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  1. cpuusage

    Social Security Disability Resource Center (American)

    May be helpful for some people - Seems like a very comprehensive, well laid out & helpful resource - SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER - HOW TO APPLY AND QUALIFY FOR SSD AND SSI BENEFITS Although American some of it may be applicable to UK claims, & considering that the UK system...
  2. cpuusage

    Evolving Minds

    Evolving Minds - mental health & spirituality - Undercurrents Video Productions Evolving Minds (Spanish Subtitles)- psychosis & spirituality - YouTube "Uploaded on 22 Jun 2009 Evolving Minds - mental health & spirituality - Undercurrents Video Productions What is reality? Who defines it...
  3. cpuusage


    An interesting resource on subjects of spirituality - Topics
  4. valleygirl


    I've been having fun doodling lately, and find it very relaxing. I found a really cool idea on the internet, and even incorporated it into the title page for my Art in ECE Curriculum Resource! In case anyone else is interested, here is the link: Op Art Inspired Line Drawing
  5. L

    New Drug Review Website

    Hi I came across a not for profit psychiatric drug review website that may be of help. Not many reviews on at the moment though, but a good future resource. https://psychdrugreview.wordpress.com
  6. C

    West London

    North Kensington - Grove Resource Centre 1-9 St Mark's Road LONDON W11 1RG 020 7221 0052 [email protected] Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm (Office) Drop in hours: Monday Tuesday Thursday:9am - 5.30pm Wednesday Friday:9am - 5pm Resource centre for adults with mental health problems...
  7. C

    North Somerset/Avon

    North Somerset FRIEND- Community Mental Health Resource Centre FRIEND (North Somerset) Ltd. 39 Oxford Street Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset BS23 1TN Tel: 01934 622292. Drop-in Weston-super-Mare Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00 to 16.00 Please contact W-s-M Centre Worker, Caroline...
  8. C

    West Midlands County

    Birmingham - Community Garden Martineau Gardens [email protected] 0121 440 7430 'Our mission is to inspire people about the natural environment. We also provide volunteering opportunities in the garden and are a venue for educational activities.' 'Martineau Gardens provides a...
  9. cpuusage

    Download of Psychiatry

    Wasn't sure where to put this? Quite an interesting resource. Professor Pridmore's textbook is online and free. Download of Psychiatry (with Chapters 3 and 20 translated into French by Désirée Fritsch, Chapter 3 translated into Italian by Ilaria Montagni, and Chapters 3 and 36 translated into...
  10. O

    Learn about OCD! (Resource)

  11. Gajolene

    A request from Gajolene.

    Just wanting to ask members to look at my linked facebook site below linked to my signature, and tell me how I can make it better and what area's you think I should add more info and links on, It is not a spam site, and not advertising, just another mental health resource support link site, all...
  12. cpuusage

    The International Association of Near Death Studies - Playlist.

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL858053543BBB2444 KMVT 15, the local non-profit 501(c)(3) award winning community media center, has been providing training, education and equipment to the residents of Mountain View since 1982. Today, KMVT 15 provides those same services to Los Altos...
  13. F

    NHS England welcomes new ‘personalised’ mental health resource

    NHS England’s Clinical Director for Mental Health, Geraldine Strathdee has welcomed the launch of a new mental health resource which describes what personalised, coordinated care and support looks like. Mental health services should consider “who I am, what’s important to me, how I wish to be...
  14. H


    Just figured I'd stop by and say hi. I'm Mike. I'm here to help and be helped with whatever ends up coming up. I joined to have another resource to find people with similar experiences for support and advice.
  15. McMurphy's Ghost

    The service user/survivor movement in the uk

    The most comprehensive summary I know of for anyone interested. Not very up to date but there you go. http://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/pdfs/policy_paper2_service_user_movement.pdf This is an excellent resource for the interested as well. Mental Health and Survivors Movements
  16. A

    Good health resource -

  17. mischief

    Useful Website - Functional and Dissociative Neurological Symptoms - a patient's guide

    Useful Website - Functional and Dissociative Neurological Symptoms - a patient's guide Several Members of this forum have identified the following website as being a very useful resource. http://www.neurosymptoms.org
  18. A

    Recovery Resource

    A very good Book List for resources on recovery - http://www.successfulschizophrenia.org/resource.html
  19. R

    The Bethlem Archives

    It's worth having a look around this site. Fascinating stuff. these peopel were just like you and I. I like this resource: http://www.bethlemheritage.org.uk/explorebethlem/Basic-Xml%20Version/Default.html :)