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  1. T

    Eating regularly

    I want to try eating regularly. The problem is I find it hard to organise and execute all of the food I like, or want, or need. I am also living with a narcissistic mother, which does not help, as I tend to avoid the downstairs.
  2. B

    Chlopromazine dosage?

    After a trip to emergency mental health assessment unit my partner was told by psychiatrist to get a script for chlopromazine. His brother took him there and to docs today. Mhas sent email to gp about it. Doc has prescribed him 25mg to be taken as and when he feels overwhelmed. Not regularly...
  3. ThinkingCat

    weekend cocaine booze antidepressants relationship and anxiety

    Hi all, As I type, and I'm ashamed to admit, I have done some cocaine and been drinking. I can feel my agitation and anxiety and a flood of guilt and shame. I'm scared because I know it's going to affect me, but I feel so low that I just need to do it. I don't want to spiral back into this...
  4. B

    Considering hospitalization for impulsive, self destructive behavior and anxiety.

    Considering hospitalization for impulsive, self destructive behavior and anxiety. Hi, so I have no idea what is wrong with me and I just really need help. For the past couple months I've been exhibiting risky behavior, but when it is happening it's almost as if I don't even realize it. For...
  5. S

    What are the worst kind of people?

    What is worse? A person/persons that try to kill you? Or People that try to run you down and break you mentally. Break your spirit. Break your confidence. Try to run your self esteem down into the ground so they can feel better about their own lives :BLAH: (This is Colwyn Bay). So tired of...
  6. Nikita

    Not Dwelling on things,focusing on the here and now.

    It occurred to me just now that I make bad things that happen much worst by dwelling on them and ruminating about them in my head and then just worrying myself to death and getting anxious all the time.This has an extremely damaging effect on my mental health. What is needed is to just let go...
  7. G

    Break up again?

    I'm currently going through a break up I feel lost and so lonely , I miss her a lot all I wish is shed txt me simply "hi" or something like that. My mood is changing regularly one minute I can't wait to live my life without her and then I just want to die a slow and painful death , why did I...
  8. T

    Why don't you help yourself?

    It can't be just me that knows the self help/self care stuff, like: Eat healthily Exercise regularly Get enough sleep and at regular times Get outside often Avoid stimulants/alcohol/drugs Etc etc *feel free to add other important tips* Yet fails to actually implement a lot of them. Even...
  9. O

    do you feel the same?

    i was quite happy and optimistic, at one point in my life. stressed up with gcse's, got bad grades.....went to do a diploma in accountancy, and shit happened along the way.....turned psychotic......and i feel like i have no friends, nothing. dropped out of computer science degree, not sure if i...
  10. mami5

    Lack of self care.

    I saw my psychologist today, and he asked about my health and general self care. He got concerned when I told him that I comfort eat, skip meals for junk, don't bathe or shower regularly, don't exercise. In fact he said I was abusing myself, and called it all a form of self harm. I hadn't...
  11. calypso

    Low so had to start AntiPs again

    I stopped the anti psychotics months ago and felt fine. But I am waking up regularly, throughout the night with shouts and angry voices. Its not just that thing when you are about to go to sleep, its the same voices back again. They continue for some time, so I tend to doze on the sofa, but...
  12. C

    I Fall Apart When I'm Alone

    Hi, I'm Chris. This is my first post here, it might be lengthy. Apologies. I am a 27 year old guy and I have a big problem where whenever I spend time by myself, which is quite often. I work alone mostly, my days off I tend to night owl and stay up late in my room playing games and drinking...
  13. Lost_Darkness


    I've been prescribed propranolol for anxiety - my doctor was sure whether it would work as PRN? He said I could take 2-3 a day, or try as needed, but didn't know how effective it would be. Anyone tried it as PRN? Does it work, or would it need to be taken regularly? Thanks.
  14. H

    It's gotten worse

    Last year I was diagnosed with anorexia. Over this year's course I have managed to maintain my weight with a lot of effort at it's current range. These last few months have been really hard on me because I've been using [moderated] and skipping meals frequently. I've forced myself off of...
  15. BillFish

    letter from a woman I regularly see on TV

    I wont say how, but I had the offer of a supporting letter on government headed paper, by a politician I regularly see on TV this morning. (genuinely) Life takes some funny turns doesn't it? The offer appealed to my puerile sense of humor and made me chuckle. It was a WTF moment, but I suppose...
  16. T

    Does anyone not feel bad?

    I self harm regularly - all the professionals I've seen have all said about how bad and guilty we feel afterwards but I don't. I don't feel bad at all I did it and I did it for a reason. I don't worry about it afterwards I just patch it up and get on with it. I don't really see it as a bad...
  17. cpuusage

    Lack motivation & functioning

    Just can't be bothered with anything. No real drive to do anything. Dunno how much is medication &/or condition? Probably a combination of factors. Flat is very dusty & a bit untidy. Am not eating enough - Not washing regularly.
  18. Anime-Alchemy

    Daily/Weekly Goals to achieve

    So this thread is for anyone who want to start being productive and moving forward in life but also this thread is for support and encouraging others. For this coming week: Not act on my addiction, start self care and eating regularly. Tidy room up.
  19. C


    Hertfordshire Viewpoint 56 Bridge Road East Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire AL7 1JU 01707 328014 Viewpoint is a user involvement charity in Hertfordshire for people with mental health or drug and alcohol problems. It is essential that the people who use or who have used mental health...
  20. Jimny


    I wanted to post this as I had a great evening. I went to a Reiki share. Basically those who are attuned give Reiki to one another, the share took place at a Reiki masters house and each in turn received Reiki from all of the others at once. I have experienced Reiki many times, mainly using...