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  1. S

    Been awarded PIP

    I called the DWP this morning as I hadn't heard anything from them since I had my assessment almost 6 weeks ago, I was told that I have been awarded Enhanced on both. I am so relieved as all I have done is worry for the past 3 months, been awarded it till 2020.
  2. SBRicketts


    I seriously want this but in the hospital they wouldn't give it to me. I suffer with headaches,a numbness,which can only be relieved by smoking and drinking. So what should and can I do...? Keep smoking and drinking or ask for ECT again?
  3. blacksmoke

    should i be scared really really scared?!

    drove over to an event earlier and something totally upleasant and weird happened whilst i was driving. i experienced sudden unexplained pressure in the back of my head like it was going to pop. got to the venue late as i became disorientated and as it happened there was a doc there l0ng story...
  4. I

    Here we go again?

    Hi guys, so I am new on here but needed to do *something* I've been about 6 months clean from self harm...until today. I am not even sorry right now either, I know I should feel guilty but I just feel relieved that I'm no longer feeling the pull towards it as I have been. I just feel relieved...
  5. Lincoln1990


    I know I've only been online and not posted and I'm sorry. I've only checked and seen if I have any PMs. I've been a bit busy with support groups (two of them!) and new therapist who I see twice a week. He's a male but we are not talking about the sexual abuse at the moment. I dont feel...
  6. B

    Guilt over breakup

    I got together with a guy about 2 years ago and we were together for 1 and a half years. I left him because I have BPD and have some trust issues. He didn't help me out because he was very open about a "racial" preference he had, but I wasn't that race. He liked to compare me to said race...
  7. megirl

    weird feelings

    As I had posted before I am pretty well at the moment. My support worker asked 'how does that feel' Its like I want to put a 'spanner in the works' I feel like drinking which I havnt. I even had thoughts of OD ing. I am relieved I am feeling well I guess maybe as I had been used to being unwell...
  8. I'm Kate

    Eating disorder and hypoglycaemic attack

    Just wondering if anyone with an eating disorder has experienced a hypoglycaemic attack. I'm told that I'm at physical risk cos of my ECGs due to my eating disorder but I had a hypo last night for the first time and I don't know how I'm gonna manage found if I have an eating disorder. My...
  9. C


    What would you think if your therapist started crying in one of your sessions? Confused, alarmed or relieved that you thought someone really understood and could feel some of the pain even though you wouldn't want them to.
  10. tigerfish

    why do I feel relived?

    why did i feel so much better after a s/h session? Thats weird even for me!!! its normally a release for me, but this time i feel relieved! its a bit unsettling!:unsure:
  11. M

    relief and diagnosis

    I first posted here a few years ago with a (from memory) "am i bipolar?" type message. ....and the award for most punctuation used within 7 words goes to..... Anyway, today i was diagnosed with Bipolar 2. Does it make sense to say that I am relieved that i'm not going mad? I haven't imagined it...
  12. P

    Bummer :(

    Gave in after nearly 3 weeks. Everything just too much today. Scared of how im feeling so just went back to default coping mechanism. Was feeling really relieved to have gone so long, now will have to tell t (tho I doubt she'll make a big deal of it which is good)
  13. D

    personality disorder

    Hey im new to this sight and have only just found that I suffer from personality disorder.ive gone 16 years with mood swings suicidal thoughts pushing people away and couldnt understand why untill now. Im relieved that im not the only one who suffers with this, its good to know that im not alone xx