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  1. M

    new in the EU

    Hello, Figured that it was time to join-up and finally get to talk to people that have the potential of understanding one's situation and of course learn. Amazing how stigmatizing anything mental-health related can be. I am convinced that the medical establishment (in the EU) has almost...
  2. R

    STEPPS for BPD, Do I or don't I? Help!

    :sorry: my CPN wants me to be considered for the STEPPS program. I had a phone call today from some random psychologist who I have no idea who she is! And said that my CPN, had informed her I was intrested in this program- which isn't true, as I have told her that I have heard bad things about...
  3. Gajolene

    The Lady Thread...Menopause

    I'm just starting to go through mine, aside from the tearing up and getting irritable,the sweats and the obvious below problems what should I expect? Also with having a history of PTSD related depression and anxiety is it going to be far worse than normal emotionally as is the same with PMS...
  4. Kerome

    Chi, qigong and body energy meridians

    As some of you may know, I sometimes have tactile hallucinations which seem to relate to my energy body and things outside and within it. I was watching the most recent episode of Sunny Side of Spirit on Dutch tv, and it was really interesting in that she went to Taiwan and met a chi master...
  5. R

    Mental Health

    Hello every one, I have 2 questions in my mind related to mental health any one please help me out for that. 1) What does it mean to have a mental illness? 2) How can I find a mental health professional right for my child or myself? Thank You.
  6. Breakingtraining77

    The Nightly Grind

    Do any of my bipolar brethren have bruxism? I swear, I just started really clenching within the last 3 years and I'm trying to see if it's related to meds, diagnosis, a combination or whatever. I know weight gain is a side effect of lithium, but I never heard of dental issues.
  7. B

    does music through earphones make anyones voices worse?

    when I put head phone in my voice get louder. does this happen to anyone else? also anyone wonder if there voices are actually real and not mental health related?
  8. Beergardenweather

    I fell off the self harm wagon yesterday after 10 years.

    Argh I don't know why I'm feeling so bad right now. I haven't self harmed for about 10 years but something has been building up over the last few months and I feel I'm about to blow. I'm wondering if it's SAD but I really like the winter and dark nights so it doesn't make sense in my head that...
  9. F

    Work related advice

    Looking for some advice on a job related issue. What's the best thing to say, to say a co-worker - though in this particular case it's not a co-worker, but a customer that I make deliveries to, who is always telling you of ways to do things different in such a manner as though to make you feel...
  10. amathus

    Life-changes which may affect GAD...

    Some Origins of Anxiety Anxiety and feelings of stress are symptoms, a response to pressure, the more intolerable or persistent the pressure, the worse the anxiety. And this does not necessarily mean a single, overwhelming difficulty. More often it is an accumulation of things. This...
  11. RainbowHeartz


    emotions and feelings are just mostly gone, this disconnection is too strange and well, im on constantly disconnected, it feels like im in a dream that i cant wake up from, i may have said i slept 4-5 hours today but i had nightmares. i lose my train of thought no warning, end upp no...
  12. Gajolene

    Diet of fruits veggies could help ward off depression

    Diet of fruits, veggies could help ward off depression: study | CTV News Eating a diet of fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts that's low in processed meats could ward off depression, according to a large new study that suggests what we eat is more closely related to our state of mind than...
  13. Gajolene

    CSA related PTSD, Survivors Guilt

    I've had this a while in my files and wanted to share the quoted text as well as the other links below. Also it is normal for young children to be self-oriented. It’s just the natural way children are. The child thinks mostly of how things impact themselves and they try to figure out what to...
  14. Mister.B

    Love and Mercy - Film about Brian Wilson

    There is a film coming out about Brian Wilson, who was in The Beach Boys. He (maybe not that) famously suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder and possibly other things. I just thought I'd bring it to the attention of the forum in case anyone wanted to look out for it when it's released. I know...
  15. W

    What are your biggest dreams?

    heyy everyone:)) I have experienced a couple of hypomania and depression episodes (they lasted for about six months). During my hypomania episodes I would do a lot of sports (mostly jogging which I love), be very outgoing, dream big dreams, such as become a beautiful sporty girl, strong and...
  16. C

    Feeling grateful for...

    Some days, when there's a bit of time to reflect, chinks of light shine through the darkness of depression. Today I am staying indoors as I can't bear the extreme heat and my hayfever is unbearable. However I also really appreciate that I have the choice to one day find somewhere to live where...
  17. M

    Alcohol and Anxiety

    Hi! Does anyone else find that they're are affected badly by alcohol. I get excruciating headaches, sometimes after only 1 pint. Generally the next day when I wake up. Enough to put me off wanting to drink again, so I don't. I'm beginning to think it's anxiety. Sometimes I can drink 2 to 3...
  18. M

    ESA question can anyone help?

    Hello all I'm currently on ESA work related group and have been advised by many people i.e crisis team, mental health team and advisers at Seetec that I should be on ESA support group. But I have no idea how i would go about this as no one has suggested what i should do, so I was wondering if...
  19. Artmuzz

    ESA support group - Housing Benefit and Council tax Benefit

    I have been moved from income based ESA Work Related Activity Group to ESA support group. I was getting full housing and council tax benefit when I was on the Work Related Activity Group. I was wondering will I still get full housing and council tax benefit on the Support group or will I have to...
  20. T

    Are physical issues related to psychological problems?

    Mum used to say that when she was bullied by her mother she would break out in eczema.