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  1. C

    i relapsed

    Hi all, I am new here as i really do need help. I have relapsed after doing so well. I have been fighting anorexia and bulemia for over three years now but i regretably relapsed... I stupidly decided to reconnect with my ex, he is going through a lot at the moment and i wanted to be there for...
  2. B

    Relapsed again ....

    Not sure how many times I have written a post like this, but I have relapsed again. I cannot control my urge to drink and drug due to BDP. I haven't been taking my medication because it stops me sleeping and gives me restlessness. I haven't been meeting with my CPN or GP either, so I am...
  3. P

    i have relapsed after 3 and half to 4 years of not SH

    So basically I have relapsed. A part of me is gutted but another part of me is calm and collected, wondering what all of the fuss is about. It is like i "know" it's wrong but it works.. I feel i am gonig through the "denial" part but at this moment in time i actually feel a huge relief and...
  4. A

    Scared of taking my meds

    I'm diagnosed EDNOS (mainly bulimia but restrictive elements) along with EUPD and Complex PTSD. I was trying so hard to eat ok but I've relapsed with all of my conditions. I've stopped taking my meds (Aripiprazole) because I'm scared they're stopping me losing weight as fast as I want to. Not...
  5. S

    Just been for my depot

    Got the talk on what you would rather be, delusional or on meds. Wish they gave you that choice in the hospital before they force medication down your throat. Mentioned that I went 4 years once without meds and they said yes but you relapsed. My reply was yes but I triggered that relapse by...
  6. P

    How many times have you relapsed

    HI guys i am just wondering the relapse rates in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. So the question is how many time have u had psychosis relapse and how did it occur (Drugs, Stress) any help would be appreciated thanks yoou
  7. A

    My girlfriend is living with schizophrenia diagnosis, please help

    Hi, im new to this forum, i had to post this, i wanted to discuss it with people who are much more knowledgeable and have some past experiences. Im, 24 years old, my gf is 21. We got into a relation last year around this time, she's was intelligent, hard working, very very creative and a...
  8. E

    my head is spinning

    I'm very new to this and am unsure how to explain things properly. I had been just over a year without self harming when nightmares over an awful event in my life resurfaced in a major way and I relapsed. Quite badly..... I'm not even sure how it happened. I don't remember picking up the...
  9. B

    Schizophrenic hubby

    Hi all...I myself have BPD and post in that forum. I have been with hubby for eight years. It was well into our marriage that I found out about it. He has always been very kind and compassionate. The best guy I've ever known. Three days ago he went into meltdown. Said the most horrible things...
  10. T

    Weird Feelings.. final straw

    So lately I have relapsed into depression over numerous things. But every now and again I get these overwhelming feelings of fear/anxiety of everything around me, followed by an urge to want to try and physically remove them from my head... I feel like this is the final straw and that I'm losing...
  11. R

    :'( failure

    I feel like a failure. I relapsed last week and haven't been able to stop now I am covered in marks again. I thought I was over SH but I was wrong and then I went back to my old ways. I hate myself that I let it go to far once again :'( why do I hate to be like this
  12. P

    New Here

    not sure what to say...guess I'll just start typing...Former US Marine '77-'79...was supposed to be in for 4 years but took a General Under Honorable over drug use/charges...6 years of playing bars and getting bad on cocaine/meth and by '84 became suicidal...wound up in an institute at $17K a...
  13. S

    injected antipsychotic med

    Hi I am new here but have cared for my son with mh problems for over 3 years. He was on depixol injection but had terrible side effects so was put on oral olanzapine. He has remained stable for approx 18 months but recently relapsed. Psychiatrist wants him to try abilify injection & I am really...
  14. L

    TRIGGER WARNING !!! relapsed

    I thought I was clean from self harming I had a clean streak going on for 3 or 4 months and tonight I just lost it I self harmed in multiple places and I now I feel like shit and are worried that someone will see and IDK sorry I just needed a place to vent
  15. B


    Feeling like complete shit. Hurt myself again, haven't done it since just before christmas. I feel guilty yet relieved, Can't handle anymore, can't cope any longer, i'm tired and worn out, i just can't go on anymore :-( I don't want to go in to work and don't know what to say to them, as far as...
  16. R

    I relapsed in self harming after around 8 months

    I relapsed in self harming after around 8 months and now I can not stop! Help!! Am I getting addicted again?? (Cutting/burning)
  17. P

    rant ... angry and unhappy :(

    so after psyching myself up to meet a close friend .... we have a good friendship we can have a good crack and a laugh ... but i find it so hard to open up to her about my depression she just doesn't understand. I try to explain and give examples ... i said .. imagine there is a bucket of...
  18. J

    Help :( Want to get better

    I'm so sick of my bullimia, i hate it and just want it gone. About a month ago i got hugely motivated to get better and went 8 days without b/p'ing, and was so proud of myself. But the second i saw i'd put on 2 pounds because i wasn't throwing up (even tho i was eating quite well) i relapsed...
  19. P

    i have done something really stupid

    when i relapsed two days ago i was really angry at the fact that no matter how hard i si'd, i wouldnt get any blood coming out, i got really paranoid about all sorts of reasons why, including my implement and i went on amazon and bought a kitchen knife, a big one to replace my first implement...
  20. P


    Went 6 weeks without Si, but when i went back to uni i started again.