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  1. D

    Just diagnosed

    So just got out the psych ward. Had a brief visit for mania. Whilst I was there the doctor diagnosed me with BDP to add to my list. I must admit it makes sense to me now. Its the final piece of the jigsaw. So any advice from you guys here? Anything that helped you with this? Any online...
  2. R

    close mental health services down completely

    the only people mental health services have contact with are people who themselves say they don't want it, the police could do a better job without all that hypocritical talk about caring in my entire life as a lunatic, a long time, i've never known much useful help, usually it's consisted of...
  3. S

    Eyes are invaluable resources in human life.

    Eyes are invaluable resources in human life. Think twice before closing your eyes. how would you feel if you did not have eyes?
  4. B

    Feel lost

    Hi, names Sam been suffering for anxiety for a while now. Was fairly recently diagnosed, however I question my diagnosis and whether I actually suffer from bipolar or schizophrenia, which might again be part of the anxiety I don't know. Anyway, I'm looking for some resources which past suffers...
  5. cpuusage

    81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can't Afford a Therapist

    Mental Health Resources: 81 Awesome Resources When You Can’t Afford a Therapist | Greatist
  6. S

    Need resources to explain to friends

    I desperately need easy-to-digest resources, like YouTube videos, to explain to my friends what I'm going through. I'm currently in an acute period of PTSD after doing humanitarian work abroad, and it has triggered depression and anxiety. In particular, my friends don't understand things like...
  7. cpuusage

    Modern Witchcraft in a Wicked World

    http://www.worldreligionnews.com/religion-news/modern-witchcraft-in-a-wicked-world "Wicca should be taken seriously because it increases spiritual development and instills great appreciation and concern for the planet and its resources. “Witchcraft is a spiritual system that fosters the free...
  8. cpuusage

    Successful schizophrenia

    Successful Schizophrenia Resources - Successful Schizophrenia Bookstore Resources Links - Successful Schizophrenia Links Other Stories - http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/27/opinion/sunday/schizophrenic-not-stupid.html?_r=0 Google 'Successful schizophrenia'
  9. cpuusage

    Mental health is not a function of the individual

    Mental health is not a function of the individual - https://blog.blinkandhum.com/?p=41 Having been a student of psychology formally since I was 13 years old, I’ve long been fascinated with a particular question about mental wellness that might simplistically be seen as a nature vs. nurture...
  10. cpuusage

    Soteria Resources

    This link has a bunch of highly relevant resources. For those who don't know, Soteria is an organisation that helps people go through what modern medicine calls psychosis, without medication suppressing the process. Soteria Resources | Pathways Vermont
  11. R

    phoned support worker

    he told me some people im east london have set up a support group, i said i'm not in east london, the only thing here is the brent mind social club and when i went there were these agressive volatile black guys, ( waiting for the race card to be played) and my women friend who goes there said...
  12. Gajolene

    Heart and Stroke Foundation Risk Assessment

    I did this in about 15 minutes and found it very helpfull and thorough. Gives lots of tips, tools and resources at the end of the assessment as well. https://ehealth.heartandstroke.ca/?_ga=1.26986750.272729504.1440267912
  13. K

    please I have no one

    I'm in so much pain and distress. I have no resources available to me and no one to talk to. I have agoraphobia, GAD socialAD OCD and ADD. I was pregnant and found out the baby had passed. I had no idea that I would have to give birth to the baby. I can't stop replaying the birth over and over...
  14. G

    Parent Needs Help

    Hi. My daughter who is 12 has recently told me that she has been hearing voices and seeing things, she has been having counselling for self harm, but we only found out about the voices recently. Voices, rats, cameras on the ceiling, its difficult to know what to do and how to help. There are...
  15. C


    Oxford Oxfordshire Mind The Mill 46 Cowley Road Oxford OX4 1HZ Our peer support groups are a safe, welcoming space to share activities, issues or thoughts and to meet people who may have experienced similar issues. Peer Activities and Groups Drama group Pottery Choir Reading groups...
  16. C


    Darley Dale - Matlock Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health Stancliffe House Molyneux Business Park Darley Dale Matlock Derbyshire DE4 2HJ 01629 733915 [email protected] We will work with anyone affected by, or with an interest in, mental health issues. If we cannot...
  17. shaky

    Physical Health and Spirituality

    I have had a long illness, from Mid-December to end of Febraury Then I got a cold I have hardly done any spiritual practice apart from my brief morning ritual each day. I think that those who are physically unwell are not 'ready' to partake in spiritual matters. Spiritual work requires a...
  18. C

    "vulnerable adult?"

    Ok. So when the police came the other night, they said "craig. Can we list you as vulnerable adult?" Yeah, the house was a mess when they turned up at 5am, but it always is! I don't get visitors so I'm thinking why bother tidying up?? They couldn't believe how I live like this (with their...
  19. E

    I can't stand much more

    I was mentally tortured and I ended up in a&e and the torture continues today and I get more and more stressed, anxious and depressed, it triggers my PTSD which was originally caused by the initial torture and it's effecting my health, my blood pressure gets Sky high each time and I feel close...
  20. D


    Hello all, I joined yesterday. I am a quirky gal and very much ok with that ;) I suffer from panic disorder, but I am currently doing well. I joined here to find a sense of community with like minded people where we can pool resources. I am a yoga instructor and fashion designer. I use these...