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  1. R

    suppport worker closed case

    got a letter from support worker saying he's closed case and all my support needs have been met, he says he's referred me to mind, i have ocasionally gone to a mind paranoia and unusual beleifs group, but it's not 1 to 1, as they used to say at the disability centre the attraction of those...
  2. D


    i everyone, I have been diagnosed with depression and several anxiety disorders but I am currently in the process of having my diagnosis's reviewed as my cpn thinks there might be someone else. Anyway, I've been struggling a bit lately. I have had problems with my mental health for quite some...
  3. M

    what a nightmear

    I posted about my intentions to take my own life I was going to but was stopped and arrested by the police because of the method I was going to use!!. I was taken to police station and was booked and logged in the whole procedure photo DNA finger prints on data base for ever!!.I was seen by a...
  4. S

    Help needed

    Hi all, I've recently been struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks and I could do with some advice. I have my first appointment with the community mental health team and I'm just wondering what to expect? I've been suffering with chronic fatigue, aching muscles and severe chest pain...
  5. S

    My life so far and impact anxiety has had!

    Suffered from anxiety most of my life and its really affecting my health seriously. My problem seems to be the older I get the worse it has become. Current symptoms are constant muscle twitching, pins and needles, sharp pain in hands, legs and feet which started after one of my feet had went...
  6. TreeFrog95

    Sexual Abuse Therapy

    Hello, I attended an appointment on Thursday after I was referred back to a mental health hospital by my GP for one-to-one support. Here, I talked to somebody about my overall health and my daily routines, my feelings and thoughts and also about past traumatic experiences. I was asked about...
  7. M

    What's wrong with me

    I've been on antidepressants for around 6 weeks and they've made no difference at all Around 5 days ago I had an assessment to see what the best plan was for me. Whilst I was there the woman who was assessing me accused me of being under the influence of alcohol/drugs. They tried to pinpoint...
  8. E


    I had a really rough few days and I slipped. And hurt myself again. I didn't want to but it was a compulsion and couldn't stop. I have seen my doctor but all she did was up the dosage of my medication. I feel so lost and confused and I've no one to talk to. I have been referred for counselling...
  9. T

    Therapy ?

    Hiya just wanted advice from anyone who's been diagnosed by the nhs. I have been referred to a therapy/counselling program and will apparently be assessed but im not sure if i've been referred for the right thing? The leaflet says that the program was designex for people with mild to moderate...
  10. G

    Anxiety Attack that I can't recover from

    Hi Folks. New to forum. I have a situation I can't get straight. I have never been prone to anxiety but have had a few anxiety attacks over the years. I had a very bad anxiety attack 3 months ago that really never went away. In the past they always went away within hours. I feel like I'm in...
  11. C


    Hi I will try to stay on point here and as unoffensive as possible. I basically am not sure why I signed up, but multiple people have suggested that I have, put very crudely, something wrong with me. Although no one seems very sure what, and I am even less sure. I have had very self...
  12. amathus

    Delusions of Grandeur

    What are the Delusions of Grandeur Symptoms? Written by Alexander Burgemeester on October 10, 2011 Delusions of grandeur, sometimes referred to as megalomania, is considered to be a symptom of several different and serious personality disorders. People suffering from delusions of grandeur...
  13. F

    Getting help

    Hello, I am new here. I am 53 years old and due to abuse in the past and other past issues my moods have been quite erratic over the years. I can be fine for months then all of a sudden everything is too much for me. It affects my relationships, and I seem to be happy one minute and really...
  14. C

    Gernalised anxiety disorder (gad)

    Hi all :) I think I've just been recently been diagnosed with gad by my go I'm on three tablets a day for anxiety but I have been told that I'm getting referred to community mental health team does anyone knw what will happen when I get referred to them thank u :)
  15. H

    referal letter

    the gp i saw referred to me as a lass, which i think is inappropriate and said i had a bit of anxiety and depression, making me out to be a over exaggerating. like i am not saying i have the worst anxiety or depression and it has not been going on 50 years, but i dont think it is accurate.
  16. E

    David Cameron made me very angry indeed yesterday

    He referred to "people who are willing to work" - he should have said "people who are able to work"!!!
  17. H

    annoyed at new gp

    i told him i was suicidal 2 weeks every month due to pms and he said nothing about it. he referred me for a screening appt with the pimary mh team as i ask that as i want to do cbt for a separate issue. god knows how long that is going to take. i was going to ask for diazapam or similar to see...
  18. Belle22


    Hi, I'm new here and hope it's okay to write this post. I'm 24 and was diagnosed with anorexia at 13. I was referred to CAMHS and seen twice weekly. Things carried on to get worse and I was referred to an out-reach team and was in and out general hospitals due to complications of the eating...
  19. E

    No light at the end of the tunnel, only darkness...

    Can feel the downward spiral getting worse. Been on beta blockers for a couple of weeks. Just started back on anti-depressants 3 days ago, but feeling so unwell on them. Trying so hard to keep going for others but the truth is, I no longer want to keep going for myself or anyone else...
  20. H

    new therapist want to write letters to my gp

    my gp dont know about my eating issues though and i donno what to do. it says: You are requested to give permission for your therapist to be in contact with your general practitioner, your dietitian (if you are referred to a dietitian) and in some cases, the NHS commissioner who makes...