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  1. D


    So I'm curious if anyone on here who may have schizophrenia or a family member has schizophrenia, is there a drug that you feel helped you? I am taking my 35 year old daughter to Dr and want to find something to help her. I've been researching meds but there are so many I thought I would ask...
  2. T

    Depressed and anxious with an obsession with killers.I wouldn't harm a fly.What is wrong with me?

    Depressed and anxious with an obsession with killers.I wouldn't harm a fly.What is wrong with me? Have noticed over the last few years that I have been drawn to bad,sad and horrific storys on the internet.My depression and anxiety has got worse I think,and yet I spend many hours researching the...
  3. S

    Worried Mum

    Hi everyone, I'm new and looking for advice/support re my 15yr old daughter. She has been battling with binge eating (she doesn't purge) for about 8 months. She told me about it, thank God, about 2 months ago and she has had some counselling. I have started reading and researching online and...
  4. V

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy for ptsd

    Hey all, I was researching a lot the other day and I came across a form of therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I was looking for my wife and the symptoms it treats as well as the manner it is conducted and other things about it seem ideal for her (based on what I know about her and...
  5. Eldritch

    I cant do this anymore I need help

    I have a plan and I self harmed a lot in the past hour and I cant call my therapist. I've had two panic attacks and Im freaking out........ I dont want to live Im tired of my mental illnesses and how no one at home cares about helping me get better. I am a burden. And recently I keep having...
  6. Gajolene

    Brains of Teens With Bipolar Disorder Develop Differently: Study

    Found this today while researching for something completely different but thought it was a very interesting study, it only just came out early June so sharing with you folks here...
  7. C

    How do I help my son feeling guilty

    I have a 29 yr old son who in 2009 was diagnosed with a personality disorder accompanied by lack of empathy, he had his children removed due to him being unfit to put there needs above his own , his marriage also broke down , he also has an addictive personality and takes drugs , been in and out...
  8. A

    How to get help?

    Can anyone advise me on how to get someone to listen? I SH every day and spend all my time researching how to kill myself. I've tried to get help but I'm losing hope.
  9. G

    Guilt vs. Relief

    For the past few nights I have been researching and reading up on BPD. I have found that I am a classic text book case. I knew for years that something was different about me and now I found it. I feel so relieved. At the same time I am feeling real guilty and the issues with self hate has...
  10. F

    The breakthrough challenge

    This person is researching stress and the development of schizophrenia. The CAMH Breakthrough Challenge
  11. S

    Can you help with my depression

    I am feeling quite depressed. I also spend time researching suicide methods and been worried because I do not want be this way. I have been to my doctor recently to tell him about my situation and that I am feeling depressed and have been thinking and researching suicide. I dislike my thought...
  12. C

    I want to die

    I've had enough! I hate life people are hurtful creatures why i have gone on this long god only knows i'm researching ways out of my life :low:
  13. D

    Researching Medication

    Found this: http://www.dr-bob.org/babble/