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  1. B

    Just needed a space to talk mental health related stuff

    My name is Liz. I'm just here because I needed to find others to talk to about my depression and anxiety related stuff. I thought I could beat it. Tried yoga, meditation, writing in journal, positive thinking, exercising... they work great for a while but not that long so I realize that it's...
  2. G

    Work and anxiety

    Work and anxiety are related: please tell me of any experience or any thoughts related to how your work if affecting your mental health
  3. Q

    is this anxiety related

    I am experiencing an issue that has been happening to me for years but I am not sure if it's anxiety related. I have had anxiety episodes in the past (panic attacks) but this is a different sensation. There are times that are not particularly triggering but when I am thinking to myself I notice...
  4. T

    does anyone know difference between those medical diagnosis?

    between Personality disorder and adjustment reaction+predominant disturbance related to schizoid personality.... and which one is worse/harder?
  5. G

    I need ideas

    I don\t know if this is the right place for this, but it might be. Back in 2006 I returned from Iraq on a military deployment and ever since then I have been struggling every day to take a shower or brush my teeth. This was never a problem before or even during the deployment. I have spoke to...
  6. Prairie Sky

    Improving Cognition

    7 Ways To Improve Cognition In Bipolar Disorder | bpHope Cognitive impairment is one of the bipolar symptoms I struggle with the most. It is definitely bipolar related, not med related. I just came across this article with some approaches to improving this symptom; medication, therapy...
  7. Not_Crazy_Yet

    My counselor says i might have PTSD

    We were talking about some of my experiences and how I have nightmares almost all of the time. Often about how I will fail miserably if I'm ever able to work again. She said some of what I said could be related to PTSD. Wouldn't I know if I had PTSD? I know that would require insight into ones...
  8. G

    seizures and bipolar

    I'm just curious about it, but I can't make myself focus enough to read the articles on it. Can bipolar and seizures be related? Does anyone have personal experience with it?
  9. dreambuggieIII

    We ought to have an Alcoholics Thread

    As it's related to depression.
  10. W

    Anxiety and Sensations of Falling

    I get weird feelings like that feeling you get from travelling in a lift afterward. So I might be sat in front of my computer and I'll feel, very briefly, as if I'm lurching forward, like my chair slipped or something. It's really disorienting and I can't tell if it's related to anxiety, which I...
  11. G

    Can't stop thinking about the end of time and space related things and it's causing me problems every day

    Can't stop thinking about the end of time and space related things and it's causing me problems every day Can't stop thinking about the end of time and space related things and it's causing me problems every day
  12. Solitude1


    Hello There are a number of things happening to me, those are difficulty doing things, unclear thinking, tremors in body (small and fast especially in extremities), spontaneous pains in different parts of body, getting exhausted with little activity, longer time to recover (even from a simple...
  13. T

    Cinnamon for med related metabolic syndrome

    I believe that Cinnamon can keep your blood sugar stable and that it can help stop diabetes If you buy it buy Ceylon cinnamon cassia is bad for the liver . It tastes lovely if you just put a tablespoon in a teapot and then let it steep and tea strain it you can add it to also rats of things.
  14. D

    Skipped Heartbeats?

    So i have been suffering from these skipped heartbeats for years now, i am 21 and it started when i was about 18. Some times it feels like a little skip and other times it is a row of them that lasts about 5 minutes. And other times its one really strong one that kind of knocks me for a bit. Is...
  15. Iamsoconfused

    Hi, I am new here

    Hello, I have a lot of experiences with mental health issues and not a lot of support for it. I am looking for some guidance and support mostly. I have been having a lot of difficult emotional experiences related to my past and would like to hear other's ideas and maybe get some advice for how I...
  16. F

    Brother in a mess- ESA cut off

    It seems he failed to attend a medical assessment and now has to pay full council tax and rent. He is HIV+ and was recently(last year) diagnosed with HIV related psychosis for which he takes 20mgs Zyprexa. I have looked up re what to do in that circumstance but can not get him on the phone...
  17. C

    mixed state

    what are peoples experiances of a mixed state? I recently got put on anti depressants and I think its them that's making me feel weird. I was seriously depressed and suicidal that seems to have lifted. I seem a lot faster now like a million thoughts at the one time I believe my gran visited me I...
  18. Beergardenweather

    Very strange experience

    I'm not sure if this is anyway MH related but years ago I woke up one morning literally having no idea who I was. It was in my old house and about the same time I was having weird waking dreams. I woke up, didn't know where i was, didn't know who I was. I heard the cat crying for food and was...
  19. BorderlineDownunder

    Hidradenitis Supperativa

    im making this a thread because Oh Boy I am having my second round in a handful of months and its stress related and IT HURTS I only have one tiny lesion but have been so unwell I even had my kidneys tested was in A LOT of back pain that weirdly seemed to be ovarian as well still hobbling...
  20. E

    confused about my options caused by stress at work

    I started a new job 2 years ago, i wasnt told at the time that the company had been recently taken over and many changes were being made. I had 2 interviews and provided evidence of my skills, knowledge and experience which directly related to the position. I have struggled with many issued...