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  1. U

    Cystitis again

    Yes guys ive got Cystitis again and it bloody hurts every time i pee, this is all medication related side effects, anyone else get this
  2. bobshocker

    Bad Back

    Just out of curiosity how many of you guys get a bad back, I suffer terribly, i had a ct scan last week, but i think there just gonna tell me its stress related etc. i spent half my life in the chropractors my cousing has something called fibromyalgia
  3. L


    Hi, hello this is all new to me. I was told that on top of suffering with depression. I have a Emotionally Unstable personality Disorder March 2009. I feel very nervous and anxious today. Yesterday I was in bed all day. I am 26, I am also a wife and a mother. I am very sensitive I wear my heart...
  4. Pixie37

    Got to go to a stupid work related interview tomorrow

    Hi all, So, a couple of weeks ago i had my medical. They stuck me in to the work related group. I am a day patient at hospital. I can't cook, clean, shop etc without support. My support worker is taking me. I struggle to get to groups even at hospital. Are they having a laugh? I've just got...
  5. xTKsaucex

    Help, need Songs related to Bi Polar Disorder

    Well, I'm coming up to my final art project this week which will last about 6 weeks. The idea is to present some artwork alongside music related to Bi Polar disorder. I have a few songs which I can relate to Bi Polar in there own ways through all aspects be it the high's, lows, the neutrals...
  6. A

    Is trauma induced psychosis PTSD?

    i have been diagnosed with trauma indused psychosis and i just reasurched that this in related to PTSD. Is this true? Thank you.
  7. badbunny

    Anxiety Forum - friend or foe?

    I wondered what your opinion was on the effectiveness of the anxiety forum? There are by my reasoning for and against arguments for the forum. For: It is a place where you can feel safe and understood, a place where you can discuss your feelings knowing that the people on here 'get' you. As...
  8. amathus

    Epilepsy and it's effect on mental health.

    I have been dx with epilepsy and have been having a lot of problems with it lately. I am getting to the point where I am wondering how much of the strange sensations which I am getting in my head is maybe anxiety related and not an epileptic episode. Any thoughts?? meteos.
  9. M

    serequel + depression

    I have been on serequel for 2/3 weeks now and I am getting depressed. Is this related to the serequel or just coincidence?
  10. J

    I am new here!

    Hi all, I am a new one here. And I hope this forum will be very helpful and useful for me about health related issues and real life problems. With Regards, johny
  11. I


    Just wanted to say Hi and give a bit of background info on myself. I am a 21 year old guy just recently graduated from uni 6 months ago and gone straight into a job which had to move away from home for. Suffered from some sort of anxiety related illness whilst at Uni and had to have...
  12. B

    relive every detail. I just cant cope

    Hi Im new and thank you in advance for reading my post I suffered a stress related nervous breakdown June last year. It was work related and I was off work for 8 months. I could not go back to my old job and am taking my ex employer to a tribunal for constructive dismissal. I dont need to go in...
  13. B

    Trance Logic

    I think I'm suffering from a trance logic or something similar. Does anyone know if this is singularly a symptom of schizophrenia as I've read it might be related to PTSD also? Any solutions will be much appreciated.
  14. G

    I need solutions...

    Hello, I have a question, it may or may not be about me . Anyway, --- This person has a rough history the person had anger issues which was related to marks and the urge to do well. It was "treated" with a IEP. --- Somewhat recently, this person had gotten charged, this person's a youth. It...
  15. S

    Hi there can you help?

    Hi people i dont mean to sound totally naive but could someone please explain a psychotic episode to me.I see the term used rather a lot on here and the only time you ever here the word mentioned on tv or out in the world is when its related to a murdurer or something horrible its obviouly not...
  16. O


    I thought I would have a look around a forum like this as lately I have been experience some odd mental behaviour. Weird thoughts occasionally come into my head as if I (or my mind) am trying to shock myself, some of it is quite nasty stuff and I have to consciously block it out and think of...