1. F

    Acid Reflux? Info needed please.

    I have IBS and it is under control. Recently I have been getting acid reflux, and it is giving me a lot of pain. I am going to try Gaviscon when it net strikes. If anyone has any advice, tips etc please say. Also I don't drink any herbal tea, which ones may help?
  2. A

    bloated feeling and acid reflux causing breathing issues??

    Hi guys just a quick question, has anyone noticed if feeling bloated and/or acid reflux can make your breathing feel short? many thanks
  3. bippie71

    Not Salads

    I’ve been doing very good not having an acid reflux episode. I decided to eat a salad. I mean, its a salad. Why would that give me acid reflux. Well, the pain started late last night and today, it continues. I’m already 3 Alka Seltzer chews down. This is ridiculous :mad:
  4. bippie71

    Recurring Acid Reflux

    For almost a month, I’ve had acid reflux every week for about 5 days. When it goes away, of course, I’m starved. Unable to eat a lot while I’m in pain. I eat a salad or sandwich or bananas... and bamb! Acid reflux back. Well, it hit again yesterday and i spent the night tossing turning and...
  5. C

    Bipolar and Other Health Conditions

    I recently read something that suggested that bipolar is often accompanied by certain other physical health problems. Without going into what they were, I am interested in seeing what (if any) other conditions you all have? Mine are: Gastric reflux IBS Back pain (especially sciatica) Neck...
  6. daydreambeliever

    Any one had an ulcer or acid reflux etc???

    i had an ulcer and now i have acid reflux if i don't eat at certain times, it sucks. D any digestive problems? :drunk::scared::cry::blush::sorcerer: :dance:
  7. Modelaeroman

    Anybody else suffer from acid reflux ?

    Hi all, I take Venlafaxine and Quetiapine and for the last few weeks I have been terrible heartburn/acid reflux in the early hours. This morning was terrible I couldn't stop bringing bile up. I can only assume it's the medication, anyone else suffer from this? Kev
  8. M

    Mirtazapine questions?

    Hello, I have been on mirtazapine for nearly a month I had a rough start with it feeling constanly tired but it helped with my insomnia I had had for over a month, my appetite hasn't, fully returned and I have lost another half a stone, I have anxiety issues and constant burning in my stomach as...