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    Experts wanted for North West London MAD Republic

    Experts wanted to form North West London MAD Republic Are you a resident of one of the following North West London boroughs: Brent, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Harrow and Hounslow? We are currently recruiting 4 experts by experience per borough...
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    Banff and surrounding areas The Arches Anderson House 46 Ardanes Brae Banff AB45 1FG 01261 815449 The Arches supports our community by offering confidential support, information and advice to anyone who experiences mental ill-health. We can help you make friends, overcome distress, meet...
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    Southend on Sea Trustlinks Westcliff site Growing Together Westcliff 47, Fairfax Drive, Westcliff-on-sea, Essex SS0 9AG. Shoebury site Growing Together Shoeburyness Elm Road (next to The Woodlands) Shoeburyness Essex SS3 9RZ Tel: 01702 213 134 E-mail: [email protected] Opening hours...
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    Regarding Work!

    I need some advice please? There is a particular resident who requires support in her personal care. other staff are properly supporting this resident to have a shower. Like helping to wash her. I work with a difficult colleague called P who believes this resident should wrinse, clean herself...
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    What do i do?

    Hello everyone I really need advice, comments. Really anything you offer is appreciated. Okay. I am working with a colleague whom I am finding it incredibly difficult to work with. This woman thinks she is wiser and more experienced than all of us staff. When you try and guide or support her...
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    Residents finance

    Hell y'all First of all, thank you all so much for replying to my recent thread. Your advice and comments really helped me. So thank you! I am currently going through a difficult situation. Once again, I am looking for advice or comments please. I am working within a team of six staff. I work...
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    Is This Abuse?

    Hi everyone I would like to ask a question. Does this sound like abuse to you? For me, I see it a 50/50 thing. But really intrested in your views and answers. I witnessed my Deputy Manager lock one of the residents out from his bedroom for at least 30 minutes. This resident is quite isolated...