Seems to me that he is actually getting off on taking the piss out of schizophrenics and he actually won some sort of award for...
  19. C

    Really sorry guys :(

    I just want to apologise for my posts recently. I was extremely drunk and non productive. If I upset or offended anyone please accept my sincere apologies. I have not the bottle to re read or read any post responses. Just please forgive my drunken naive rants. I'm really sorry guys xx I'm...
  20. Girl Interrupted

    Difference between Psychology & Psychiatry, which trumps which?

    Can anyone please offer me an explanation of the difference between psychology and psychiatry? I have had 2 specialist independent psychiatric assessments and yet CMHS are trying to make me look unco-operative by forcing, ooops, offering me a further assessment with the CMHT psychologist...