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  1. R


    I am undergoing therapy and have been on anti depressants ( escitalopram) for a year, respiradone 1mg for 6 months, diazepam and propranolol. Over the last week my mood has plummeted, unable to complete a task, flashbacks, panic, self harm and suicidal and intrusive thoughts. Saw GP who referred...
  2. F

    Respiradone experiences

    Hi just got told i may be changing meds from Olanzapine to Respiradone. I would like to know some experiences with Respiradone, like is it sedating and how you got on with it. Thank you
  3. M

    vertigo and medication

    I have been told that my medication efexor and respiradone are the cause of my vertigo does anybody else have vertigo and if so does the nuerologist say its your medication