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  1. L


    I've got a meeting with my psychiatrist on Wednesday. Basically, my mum started of saying that she wants to section me because she thinks I need 24h care and then she said she dosent think I need to be sectioned but perhaps if I could go voluntarily into hospital then that might be a good idea...
  2. A

    Psychiatric hospital

    Hi, I'm just wondering if people who have been in a psychiatric hospital could answer a few questions for me. 1) What happens if you refuse to participate in the group therapy? 2) What happens if you act aloof and ignore all the other patients including those that are in the same ward as you...
  3. N

    Breaching my CTO to be put back in hospital

    I'm very unhappy where I live. I living in supported living and since this new person moved in peeing and pooping everywhere because he can't be bothered using the toilet this house has become very unhygienic and has started to smell. The management have implemented things like having washable...
  4. D


    Hi im David, 23 years old turning 24 on august 11 , ive been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder , i am struggling to beat the crap out of it but i refuse to give up :) if you wanna know my full story here it is https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread166945.html
  5. N

    The police are coming to get me on Thursday (CTO recall)

    I refused my depot last week and going to refuse it tomorrow (my last opportunity to have it) This has happened before. The last time my care coordinator came to my house and issued the CTO recall and some time later the police came. I willingly went with them last time to the hospital and after...
  6. C

    confused: found info advising not to go to medical assess. if esa50 was not sent or completed? advice?

    confused: found info advising not to go to medical assess. if esa50 was not sent or completed? advice? this was found online can someone offer an opinion on the following quote? and if they agree what excuse do i give the assessment people? its in 4 days? thanks 'recent interesting case has...
  7. cpuusage

    Benefit Cap What planet do deluded MPs live on?

    Benefit Cap – What planet do deluded MP’s live on? – SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites) "A House of Commons briefing paper released a few days ago asked “Can PRIVATE landlords refuse to let to Housing Benefit claimants? It’s the wrong question and why did they not ask … Can SOCIAL landlords refuse to...
  8. sheeba8188

    what's your job title and how long have you been there?

    I'm a skilled waste operative (refuse collector) been there 2 years 2 months
  9. L

    How can I get (ALL) my mental health records?

    Hi I have 3 or 4 questions I wonder whether you can answer? What different types of records are there? Can I get them ALL? And can they refuse? What information will be removed before I can get them? Thanks, (UK)
  10. ABsea

    the "I do lots for you" arguments

    Has anyone found a solution to this one yet? You know, when you dont do something and your significant other pulls that card.. You should only do things because you care for one another, its okay to refuse favors, but why say "i do so much for you" because you refused? It does not make sense and...
  11. K

    Take medication or get sectioned

    I was given an ultimatum to either take my medication of I'll have to get sectioned. It's not fair that I'm being forced to take medication and cannot refuse. If I was at the hospital or doctors I'll be able to have the right to refuse. Can anybody tell the the process of being sectioned or...
  12. Lincoln1990

    I think we are done

    I think we are done. I don't think this will work out. He wanted me to buy him cigarettes. I have very little money. So I told him no. I refuse to go any further. I'm uncomfortable with this relationship. It's nothing. I'm numb. Can't feel. Anymore. So sad.
  13. RainbowHeartz


    got my cc this afternoon at 3:30pm hopefully we will be writing a letter to my housing so i can get re homed quicker as i cant stand it here with the tension between my mum and stepdad and waiting for my stepdad to send more inappropriate texts to me, plus he is always agitated and makes me want...
  14. L

    can i refuse to take medication for bipolar disorder?

    not sure where i stand hoping you guys can help me! im refusing my medication for bipolar and my doctor says he will section me if i continue to refuse can he do this? :( taking my medication makes me feel dead inside, i have lack of motivation and lack of interest in everyday life! i just...
  15. S

    will they try and hurt me?

    if i go to hospital/ my friend says they will and they spoke of injections. what if i refuse? could ibe sectioned? or would they let me home?
  16. F

    Medicate Me, Even When I Refuse

    Erin Hawkes: Medicate Me, Even When I Refuse
  17. loulabelle

    whats going to happen is i continue to refuse my medication ???

    I stopped my meds cus i felt better and i was sick to death of the side effects.. but now im unwell im feeling low and the last few days ive been rapidly switching between all the moods.. Im fed up with my life and i dont want to go back on my medication id rather just die whats going to...
  18. L

    The manager

    My manager laughs at me when I say things commonly said. They are also things which exhibit sympathy which means they don't think people should be sympathetically handled. She really isn't nice. I would also love to tell customers that she refuses to speak to them. Still I am guessing there...
  19. Lincoln1990

    Extremely depressed...

    I'm very depressed. I don't have much energy. I'm 22, I should be being an adult. I should have a boyfriend and going to college. But I'm not. Then I read a very triggering thing on a different site that makes me feel like its my fault of what I've gone through when I was significantly younger...
  20. Eleison


    I moved house and had to change my GP. I saw her for the first time on Friday. I needed my anti-depressant prescription. I outlined my treatment in very basic terms. I'm in private psychotherapy and the GP sorts my meds now. She didn't even ask me how I was doing [really really well, actually...