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  1. Fairy Lucretia

    sometimes i am scared of posting x

    do you ever get scared of posting about yourself for fear you will get no replies? i am extremely sensitive to rejection and to get no replies would really hurt i know by and large i am lucky with the replies i get but im scared of posting about myself in case nobody responds ,i know people...
  2. qwerty1234

    No email replies makes me feel taken advantage of.

    I have been emailing old and new friends and past lovers and have not been getting replies back. I feel taken advantage of sand taken for granted and devalued. Any tips for managing these feelings? Thank you!
  3. M

    Does anyone on social media do this?

    Posts a tweet or fb post, it gets no replies or likes and deletes it thinking 'they must hate me they didn't like or reply to me :('
  4. N

    CMHT Referrals - how many weeks?

    Hi Morning All, Folks, I am just wondering,and I had trialed the question with my GP service I've just come off the line, would anybody here know or have an idea, roughly how many weeks might take, if I do recieve an referral, for CMHT? If anybody on here does know, this will be of great...
  5. DiamondAnimals_x


    I've been a member since end of '16 but have not been on here that much and not quite sure what to put here, just looking to make some real friends and not too sure how to go about it on here, are there many people in or around Stevenage? Any replies much appreciated !
  6. Deadheading

    Getting into a rage

    I'm about to go to bed while I'm getting into a rage. Why is it that my posts get almost no replies? Isn't the damn point of this forum to get support?
  7. N

    Let's get this forum active

    I know I would benefit from having maybe some local friends that know what I am going through. Truly know. If anyone sees this I am looking forward to replies and a good conversation!:loveshower:
  8. M

    Reaching out!

    Having a very bad day, just need some contact. have posted today but no replies. just need a hello from someone, struggling to hang on to life
  9. F

    Not many replies

    I notice my posts in this section don't get many replies. I know many of them are informational which could explain that a little. However generally feedback to articles is more likely to occur here than other forums I have been on. I do wonder whether it's because I have never been diagnosed...
  10. A


    Hello my name is Aleksandra and I've just joined this forum. I like learning new languages,music and politics. My issues are depression,anxiety and possible bpd. I'm very sensitive so please be quite cautious with answers but Im greatly looking forward to any replies
  11. J

    Is Anyone Else In Bed All Day with Severe Depression?

    Hi - I have been like this for months and my GP is trying to get me into Hospital but it doesn't seem to be Happening. He is arranging a Consultant Psych to see me at home and GP with him. Is that when i'll end up an Inpatient? So grateful for replies as I'm anxious. I hardly eat or drink...
  12. P

    Discharge from mental health team

    Hi I am being discharged from the mental health team, to my gp. Has anyone had this happen to them and did it make you lose your benefits, (ESA and Pip). I don't feel great, ( diagnosis is generalised anxiety disorder depression and psychosis btw) still have voices and am scared of being around...
  13. F

    New to Forums, and pretty anxious

    Hi i'm new to forums, and mainly wanted to write this for my myself, i've had agoraphobia, and anxiety for around ten years, have tried cognitive behavioural therapy, and various meds, but nothing seems to make much of a difference, i've only manged to go out for a few emergencies and family...
  14. Tired Daisy

    Well being honest don't get you nowhere

    So I had 2 chicks that were interested in me so I thought it would be better to be honest and I told one them I have autism and that was it no more replies :low: I thought they'd understand :low: oh well maybe I should just wreck my liver and drink in solitary confinement and be alone :confused...
  15. J

    I've had enough

    I called the Gp this morning, made it clear he did not want to listen, too busy with lots of calls which I understand but maybe Nhs should make it clear they are only there for people with physical illness and not mental. Anyway I'm stopping all my medications from now as they do not work and...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    Thank you so much

    i post on here about myself more than anyone else and i always get lots of lovely replies thank you so much xx i have really bad health anxiety and always think i have one cancer or another but people don't ignore my posts and i really appreciate that since mummy died i wouldn't have coped...
  17. S


    Atos primary objective, cutting dependence upon DLA or PIP is driven by several factors. The Primary factor is the exploitation of DWP finances, for every legitimate claim, and there are many, there are two or more spurious claims. These claims play an unfortunate role in the scrutiny of clients...
  18. Gajolene

    Expectations vs. Reality

    Growing up we all had influences of what life was supposed to be compared to reality. I'm not saying anything till I get replies. How was your life effected in childhood by your surrounding elements of family, tv, doctors, law and such. Just curious to know. I could fill pages with conflicting...
  19. M

    this forum really helps

    I haven't been a member for long but i look at posts most days. Today im having a bad day nothing has happened good or bad just one of them dark days.I read some posts and the kind and thoughtful replies somehow lift the gloom and puts some perspective into the thoughts and feelings im having...
  20. Fairy Lucretia

    thank you from my heart to all of you

    the last 2 weeks have been THE most difficult of my life and i know there is no way i would have gotten through it without you wonderful people just thank you for all your replies and kind messages this forum is the best forum in the world xxxxxxxxxxxxx