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  1. W

    Were you refused PIP because you missed the face-to-face assessment?

    If you were in receipt of DLA and were refused PIP because you missed the face-to-face assessment when DLA was being transferred over, please read. Bungling DWP announces seventh review of disability benefits errors in a year
  2. V

    I called labelled schizophrenic for....

    Complaining about discrepancies on my GP records....complained to the PHSO to be told they had done nothing wrong! Left me flooding with blood because I had a fibroid they refused to acknowledge...went to a tribunal of which I again got refused. To find there was no notes to say the Tribunal...
  3. R

    Is this catatonia?

    This question is actually about my father, who is in the hospital right now. I know it's probably useless to ask when he could be treated/diagnosed at any time, but I hope you'll forgive me my impatience. As you can see from the cocktail of medications he's been prescribed, he hasn't been...
  4. Iamsoconfused

    Wondering about cyclothymia

    I was wondering if cycylothymia can have major depression episodes? I've had very long depressions which I couldn't function, but I'd refused treatment. Just cause I wasn't taking it seriously enough at the time.
  5. E

    Got Used Today

    Hello, everybody. I wanted to get some thoughts on something that happened to me today. I suffer from social anxiety and also have an extreme problem with standing up for myself. I grew up with a mentally ill parent who was (and is) frequently abusive and highly reactive to everything. I had...
  6. L

    I need help I guess...

    Hello, um...I'm not sure where to start. I met this guy and we dated. For the first time I actually felt love, like felt it. It's always been hard for me to feel things, but it was there. The thing is, I treated him terribly and I don't know why, I was aware of what I was doing, but I wasn't at...
  7. L


    Hi all new to forum would just like a bit of advice. I have been abstinent from alcohol now for 19 months went into detox Nov 15 I had applied for pip that year and went for my assessment in September 15 they even did it while I was drunk anyway got refused appealed got refused again ended up...
  8. F

    Interview Struggles

    Hi there, Does anyone else struggle with interviews? I had two this week, both unsuccessful but it has sent me spiralling downwards again. Both were assessment days, which I have never done before and were vicious! I'm not very good at pushing myself forward and shouting others down. I was...
  9. J

    What is schizophrenia? And did I/have I got it?

    Hi. First post on here, having signed up a few years back. Only now needed to really ask something. I used to hear voices, 4 of them. 2 men and 2 women, all had names, to me they were real. First time I heard them, I hid most of the day under the cover in bed. And by the end of the day I ran...
  10. D

    Hi, I'm new but please help!

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit desperate for some advice or support please. I've had depression for most of my adult life and have self harmed for most of my life, also had anxiety for almost 2 years. I've been diagnosed with depression with pychosis, then emotionally unstable personality disorder...
  11. N

    - on penicillin - refusing meds?

    Currently on a section me - I think they are trying to poison me. Can I refused the medication? What would happen if I do can they forse me?
  12. BigAma

    Bipolar boyfriend

    Waited for my boyfriend to get better for a few years. I didn't want to believe there was anything wrong with him, but he is BP. He gets so anger everytime I try to sleep at night. One night he got really angry because I told him to turn down his video game. At first he refused but then I asked...
  13. M

    So sad

    The hospital refused to take me.ù They were rude and dismissive. I feel like im not hre. Đ
  14. R

    Healthy minds

    I've got my first appointment coming up with another therapist from healthy minds. However, I am just wondering, how can I get them to provide me with medical evidence towards my esa appeal? The last therapist refused and said to ask my gp, but she would only issue a sick note saying anxiety and...
  15. F

    TW on this post - death and self harm - I want to die

    I am not sure where this should go or if I can even post it. For the last 18 months everything has gone from bad to worse. Self harming is completely out of control. Feeling suicidal is probably the wrong word to use, because I am not wanting to kill myself, I just want to die. I have tried...
  16. N

    I'm new to all this

    Hello I'm suffering with BPD and currently awaiting my Pip assessment it's on the 8th of March I was refused it last year and just feel really down and hopeless at the moment.
  17. J

    I don't know what else I can do

    Hi. I have a child who has ocd and ive tried to support him the best I can but there's nothing else I can do. I've known this day would come and have tried to prepare myself but I just don't know how to feel pr what to say and do. Ive floated through the last two days and feel guilty and selfish...
  18. A

    STEPS programmes in uk?

    hi guys, the nhs have refused to let me do a STEPS programme. i was wondering if anyone knows how i can find one privately? iv obviously googled it. not sure if i would be able to afford it anyway but feel like i need to do something, im so angry and volatile all the time :(
  19. C

    Life Insurance

    Hey everyone, Just in need of some help, I'm trying to apply for life insurance for myself and my husband and so far I have been refused 3 times. Are there any insurers you would recommend? I live in the South of the UK Thank you!
  20. T

    NPD - sociopath friend ?

    Hello, I discovered the subbject of NPD/sociopathy several weeks ago as i wanted to understand the behavior and the intentions of a "friend". At first i didn't knew what to search for but when i saw by luck an article on NPD, something clicked in my mind. Also sorry if what i write isn't...