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  1. mrlaurel

    my facial twitch!

    i have a facial twitch :( had it now for over a week it did go away for a day os so now its back, evey few seconds my check/face will move. I guess its all related to my spine/neck damage but tis pissing me off..... moan over :) phew I needed that! stan
  2. D

    You will never believe it

    So, I had the dreaded ATOS examination for my ESA claim on around the 27th of April. I got the results today through the post. At first, I thought it said I was being put into the WRAG group because on the first page it says "Work related activity group. It has been determined you do not have or...
  3. M

    Do you these symptoms sound familiar to you?

    Hi, I am 31 years old, and was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder a few years ago, which made perfect sense to me following diagnosis, and my mood disorders were put down to symptoms of ASD. Since then, my typically autistic traits have been very similar, and I still have melt downs and...
  4. T

    Memory difficulties

    Is difficulty with memory a 'symptom'? Or I've had so many migraines it could be a symptom of that? I've been having issues with things like what day of the week it is, taking me a while to work it out and because of this I'm forgetting to do things that I normally would on certain days. Also...
  5. P

    Exam results

    My exam results have been posted today, but I am too afraid to collect them. Studying a masters degree, even though suffer from severe anxiety especially related to exams. What should I do?
  6. E

    how many people experience chest pain?? causes??

    hi, i am 25 no family history of heart problems in the last 2 yrs i ve had 3 ecgs and blood tests all normal but i still feel aches and pain in my chest area everyday for the last 16 months or so. i ve been told its anxiety but obviously suffering health anxiety i think its heart related. i have...
  7. D

    Deemed fit for work....again!

    I'm so upset and angry today. After 2 YEARS of assessments, many of which have been cancelled on me, I had a successful assessment two weeks ago. I had changes to my illness, for the worse, that I mentioned - 1 including a severe panic attack that resulted in me taking a trip to A&E as I was...
  8. LifeIsAMess

    Hi all :)

    Hi Everyone :) I came across this great forum while doing a search for benefit related issues. My current diagnoses are major depressive disorder, anxiety and psychosis for which I take Mirtazapine and Quetiapine. I have my ups and downs, good days and bad days...I'm sure you can all...
  9. A

    What you need to be free of anxiety.

    I have lived with very very severe social anxiety in my life. And I wouldn't say I have overcome it in the sense that it is gone. I have overcome it in the sense that I have totally accepted all the pain in my life. IMO,instead of turning your attention outward, as if the only way you can be...
  10. M

    Stress related illness

    Hello everyone I am new to this site and have been experiencing issues with stress for a number of years. I have always managed to handle stress and channel it however over the last 6 months I have hit the wall and feel like I am literally falling apart and I don't know who I am anymore...
  11. Stripeysocks

    Weird stuff happening

    Hi I wasn't sure where to put this post but I have episodes where I see things in my peripheral vision frequently but when I look to see who has just walked in the room or which cat has come in or what has just moved etc there is nothing there. Just lately I have been walking along the road when...
  12. A

    Won Appeal BUT???

    Hello all I,m new to this site so if I make any mistakes,sorry in advance. I had an appeal hearing yesterday and received a letter today saying the appeal was allowed. It also says I am entitled to "ESA with the work related activity component". This is where I.m having problem what exactly is...
  13. Wiseowl

    Warning Higher Education and ESA Income Related!!!!

    If you have a part-time student loan for tuition fees this should not be counted as income when you claim ESA income related.
  14. S

    Would like to discuss and compare experiences

    Hi, I am in a deep depression at the moment I thought I would make an account here and discuss the experience and ask if any of you could compare it with me and answer some questions. I have recurring thoughts and my thinking can go round in circles with the same kinds of ideas I'll try to put...
  15. M

    The wrong type of medication.

    I have been on a med called seroquel. an anti-psychotic. psych The experiences I have always shared with the doctors has been non-mind related. The area namely the torso is one example. I hear voices that originate from the air and stationary objects (non-mind) These voices also have a...
  16. worrymuffin

    I don't belong here.....

    I feel like I don't fit in, like I don't belong. I can't say anything, because everyones related to/friends with everyone else.... I'm not part of the gang. It's too hard.
  17. NicoretteGummed

    Doing Your Family Tree!!!

    Has anybody ever done this?? I have and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend anybody to do it as it goes some way to explain why you are the way you are, why your parents are the way they are, and why your Grandparents are the way they are and so on and so on. It is also a good history...
  18. N

    So then, Hello!

    Hey there, I'm Lucy. Im 22 and live in the west middlands with my partner. I have diagnosed Borderline Personality disorder, with anxiety. My BPD tends to manifest itself in the classic 'I hate you, don't leave me' style, where I seem to try my best to push people as far away as possible, in the...
  19. D

    changed from esa wrag to support

    Ive been on dla for 5 years. And claiming joint claim esa with my partner..ive always been on work related activity income related..in augusg last year my dr said i should be in the support group abd that i am not ready for work. So i sent off for the forms and filled them in. That was 6 months...
  20. D

    what benefits of mine will change

    Hi. Im on dla high rate care...and low rate mobility..and only ever had one medical for dla since 2010...im also claiming esa wirh my partner who looks after me unpaid but ive been told im in the wrong group..mines work related group. Income related..i had one medical 2 years ago. And was asked...