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relationship trouble

  1. M

    My GF left me due to her depression

    So I am writing this today to seek some advice or even really just to talk about it. A year ago I met an amazing woman and the spark was instant, we then spent the next couple weeks together and inevitably ended up as a couple. However I knew come the end of the month, I was moving onto a yacht...
  2. B

    Crashing, spiralling

    I’ve been diagnosed with BPD a couple months ago, but I had my suspicions since childhood. Fast forward lots of adverse experiences, emotional, physical, sexual abuse, neglect…suicide attempts, PTSD… I’m in the middle of a criminal investigation about one thing and a separate ex-partner was just...
  3. M

    Aftermath - when the arguments end

    QUESTION After someone with BPD has spiraled in an argument and unintentionally "thought" or assumed the incorrect actions or motives were taking place at or against them, do they realize it was their misinterpretation? Basically I'm wondering if they realize that they were mistaken and are...
  4. S

    Does Anybody Know What's Wrong With Me?

    So this is my first time on this forum, and I never normally resort to blogs at all but I've been so confused I don't know what to do. So I've always been a people's person, good with making new friends and not too bad at small talk and cracking a few jokes. Whilst always feeling close and...
  5. A

    I dont know what to do, how to help my fiance with depression and the stage of our relation

    I dont know what to do, how to help my fiance with depression and the stage of our relation Hi Everyone Thanks for reading this. This may be a bit long however i wanted to write as much as i could to get the best possible advice and help possible. Me and my fiance have been together for 10...
  6. ajasb

    Is it just my girlfriend's OCD?

    Sorry for this being so long, but I can't get much shorter than this. Both my girlfriend and I are mentally ill. She has OCD and tells me that her OCD tries to sabotage our relationship. If she thinks there's a problem, her OCD will constantly pick at it and try to blow it out of proportion...
  7. D

    Do I inform my ex's family he is depressed and potentially suicidal?

    I've been dating a man for about 5 months. We broke up this Tuesday after about a month of struggling with his crippling depression. The final straw really came last Saturday when he called me in tears and said he'd been thinking about death all day, and after work even came home, took out his...
  8. C

    My significant other (This is going to be long, TLDR at the bottom)

    I should preface this with the fact that: 1) We have no diagnosis for my significant other's problems. We (him and I) have some guesses, but we're not sure. I'll get into more details later on. 2) We are long distance, though visit each other with some regularity. 3) I have my own mental and...
  9. N

    I am a terrible person

    Basically ,I messed up in my current 8 month relationship with the love of my life.I'm 18 and I feel terrible for what I've done down to the point where I'm harming myself bc it makes me feel better bc I cause him pain so I feel the need to cause myself pain. 1. I used to have a crush on some...
  10. U

    I am crying out for help PLEASE

    My boyfriend of over 1 year was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder 4 years ago. He did not tell me when we started dating and I had no idea. As things progressed he told me more and more but I just found out the name for the disorder he has been telling me about. It has been getting very...
  11. J

    I think I'm falling into depression, but I'm not sure...

    Im 19 years old, and I'm in my first year of college. Ive just felt so bad lately, and i don't know why. Im in a relationship with a girl and she causes me some stress, and I've been thinking of breaking it off, but I feel like i still love her, but um not sure. School is really hitting me...
  12. S

    I have problems with empathy.. Please help?

    Hello. This is my first time using any type of forum so I'm new to this thing. I'm a 20 year old female and although most aspects of my life are normal, I don't really think I feel empathy. Well that's not completely true. I understand when people are upset, and I want to help, I want to feel...
  13. A

    How do I flirt and/or start a relationship with a schizophrenic man?

    Hi, I'm not a stranger to mental illness. I was just released from hospital for severe Depression and Anxiety. Treatment included Electroconvulsive Therapy and medication. While I was in hospital I met a man who was a former patient (3+ yrs ago), who has schizophrenia. I liked him...
  14. S


    Hi my name is scot im 19 years old I have dark hair and blue eyes and im looking for some girl out there with the same problems as me to have a relationship with if anybody is willing to talk I would love to get to know u