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  1. U


    as anyone else been referred to a psychiatrist by their cpn? my cpn says thats what shes gonna do well refer me to psychiatry so was just wondering.
  2. R

    so isolated

    all the people i can contact by phone are mentally ill or dysfunctional in some way, if i bring that up with mental health workers they get really nasty and start representing the rights of those people using that to i feel opress me , making comments about my language about them, It's not the...
  3. S

    Should I give up?

    Every day I think about killing myself even if I'm having a good day I just know something bad will happen to ruin it. And I think well might as well be on the safe side and end it now. Doctors don't help me. They referred me to a service that won't help people who self harm or are suicidal. So...
  4. T

    Initial Assessment with Psychiatrist

    Hi, I am new to this forum, first post so here we go. I have been treated for depression for over 2 years and have been on various anti-depressants. Currently on Fluoxetine 40mg (dropped from 60mg because it made me hyper). I have also had two sessions of talking therapy and one session of...
  5. C


    Stirling Bipolar Scotland Self Help Group Allan Park Hotel Allan Park Stirling FK8 2QG Meet 2nd Wednesday of the month 7pm – 9pm Our Self-Help groups are open to anyone who has been affected by bipolar disorder. You don’t need to be referred, just come along. Group meetings give you an...
  6. C


    Banff and surrounding areas The Arches Anderson House 46 Ardanes Brae Banff AB45 1FG 01261 815449 The Arches supports our community by offering confidential support, information and advice to anyone who experiences mental ill-health. We can help you make friends, overcome distress, meet...
  7. C


    Buckinghamshire The Oasis Partnership OASIS House George Street High Wycombe HP11 2RZ Tel 01494-898480 Unity House 98 Walton Street Aylesbury HP21 7QP Tel 01296-338008 [email protected] Oasis stands for ‘Open Access Social Inclusion Support’, which is exactly what we...
  8. C


    Swansea Transcend 01792 544018 [email protected] Transcend can provide one-to-one support to individuals with mental health issues living in Swansea. Anyone that is experiencing mental health difficulties can be referred to access support from Transcend. You do not need to be involved...
  9. T

    Getting reassessed

    I've got questions I want to go over with a doctor, get reassessed, or should say get assessed properly. But I need to trust that I'm talking to someone with a brain, that will consider things properly with no preconceived ideas, that will listen and be honest. I'm really not bothered about a...
  10. C

    County Durham

    Durham ARCH Recovery College Equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need to manage their recovery, have hope and gain more control over their lives A recovery college is a learning centre, where service users, carers and staff enrol as students to attend courses based on recovery...
  11. C

    Cardiff County

    Cardiff Cardiff Concern Regal House Gelligaer Lane Cathays Cardiff CF14 3JS 02920 664410 [email protected] Monday to Friday 10am - 9pm Cardiff Concern is a charitable counselling service run by Christians. At present, we have 30 volunteer counsellors who have been professionally...
  12. C

    West Midlands County

    Birmingham - Community Garden Martineau Gardens [email protected] 0121 440 7430 'Our mission is to inspire people about the natural environment. We also provide volunteering opportunities in the garden and are a venue for educational activities.' 'Martineau Gardens provides a...
  13. V

    How to make psychiatrist think you're well

    Hi guy's For a variety of reasons I have been referred to a pdoc. I don't want to talk to a pdoc I'm fine and well and all that. The thing is he wants regular meetings and I don't. He wants me on meds and I dont. He is very pleasant about it, collaborative, gentle and all that. I just don't...
  14. C

    10 Things you should know about anti psychotics

    Anti-psychotic drugs (also known as neuroleptics and major tranquillisers) are a broad group of drugs routinely used within psychiatric services to treat the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia. The most common psychotic symptoms are auditory hallucinations (hearing voices that others cannot...
  15. B

    early intervention service (uk)

    Anyone under this team or been under them? I love them they are the best team I've ever been under. They know so much about treating psychosis. I'm so glad I was referred to them.
  16. Zentangle

    venlafaxine Effexor side effects

    Hi. Can anyone please help me. I've been on Venlafaxine a year now and have been trying to work out why my eyesight is blurd and cloudy. I've seen my gp who referred me to optician who then referred me to Optamologist. I've had 2 appointments and have to go back in March. But getting really...
  17. R

    freedom pass

    went to my group. a no are dealing with freedom pass renewals, when i mentioned not hearing anything to my support worker he said leave it to march when ir runs out I'm worried it'll run out and when i reapply the process could take months while i have to pay on public transport My group seem...
  18. P

    Father needs help

    Back in September my 22 yr old son was sectioned following an overdose. At the time his s/h was becoming severe, to the point that his brother had to take him to A&E twice. Six weeks ago he was discharged. Sadly he has started to s/h again. Prior to leaving the clinic, he "self referred"...
  19. M

    Bpd & mbt.

    So, I have bpd and my psychiatrist has referred me to three sessions of MBT (mentalization based therapy) with a psychotherapist. Two were individual, lasting 6 months each and one was group therapy, lasting 13 weeks. None of them have worked for me. Just wondering if anyone else with bpd has...
  20. Spit_it_out


    As some of you know, some may not, i was diagnosed with bpd a while back, was prescribed amisulpride, i took these for a while but found that no matter how much they increased the dose, it wasn't working and i hated the side effects. I recently got referred back to my psychiatrist to find he...