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  1. Butterfly32

    BT nightmare rumbles on

    I just had a voice message from BT about the outstanding amount I owe them and that they will not be sending out another bill. So I sent them an email stating I'd be OK paying the outstanding amount on the condition they disconnect my landline + close my account. Fair enough wouldn't you...
  2. I

    I love my boyfriend but we are both depressed

    Hi! I'm writing because I don't know what to do anymore. I'm dating a 26 year old man with depression and I don't know how to deal with him. We met 4 years ago and he was already in sever depression. He was being medicated for 4 years when I met him. I fell in love with him and told him. On the...
  3. Kerome

    The lack of self respect as an affliction

    Another item from the Venerable Thubten Chodron’s lectures on the minor afflictions, the one I was reading this morning was about the lack of self-respect. It too made a lot of sense to me, as something that I have noticed becoming an issue lately. The reason why lack of self respect is an...
  4. I


    I RESPECT workers. :respect: Especially ones with illnesses who work. After all they pay for me to survive off their taxes. I should never be rude to a worker, even if they are rude to me first. I hope to be a worker again someday. To all the workers out there. :thanks: :redface:
  5. givethemhell

    PSA: respect women

    whatever your sexual relations are to women has nothing to do with their worth. that is all. :yuck::thanks:
  6. W

    You guys are heroes...

    Seriously, I have been living in fear and depression for the last 4 months. My situation is really fucked up but I can still find a moment in my day and think all those people that may experiencing way worse situations than mine. Really, my respect to all of you people. Its so strange but it...
  7. A


    I have a peculiar relationship with a woman I truly want to marry and have children with. She said she does not want to talk to me but after the statement she goes out of her way to give me a chance to talk to her. She appears to have moved on as well and the way I received the response as to...
  8. L

    Please Help - Lithium

    I'm currently taking 800mg of priadel (lithium) plus other meds for Bipolar. I feel like my personality has been zapped away from me. It's been almost three years since my last major high, so it works well in that respect but I've gained 5st I feel like I can't be bothered to do anything or go...
  9. D

    Hi *wave*

    Hi all So I'm new here, after spending a long time lurking as a visitor. In short, 26Yo here, have experienced Mental Health problems for circa 10 years, so considering myself a bit of a veteran in that respect! It seems like such a vast place here, with so many members. Hoping to make some...
  10. cpuusage

    The Hobo Ethical Code of 1889: 15 Rules for Living a Self-Reliant, Honest & Compassionate Life

    The Hobo Ethical Code of 1889: 15 Rules for Living a Self-Reliant, Honest & Compassionate Life The Hobo Ethical Code of 1889: 15 Rules for Living a Self-Reliant, Honest & Compassionate Life | Open Culture The Hobo Ethical Code 1. Decide your own life; don’t let another person run or rule...
  11. J

    Do You Want The World, People, And Universe To Be Kind To You?

    This is something that I have only noticed in latter stages of my recovery ... If you want kindness, give kindness. If you want respect, give respect. If you want ___________. then give ___________. The Law Of Karma will take care of the rest. Many of the people that are miserable in Life...
  12. Vintage

    A Wasted Waster

    I am sitting here on my own as usual. I can honestly say that everyone i have ever met either pity me or hate me. I have lost the respect of everyone i have ever met. I have even recently lost the respect of some of the people who live in my neighbourhood because of my patheticness. If i met...
  13. cpuusage

    Are Antipsychotics Beneficial?

    Are Antipsychotics Beneficial? | From Insults To Respect
  14. S

    Am I a fool?

    I've been seeing my boyfriend for about 9 months now. When we first met he told me a lot of lies about his past and his current living arrangements. I found out that he was sharing a bed with his ex. I later confronted her and found out that there is nothing pysical going on between them. She...
  15. G

    past playing on my mind

    Hi Im early 30s and would describe myself as introverted and dont have any close friends. I have a few aquantencies but i wouldn't describe them as best friends. I can feel lonely and rejected by people. I dont think i used to be like this, growing up i had a best friend and other friends who...
  16. Tired Daisy

    How can I say something without offending anybody

    I'm country to the core but deep down I got issues, issues with my family and this country (UK) to the point I'm not Brit no more I'm American, my family abandoned me every brit girl I ever met hated me but in America I was accepted and I felt amazing over there. I'd like to live there but I...
  17. naominash

    Is there a silver lining?

    Hey lovely people, I see a lot of posts about schizo disorders that are very troubled. No doubt this is the right place for that, but I wonder if anyone has made it to the point where they're greatful for some aspect of their experience with mental illness. I've been hospitalized three times...
  18. BigAma

    Hating myself

    Hating myself because my family is weak and I am weak. Do we deserve life? Can I accept being such a charity chase? My family has a twisted strength foolishness and mania. Which unfortunately I understand and respect. I vow to not boast myself. I vow not to carry myself highly. I vow to listen...
  19. BorderlineDownunder

    The Hippocratic Oath

    I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:... I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow. I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures...
  20. A

    Hi all - I'm new here

    Hi all, I'm a 22 year old reseacher at the University of Cambridge. My mental health story is pretty straightforward. Since I was a child, I've been incredibly driven to succeed, unfortunately with bouts of severe anxiety along the way. 2014/2015 was my annus horribilis. I was terribly...