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  1. E

    Need Support

    HEllo all, I'm entering into a very dark disturbing place tomorrow (Tuesday) and need as much support as possible. Could I ask everyone who reads this to send me support tomorrow please? The more replies I get thew more I can try and stay in touch with 'realityt'. Thanks all, Sheep :)
  2. S


    i am new to this forum and havnt found my way around it yet, i posted a message earlier today but cant find it or any replies, rather than going over my message again i will keep trying to find my way around. thankyou
  3. B

    bipolar with phobias

    hi, i'm bipolar 2 but have a severe and ongoing phobia for 32 years. is there anyone else with phobias who is also bipolar or is it just me? would appreciate any replies. love bunbun
  4. J

    20 threads and 65 replies in 4 months?

    20 threads and 65 replies in 4 months amounts to 5 threads and 16 replies per month, or about 1 thread and 4 replies per week. That's not much! Is there some other forum out there that has more activity? This level of activity gives me the feeling that very few people actually care.
  5. ~minnie~

    section 2 and section 136

    does anybody know whether the two above sections will go on my records if i get crb checked any replies welcome i hope someone can help me