1. peace_within

    tips for restful sleep

    Some of these you may have already heard, but they have definitely helped for me :-) 1. Create an environment that is comfortable. Avoid clutter and if possible make sure your bedroom is used for sleeping and not working or studying. 2. Candles and relaxing music can really help. 3. Hot milk...
  2. C

    Relaxing medication for Bipolar

    Now trust me I am an educated woman - but the evenings/nights are so difficult. Why the hell can they not give me summat to 'chill me' which is not alcohol? this is wrong.
  3. M

    Natural sleep?

    Hey - does anyone have any good advice for getting a night of natural, undisturbed sleep? It's been nearly 10 months (yeah, I've been counting...) since I've had a refreshing sleep and recently I've been depending on Lorazepams and Zopiclones to help me drift off. I don't want to rely on them...
  4. moyet

    Relaxing and going easy on yourself: when it's a new skill you have to learn

    Relaxing and going easy on yourself: when it's a new skill you have to learn Not sure if this is the right place to post but it doesn't quite feel right in the depression forum where I've posted my previous thoughts and requests etc. Does anyone else struggle with relaxing? I have found over...
  5. Raina Walks

    it's a beautiful day in my neighbourhood....

    i looked out the window today and around my apartment and saw the beauty in the day and am grateful that i am able to take it in, savour it and hope for another tomorrow.... the sun is shining, just a few clouds in the sky, above normal temperatures...i even went out briefly to take in a bit of...
  6. megirl

    Wishing you all the best

    I am so lucky to share this forum with so many genuine careing people. Its awesome to be part of a great community such as this. I know Christmas is so hard for many of us, but we always have the support of other users here and I think its heart warming to know that you arent judged here and we...
  7. bert tomato

    New gym routine..

    I have started a new gym routine.. I am using the weights...just light lifting to tone up. Then I go swimming, use the spa, pool and steam room. Its really nice and relaxing. Who knows what good it will do to me!