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  1. R


    I don’t know if this is the forum I should write this in, but here we are. I have a problem. I have just realized that I trace shapes and words with my hands, legs, hips, head, and any other way. I literally use my body to trace shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles, etc... I do it in any...
  2. G

    Can anybody relate?

    I sometimes feel like I have so much love in my life but also feel so alone at the same time. Can anybody relate? Geoff
  3. S


    Im battling my own mind can anyone relate? Could do with somone to talk to
  4. D

    I had something great, and ended up throwing it all away

    Hello there. I hope it's okay to just post about my situation, as I really hope there may be some people who can relate if nothing else <3 I set up an art-based community over a year ago, and as part of this I set up a chat server that people could use to make friends and chat in. This has now...
  5. Z

    Characters you relate to

    Hi guys, As I'm sure you will have all noticed, TV and media often have a really rubbish representation of BPD! However sometimes writers or authors do get it right and I find that I really relate to a certain character with some of my symptoms. So my question is, what fictional characters (in...
  6. B

    Hi all, new here.

    I am a women in my forties that has a depressive disorder and anxiety. Looking to relate to others, be of help if I can, listen and be heard. Discuss whatever is on our minds.
  7. L

    Hi all

    I am from Ireland BPD since 2005. I am looking to make friends and maybe even people in Ireland who I can relate to with the health service support.
  8. U

    Wearing Gloves in Public?

    There are certain places (such as the pharmacy) where I would feel much better wearing medical gloves. When I do this, people of course look at me strange, and even worse I find that they seem frightened by me. I can relate as when I see someone wearing a mask I assume they're sick. My question...
  9. H

    Schizophrenia advice needed.

    Ok.I've been hearing "voices" for about 3 years now...It started slow but it kept growing in power.Untill I actively started communicating with them.They are good and generally steer me in a good direction but it gets too much and then I freak out and go partying.In my head there are 3 "groups"...
  10. C

    Hey guys

    So I just joined the forum today. I have depression and anxiety as well as diagnosed bipolar. I came here to find people who were able to relate and understand me and also to get some advice from people who better know how to handle things.
  11. M

    Mental OCD

    New post - I think I have OCD and contstanly repeat past events to make sure I have not committed anything bad even know I deep down know I am a good person . A de assure myself with cycles in my head , can anyone relate to this , many thanks
  12. S

    Anxiety - How can my partner help me?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum and I'm looking to see if anyone can relate to me or offer any advice. I have anxiety, depression, Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar. But recently it's my anxiety which is causing me a lot distress. Basically 2 years ago, I came out...
  13. T

    Feeling trapped in my skin

    My brain is only thinking of the negative thing. I'm not able to do the daily stuffs. I have bipolar. Can someone please relate to this feeling.
  14. S

    Heart Pain

    I frequently feeling pain in my heart. Does it relate to any serious heart problem?
  15. M

    Shame and guilt even after beating porn addiction.

    Anyone else here struggled with porn addiction, has beaten it and is dealing with the shame and guilt associated with it? I can't seem to get over the guilt and shame of my past addiction. Can anyone else relate?
  16. Kerome

    Voices and long stories

    I find voices come in a few categories, which interact with our imaginations in different ways... 1. Insignificant comments - these relate to few other things, and so there is little interaction with the rest of the voice world 2. Significant comments - these seem to relate significantly to...
  17. B

    I think I figured out why everyone thinks I am a lesbian! Please help

    Ok....for basically all my life people often mistake me for a lesbian. I would have no issue with that except for the fact that I am not or have never had any desires. I have really tried to pinpoint why lately, as it gets embarrassing and is hard to find a date! Then I realized something...
  18. V

    BBC Radio 1 'My mind and me'

    did anyone hear this on the radio, or see the video version on iPlayer? nearly made me cry listen to it in the car, so i got home and watched it on iplayer. again nearly made me cry. I liked how other than their problems they seemed very 'normal' people, i could relate to ALOT of what they...
  19. D

    Im being hunted

    Everywhere I go I just have a gut feeling that people are trying to kill me. It's almost everywhere I go, there's always some trying to kill me. It's especially bad when I'm at school. Can anyone relate or have ways they deal with this?
  20. B


    I found this site by looking for support for my mental health issues. I have bipolar 2, generalized anxiety disorder, and disordered eating. I'm a housewife and my kids are all grown so I have a lot of time to myself and I'm beginning to think this might not be good for me. I have a new...