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  1. M

    Scrambled Thoughts When Learning

    Hi! I don't know if this should have been in the social anxiety section or this one as I suffer with both. Anyway, I am at college at the moment and finding it extremely difficult to take in what I'm trying to learn. I listen, I try to concentrate (and think I am) and try and engage as best as...
  2. P

    Really trying to understand

    Hello new to this forum and new to the mental health system I have been hiding my dark thoughts for years and years thinking I was broken everything is my fault know revising the trauma I have been facing in my life is causing these feelings. I took overdoses I'm a self harmer my life was...
  3. C

    North Lincolnshire

    Scun thorpe Scun thorpe and District Mind Printers Yard Fenton Street Sc unthorpe DN15 6QX 01724 279500 [email protected] Services Offered Peer Support Sessions (every weekday afternoon) One to one active listening service: to provide you with support, information/signposting and guided...
  4. C


    Hartlepool and East Durham Hartlepool and East Durham Mind - InMind Phone: 01429 269 303 [email protected] Crown Buildings Tees Street Hartlepool TS24 8HB Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm InMind in Hartlepool is an AQ (Any Qualified Provider) offering a number of services...
  5. S

    Too anxious to seek help?

    Hi. Just looking for some advice I suppose. I don't struggle with social anxiety often. But I still get it occasionally. My main problem is work related. I have worked plenty of jobs in the past. But that feels like such a long time ago. I've been unemployed for a while and even the thought...
  6. C


    I have 3 grown up children, one suffers with depression as do I, 1 has OCD and 1 has quite a severe tic. Now my 5 year old grandaughter is showing signs of compulsive behaviour. My mother was manic depressive and I worry all this is somehow related. Is this possible?
  7. cpuusage

    Dr. Feelgood: Traveling ‘On the Path of Least Resistance’

    Dr. Feelgood: Traveling Richard D. Lewis January 7, 2015 The distribution and demand for psychiatric drugs is at its highest level since their first introduction over 50 years ago. As part of our culture of addiction modern psychiatry, in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry, has...
  8. J

    Texting your therapist

    Does anyone ever text there therapist and do they text back? Do you ever text things that may not be therapy related?
  9. D

    Quitiapine Wipe out!

    Does anyone know how long Quitiapine adjustments take to get over, I have just increased from 300mg to 600mg and I feel super zombie. How long will the tired feeling last now that I am taking 300mg morning and 300mg at night?
  10. Gajolene

    ‘Hidden Wounds’: Battling Combat Related PTSD With Music

    article and documentary link Using Music to Fight the Effects of PTSD - LightBox
  11. D

    Any experiences and advice?

    I have recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia and given two pills, one Haloperidol and the other containing Paroxetine. For the past few days I have been unable to sleep and cannot stay in one place for a long time and my parents tell me that I over fill my mouth with food so much so that I...
  12. amathus

    Driving on prescription drugs... article.

    Anxiety UK tells us: "Drug driving law is changing to make it easier for the police to detect and prosecute drug drivers. A new offence is expected to come into force in March 2015 of driving with certain controlled drugs, like diazepam, above specified limits. The government will be taking...
  13. BlueGlass

    feel like a fake.

    i am gonna ring up to see if i can get referred to therapy tomorrow, not necessary for an eating related matter. my mum thinks i should mention my binging. but as i havent binged in like a week which i am very very happy with but i feel like a fake like there is nothing wrong with my eating...
  14. Gajolene

    How healthy is your sex life

    I think this is a very relevant thread for those of us for MH issues, please be responsible and respectable on this thread or I will report you. For me with CSA related PTSD issues this is a major issue I struggle with daily, question is how has your sex life, intimate related experiences been...
  15. E

    Voice Hearing Poetry

    Here are some poems about voice hearing. The poems are based on religious songs which I have taken and reorganized the grammar and chosen new words related to voice hearing, so that they become something new. I have both positive and negative voice experiences, so some of the poems will reflect...
  16. cpuusage


    http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread64728.html#post672898 Lets leave aside psychiatric neologisms for a moment... Recovery & Healing - recovery (n.) mid-14c., "return to health," from Anglo-French recoverie (c.1300), Old French recovree "remedy, cure, recovery," from past participle...
  17. P

    Mood swings on Sertraline/Lustral

    Hey everyone I've been on 50mg of sertraline for about a month now - took 25mg for about a week then upped it to the full 50mg. This was mainly to treat anxiety and depression as prescribed by my GP. I was on fluoxetine/prozac for about 8 weeks prior to this, but was taken off them due to going...
  18. D

    confused and stressed by DWP correspondence

    [i hope this doesnt double post.. i posted it, but didnt show up, trying again] i just got a letter stating: this confuses me. the uncertainty and possibility of being on no income again for a long time with no means to help myself... is an extremely stressful predicament. are they sadists...
  19. S

    violated trust

    3 weeks ago I was sexually assaulted by a man I met through AA. I trusted him and was going to ask him to be my sponser that day. I won't go into details but needless to say my mental health has been on a steady decline. I spent and gambled a lot of money I couldn't afford to spend over the...
  20. S

    Work Related Activity Group

    Hi all, I've recently been moved from the support group to work related activity. Is there any way I can appeal this? I feel it's a ridiculous move, I've been stressed and panicking since finding out about the move and having to attend meetings at the Jobcenter, totally living on edge. I can't...