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  1. M

    ASMR videos for relaxation/sleep!

    Hey guys, I don't know if you've ever heard of ASMR, but here is the link for further information if you wish to read about it in detail: Autonomous sensory meridian response - Wikipedia Basically, specific sounds you hear may trigger some "tingles" in the brain and it should feel nice and...
  2. E


    I have suffered anxiety in the past last time was about 5 years ago. I've had it this time for 4 months on and off. The last 2 weeks have been horrendous and thankfully I have been off work for a weeks holiday but can't see me making it next week either. Not too sure what has escalated it. I am...
  3. D

    Does anyone else like being wrapped up tight in a blanket?

    I learnt to do this when I was younger. It calms me down. I roll myself up tightly in a blanket or sheet and stay like that for however long it takes. Sometimes if I've been really anxious for days and couldn't settle at all, doing this makes me almost fall asleep as it's so relaxing. The...
  4. valleygirl

    Essential Oils

    Has anyone here had any experience with essential oils to manage symptoms? I just started using a few for insomnia and anxiety, and it has had amazing effects already. I am using them with a cool air diffuser, and after just a few days I am hooked. I am going to try some for alertness and...
  5. C

    Homicidal Tendecies / Depressed

    Lately I've been having homicidal tendencies, I'm not too far deep under the line yet. I'm usually just day dreaming, night dreaming about them. I do not kill animals, nor think of it. It'd be a waste of my time. My happy emotions are almost gone as well, I do not seem to get happy anymore. I...
  6. B

    2 day anxiety attack

    I suffer from anxiety but I'm good at covering it. Last few days it's been constant. Heart racing, getting hot, mind is going 100mph. Yea I've got some crap going on at the moment such as work colleagues been typical idiots stressing me out. I've taken a lot on at the moment but I can't seem to...
  7. valleygirl

    Binaural Beat and Theta Waves in Music

    Has anyone ever tried listening to music with either theta waves or binaural beats in it? I've tried listening to both on Youtube. It's supposed to be relaxing music, but it actually makes me feel even more on edge and revved up.
  8. amathus

    Managing Stress ~ Tips

    How many tips can we come up with which may help us manage stress.... Here's some for starters: 1 Meeting a friend for a drink. 2 Set aside 10 minutes a day to relax and collect my thoughts. 3.Watching late night TV debates that deal with the realities of the world. 4. 4.Listening to relaxing...
  9. Yellowbrickbridge

    Seeing sprials. Anybody else? (Photo example included)

    So for a while now I've been seeing spirals, mainly when I'm alone and relaxing they just form right in front of me. Anybody had similar hallucinations, I don't take drugs and they just appear in whatever I'm looking at... don't know what to think about them and what they are, any suggestions...
  10. BillFish

    Chillax for two minutes :)

    Stayed at my brother in laws apartment a few days ago, went for a drive and took this short video, watch it on full screen and click the HD logo to watch in HD, it's a noisy world out there isn't? apparently the video is relaxing :p https://vimeo.com/125746381
  11. S

    relaxation techniques

    I would like to know one Thing.I expect my friends who are viewing this will clear my doubts.if u are asked by a therapist to close ur eyes and relax.how will the therapist get to know that the patient is relaxing not thinking any thing,and he or she is concentrating on his or her breathing...
  12. C

    Coping With Flashbacks

    Ideas for coping with flashbacks Tell yourself you are having a flashback and that it is ok and very normal in people who were traumatised as children (or as adults). Remind yourself that the worst is over – it happened in the past, but it is not happening now. The “child” inside you who...

    Relaxing the mind..

    Does anyone know how to relax the mind? :BLAH: I am always overthinking and getting anxious. :sorry: Is there a trick to having a happy relaxed mind? :scratch:
  14. A

    What does "trouble relaxing" actually mean?

    I have to fill in a form requesting therapy for OCD, and it includes a screening questionnaire about depression (the PHQ9), and one about GAD, called the GAD-7. Now, I know I don't have GAD and I'd rather they didn't waste their time trying to work out if I do. I want to fill it in accurately...

    Dreaming of the dead.

    Last night I had a dream I was with my family. My family that is still living. We were all in a big house - my aunt and uncles house. Then my mum appeared, and we were a bit surprised she was there (she passed away in 2007). But she was really happy, and the dream felt comforting and just...
  16. BillFish

    Craving some quality, some luxury?

    I’m generally a working class meat head, but even I crave some quality and luxury every now and then, do you? Would love to have croissants and champagne on a Parisian balcony, or relax in a spa in a 5 star hotel in Morocco, but I would settle for dinner and breakfast and a nights stay in a...
  17. snips31

    snips's super mum

    sorry i haven't been on for so long supporting my friends , i got to close and distressed seeing so much pain, allso the migrains started again and then i had a seisure, i am healthy now but, i had bad news yesterday mum had to be taken into hospital with a bloadclot in her heart, fluid in her...
  18. Jonwal

    Don't know how to deal with my weight. Anxious about my health

    I'm worried about community team closing in around me. I collapsed emotionally today I was trying to reach a box on the floor so I could write on it and I couldn't reach it which frustrated me because my belly was in d way. So instead of taking a breathe and moving closer I held my breathe and...
  19. T

    Binaural Beats - meditation

    Just come across this How to Get “High” Without Drugs | Collective-Evolution Supposedly a way to reach higher states. The video on that page sounds cool. Like a Platipus track with no beats, very relaxing... (Although was listening with the slightly paranoid thought that it's a lie and they're...
  20. S

    What music do you guys listen to to cope with psychotic illness?

    I've found that music helps A LOT and want some new music to listen to. I like heavy metal and relaxing drum and bass music.