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  1. Gajolene

    No regret tattoo's developed.

    Something I've never done is get a tattoo, because I have visions of being old and the tat stretching out of shape, losing all it's colour, getting a bad artist, or just regretting it years later. Now two Canadians have developed a two week tattoo that is 100% safe to use. This is something I...
  2. GoghTardis

    Regretting my life choices today...

    I've been with the same guy for 9 years, married for six. We have two kids, two cats and a dog. Financially things are not quite working but our life looks like something other people strive for. Every time I walk the dog I start to think of a better life. When I sleep I dream about people from...
  3. D

    Do you think this is OCD?

    I have a habit of obsessively regretting past mistakes, and this is probably partially caused by OCD. Consider the following example. It happened to me several times, I said I would begin studying at, say, 7 pm. But I start studying at 7:10 pm. I start getting frustrated and regretting this...
  4. thing fish

    i blew through all my money again

    i have $10 to put gas in my car and thats it. i bought a bottle of gentleman jack. i bought a case of beer. i bought a couple pizzas. i bought a couple of movies.. i bought more bleach for my hair. now i'm regretting all of it....i got so mashed that i slept all day and now i feel wired. anyone...