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  1. J

    Parents don't like me very much...

    Hello, Firstly I apologize if this is in the wrong section, and I ask that any staff member that sees it fit to move it to please do so. I'm a new user to the site and I hope that I'll be able to find help here! It's somewhat of a longer read, so, warning in advance. As the title would...
  2. S

    Lost Memory due to Depression?

    Hi guys, I'm new here on this site. I'm here to ask opinion about is it possible to lost memory because of depression? It happened back then when I was 13. I had severe depression due to my childhood and I got my first anxiety attack at that age too. I was struggling with depression alone...
  3. soulsearcher

    feeling down

    hey peeps im feeling really down and suicidal, remember me in your prayers
  4. B


    Hey guys, Just joined and thought I'd say hello to everyone and give some background as to what brought me here. I'm someone who has had a black void in my heart for as long as I can remember but it always seems to get bigger and badder in winter. I'm here because I know I can't be alone in...
  5. garbageg4

    I feel trapped

    I'm feel trapped all I can see and remember is the bad things that have happened in my life. I can't remember or see any of the good. Because of this I don't want to be around anymore. This has been going on for quite some time now. I feel alone like no one else out there knows what I'm going...
  6. R

    my sister

    i think my sister came from malta to brum yesterday, i haven’t heard anything, she’ll be at my elder sisters with my brother who can’t walk visiting mother in home in brum she was 9 and i was 19, remember talking to her about suicide, a 9yr old girl, she hasn’t spoken to me for decades...
  7. S


    Hello, I am new here, I literally made my account today so I am a little hesitant about posting what I am about to say. Due to the fact that I do not know anyone that has tourette and that going to see a psychiatrist or psychologist is super expensive I decided to have my good friend "google"...
  8. Poopy Doll

    The Burden of my Whole Life is Before me

    I try to remember what it was like in my thirties. I remember the hyper sexuality and the crying every month when I felt shame for my adultery. I don't necessarily believe that this was a bad thing to have hypersexuality. If my husband had been interested, it could have worked out fine and...
  9. R

    phoning gp

    i've been phoning gp get phone menu press no for appts get musik then the extension is lost please phone again then i'm disconnected i've hurt my back as i use a bullworker to exercise helping with relaxation it's also mental issue i'm old enough as i say to remember the start of care in the...
  10. A

    Universal Credit

    I have had my statutory sick pay stopped and now have to claim Universal credit for the first time ever. What a nightmare. The one thing in the world I hate ,more than anything else by far is PASSWORDS. I hate, hate hate them. I can never remember them and it is doing my head in big time. has...
  11. valleygirl

    Anxiety about going to sleep

    My moods have been up and down quite a lot lately - not major swings or anything like that, just enough to be a bit concerned about. (My psychiatrist knows about it and tweaked my meds.) Yesterday I did a 4 hour hike with my dad (impressive for me at the weight I'm at), and it was a really...
  12. WolfsChild


    hi my name is alex am married with no kids just cats i have borderline personality disorder and other mental health problems i was a member before but i cant remember my username and password and i cant remember what e mail i used i hope its is ok for me to re join thanks
  13. M

    Really need to find a vent. So lost and detatched.

    Yea, so I'm thinking this is how I feel, I am perplexed. I feel like I'm somebody's toy, that I am only relevant when somebody else is bored. When I see you open the app but not even check my message it hurts, because I know that you intentionally avoided me, you saw and choose to ignore. How...
  14. A

    How to tell the difference between intrusive thoughts and auditory hallucinations

    How to tell the difference between intrusive thoughts and auditory hallucinations I’ve never been diagnosed with anything. I’m 23 and have shown signs of having psychotic episodes for over a decade, I deal with it extremely well however because I’m so high functioning. Anyway... I’m pretty...
  15. H

    repressed memories of sexual assault?

    TRIGGER WARNING, MAYBE TMI? Hello, my name is Han and I was hoping maybe someone could help me. I don't remember my life from ages 4-8, but rather snippets as if someone has cut out a crude jig saw puzzle filled with my memories. I don't remember any visits with my father, even though I know...
  16. M

    Drug induced manic episode

    Hi all, this is my first time to write on here. I just wanted to share my experience as I hope it would create awareness and hopefully prevent similar happening to someone in the future. Before this episode I have never suffered with mania or depression. In 2014 I visited a friend who lived...
  17. Zardos

    A New Approach

    I woke up this morning about 6am to an extreme attack of anxiety... I was freaking out so bad I was seriously considering going to see my Gp... But when 8 o'clock came I decided to go to the shop first... All I got was four bottles of Coke.. I didn't need to buy anything else, the freezer still...
  18. P

    Compulsive spender, cleaner? Obsessed?

    Hi all, I have always battled with my emotions, ever since becoming a teenager, going through puberty i had a tough time i would cry a lot etc. I did think I would overcome this and it has become slightly better but the last year has been a roller coaster. I understand this forum isn’t to...
  19. F

    Please help me !!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have been suffering from severe OCD for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately OCD runs in my family(my grandmother and my parents to some extent). So, probably, I have inherited it genetically. I remember having OCD issues right from my childhood. But...
  20. alohomora

    Who am I? Also, relapse.

    Hello everyone, I am quite new to this forum, but I've posted two times already for two different problems (one being self-harm, the other my father's illness and family issues associated). A little background before I write a novel that I already thank you for reading : I've been self-harming...