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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    are you tired of me?

    i post so much about myself and in general but i post a lot about wanting to die because i do almost every second of every day are you tired of me? am a miserable cow x i try and make up for it by replying to others and in the chill out lounge x
  2. Lost_Darkness

    Really struggling today

    Nothing i do works. i cant distract myself from the thoughts/ voices. none of my friends actually care about me and aren't replying to messages or taking me seriously when i say i dont feel safe. i have no one to talk to and dont know what to do.
  3. Binca

    Tying up loose ends

    I feel so detached from the world. I am literally beyond repair and have known this for a couple of years now. It sounds bizarre to some people but very natural to me considering all I have been through. A person close to me, that I cannot get rid of and don't want to, has today verbally...
  4. H


    Hi everyone.I just joined. My user name is HUSKY1964. Have dealing with mental health issues,off and on for 30 years. Been hospitalized 4 times during those years. Can't tell you how many councellors, therapists,I've sine in that time,not to mention how many meds. I'm trying to find out how to...
  5. S

    anybody want to chat?

    Talking and replying on here is extremely slow because of my phone. E-mail is much quicker for me that's all. I have bpd, ocd, gad, depression and paranoia.
  6. M

    It worked

    People have stopped replying to me. Thank you. It makes it easier for me to finish myself off now
  7. The Big Dawg

    Message to admin

    Hi there, I have been experiencing some problems with replying to posts and receiving messages. My inbox gets stuck and I can't see my new messages and when I reply to posts I have to keep reloading the page in order for me to reply. I have notifications but yet when I click on them they don't...
  8. anouska

    Question to everyone here Forum Friends

    I like to think that we're all friends here. But I just can't help but worry that someone here will know me and stalk me or something. And why they would want to do that, I've no idea, because my life isn't exactly interesting or anything. I keep replying to posts and deleting them because I...
  9. C

    All and everyone

    I'm so sorry for not supporting or replying to any of you right now but am thinking of you all very much. I've never experienced anything like this before and trying to get right again, take care and keep strong everyone :hug5:x