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  1. A

    Receiving mental health services again

    Hello everyone. I'm not entirely sure if this is the most appropriate section to post this in, so please forgive me if that is not the case. But I just wanted to find out what the easiest and quickest way I can get back into receiving regular mental health therapy and back on medications is...
  2. Bedsocks

    Anyone on Lamotrigine?

    How do you find it as a mood stabilizer? I have been on it around one year and it is not going good. I am on a low amount out of choice and considering upping the amount. It'd take months to see the psychiatrist so I am relying on my regular doc.
  3. 79Dave

    New here

    Hello all, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 39 years old and suffer from bipolar, MDD, GAD, and ADD. My biggest problem is my depression, I have been hospitalized for it many of times over the years. I do have a counselor and see my psych on a regular basis but I'm trying to find some...
  4. N


    :) Hello, Im Night Owl and Im new. I decided to join you here has I'm a bit confused. I have a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder since 2008. At my last Pdoc appointment where I saw a different Pdoc. He's now suggested that I may not have BP but Bpd instead. He said he wasnt going to formally...
  5. M


    I was reading about Double Depression last night which I think possibly relates to me as I struggle with Disthymia but take more and more regular dips. any thoughts? m
  6. Tired Daisy

    Is being attracted to the same sex a bad thing

    Hi there, I'm openly admitting to being attracted to the same sex. I like cross dressers and transgenders and I watch emo gay and gay goth stuff on the net, I don't like the manly look tho but I have always been turned on by guys that are females if you know what I mean lol regular woman are...
  7. L

    Pushing people away because of insecurities

    Recently, I've noticed a pattern that I go through when I meet new people. Usually, when I spend a lot of time with someone, especially someone similar to me, if they are better than me in something that is important to me or closely tied to my fragile self esteem (singing, archery, etc.), I...
  8. Sad Lady


    I have come from another forum where i felt there was so much competition over who is worse off and how if one person can work, we all should, that type of issue. There was too much friction there and i cannot be around it at the moment. I had been on that forum for a long while and i may go...
  9. 6

    Quetiapine XR vs normal

    If you have tried both do you have a preference. I JUST filled a month's worth of extended release and saw a new doc who said the regular would be better because the acute tiredness ends quicker with the regular. With XR i am tired all day Thoughts?
  10. N


    Hi Everyone, For several previous years, I had played Badminton on a regular basis, and then again going back a good few recent years and loved the sport. I am making prelimary enquries, in terms of playing Badminton on a regualr basis, and competively as well, if at all, much down the...
  11. P

    Does anyone have a bike?

    I think I have a bike fetish. Every so often through the months I turn to cycling and then my motivation drains again. but I always come back to cycling and bikes. Aparantly I'm overweight. I have a fixie but it's a death trap. Been looking at folding bikes and city bikes to help loose some...
  12. N

    Lack of Motivation, Regular Working - nearer to being away on holidays

    Hi all, Admittedly in the past few months, I haven't been physically well, or just feeling very low in general, because of the weather making me feel severely irritible, I don't know whether if i have covered on here before, that, aware eventually I'll be going away on holidays, and usually...
  13. Y

    First Psych Dr. Appointment tomorrow - Very Scared! :(

    Hello, this is my first post on any kind of forum like this ever. I have been seeing a therapist for a few weeks about my crippling daily anxiety (neither her nor i could really figure out where it's coming from so far). She suggested I meet with Psychiatrist, and my appointment is tomorrow. I...
  14. F

    Antipsychotics and thoughts/ experiences

    If you have thoughts/experiences when not taking APs regularly and those thoughts/experiences lessen/go away with regular APs I am guessing those thoughts/experiences were likely psychotic.
  15. blacksmoke

    alternative to drugs

    i have heard that amino acids taken with the B complex along with vitamin C and magnesium are excellent for tackling anxiety and depression. if this is so then why arent GP's more interested in looking at this as a way of helping people with anxiety and depression?:scratch: i know that the USA...
  16. P

    Memory loss makes partner angry

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this so please bear with me.. I'm 46 and experience regular memory loss. I don't smoke or drink or have any idea why it happens. It just does. I guess its been getting steadily worse for about the past 2 years. My mobile phone's notes app is...
  17. N

    Concern that older friends will one day "grow up"

    I've struggled with anxiety and some depression pretty much all my life (I'm 20). I've had a lot of friendships that seemed to come in waves but have recently (past 3-4 years) met people that I really get along well with. Some of them I've been able to relate to when I'm struggling because some...
  18. shaky

    Every Town should have a recovery house

    ‘I’d Rather Die Than Go Back to Hospital’: Why We Need a Non-medical Crisis House in Every Town - Mad In America One of the things she says is... Each worker on every day shift offers a one-to-one session to each woman she is looking after, so everyone gets regular private time to talk. Sounds...
  19. F

    I think I'll wait till it's light

    To try and sleep. As sometimes happens the dark is triggering my paranoia. Odd sounds are setting my mind abuzz with thoughts of being attacked. Irrational thoughts while lying in bed that there was someone in my living room , Yes I can say it's irrational but the damn thought still invades my...
  20. S

    social services

    Because I overdose on a regular basis my care co ordinator has done a referrel to social services(she was honest and told me hasn't done anything behind my back) because of my son any idea on what they will do? Am scared there going to take him away