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  1. messymoo


    Has anyone heard of this or done it as I have been referred for it and was wondering if it helped at all?
  2. F

    General update (BP)

    Hi everyone, Got quite a few things going on at the moment. Me and my ex partner are very much apart at the moment which is ok for me but very hard for him. His doctor wasn't in last week and the doctor we saw was awful and recommended he write a letter to the doctor he has been seeing about his...
  3. I

    Hello there. =)

    I'm new! My name is Charlotte & i'm 21 years old. I've suffered with Anxiety since my early teens but didn't actually know i had it until i was 17-18 years old & by then it had got alot worse. It has now progressed into Social/Generalized Anxiety Disorder & a Panic Disorder. I did have bad...
  4. M

    Should be referred to the specialist

    People who go to the G.P. may complain of depression, when they are just fed up with their circumstances. Anyone with bipolar, schizophrenia or other severe and enduring mental illness is referred to the specialist (or should be) When they are fit to be discharged to the community they should...
  5. amathus

    The Role of the CMHT:

    Here is some basic info about the CMHT if you find yourself referred to them: http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mentalhealthinfo/treatments/communityteams.aspx qf.
  6. C

    Help! Need advice about treatment

    Hello lovely people, I wondered if anyone could advise about treatment? Feeling very lost, alone and low at the moment. I was referred to mental health (for 2nd time) in Jan; after a few visits psychiatrist diagnosed me with BPD and I was referred to a personality disorder unit. They run a...
  7. J

    Diagnosed with hypomania

    I accidently posted this in the depression forum, maybe it would be more relevant in here: Hi all, im new to the boards After being treated for depression for months and with me suspecting it was something else, i finally got referred to the early psychosis team who after a one hour...
  8. J

    Diagnosed with hypomania

    Hi all, im new to the boards :) After being treated for depression for months and with me suspecting it was something else, i finally got referred to the early psychosis team who after a one hour assessment gave a provisional diagnosis of hypomania. I have been referred to the next step up but...
  9. M

    CT Head Scan

    Recently moved areas, saw a gp once... got referred, not been seen yet by psychiatrist yet... received a letter from the hospital asking to go in for a CT Head scan..? I'm going to call and ask who referred me and why... but untill then does anyone have any idea why a CT Head would be...
  10. blacktulip

    referred to lifeline

    I have been drinking heavily now for 4 years, often on an empty stomach (35cl bottle of vodka a night sometimes more) my psych says i am sabotaging my appointments with the amount i drink but i just cant seem to stop. The doc has been supporting me but says he doesnt know what else to do and...
  11. blacktulip

    Hi Folks

    My first day on here, just kinda hoping it will help me to write things down and feel i have some support in what feels to be like a turbulent time; and of course to be able to offer my support where i can. My story then in short; i have suffered from anorexia for 12 years, i sought support 4...
  12. M

    relief! OMG! And also sharing of experience please?

    After a week of constant mood swings and extreme anxiety I went to my GP with a hoard of evidence and my boyfriend to try and convince him I need help. I was not sure he was going to listen to me as he is the kind of GP who is in and out within a minute. ANYWAY I showed him everything and got...
  13. S

    Adult Services

    I have a few questions regarding AS. How do you get referred to see them? I'm 17 & I know you can be referred at age 16+, I'd prefer to see AS for MH as I've been seeing CAMHS since I was 7 & they don't take me very seriously & from experiences, are utterly crap. What happens when you are...
  14. PoppyShakespeare

    Hey everyone!

    Hi everyone. I've been wondering what to say here. I'm 29 and I have had a problem with depression all my life, but it was only 'officially' diagnosed when I was 24. Since my teens I've also had a problem with self harm, and although it isn't as regular as it once was it is still something that...
  15. K

    Been to the doctors

    Hiya, i have been going to the doctors now for what i was told was depression for about 3 years now, but now the doctor has referred me to see a psychiatrist (sp) as he thinking i am showing signs on bi-polar, i have terrible memory and have to write everything down so he knows whats going on...
  16. W

    Not sure where to post this?

    Hi Everyone, As you have probably guessed from the title I am new to this site. I am really not sure where to post this since it could come under so many different diagnosis. Without getting into a long winded thread 2 1/2 years ago I woke up unable to move due to being being sick feeling...
  17. R

    need some help please

    Hi, I don't really know where to start. My friend has just told me bout this site cuz she thought it might help. I am 27 and had PND last year with my second child but something seems to have gone very wrong and now everything is out of control and i dont know what do. I just been referred to...
  18. M

    Hmmm, what to do?

    Hi all I'd be interested in hearing about other experiences on this. I strongly suspect I may have cyclothymia or bipolar 2. To be honest, it just seems to be getting worse and more intense and the moods are very rapid. I firstly went to see my GP about anxiety and then depression. Was referred...
  19. L

    Art Therapy

    Has anyone attended art therapy (not group sessions) at lynfield mount hospital? I have been referred there and just wanted to see how it has helped you :)
  20. Lozzi_1004


    I've been referred to Insight - my CMHT have referred me to them and they think they could work well with me. Does anyone know how and what they do? She says it's mainly for the audio and visual hallucinations :s Cheers, Lozzi :flowers: