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  1. Northern Girl

    Hi, New to Forum - feeling sad and scared

    Hi everyone,My GP referred me to the CMHT on Dec 20th and yesterday I got a letter from them for an assessment on Jan 16th with "An About Me" form to fill in. Has anyone else had one of these forms? The assessment is with the Initial Response Service (IRS) and is for 2 hours. Can anyone tell...
  2. E


    I have been referred to a sleep disorders clinic, this is due to me having nightmares every night & it's been going on for 30 years, I will have to go & stay the night & be monitored whilst I am sleeping.
  3. M


    Hi, has anyone experienced compassion focused therapy? I have been referred for an assessment for this and wondered what it involves. m
  4. R

    Formal diagnosis?

    Hi everyone I'm new here! I live in England so not sure whether diagnosis is different around the world... So anyway I self referred to the mental health organisation Time to Change who referred me on to IAPT. I've had long telephone assessments this week and today they resulted in the team...
  5. N

    Community mental health team

    What does the CMHT do and how long does it take to be referred?
  6. J

    Possible Bipolar? New Here

    Hi :) I have recently been to see my GP and she has referred me for Talk Therapy, I originally went to her because I self harm and have been since I was roughly 13 year old. My memory is not the best and I can't quite remember the Whys, Hows, or Whens from back then. I will be 26 next week. I...
  7. P

    I am being referred to the CMHT to be assessed.

    Hello everyone I hope you are all well :hug2: After a phone call from my therapist she has said she spoke to her supervisor as I only have 3 sessions left and I am not improving- if anything I have got much worse. Although I am surprised by this as I do find the sessions useful and at times...
  8. M


    I have been referred to see a psychologist, what should I expect? m
  9. M

    Being referred to in the third person.

    I was telling my psychologist about something that happened on my second admission to the priory hospital. What happened was, I used to sit alone with a book, in the quiet area most days, and a woman would something walk through saying hello as she walked past. Over time,she started to say...
  10. J

    I seen 3 doctors yesterday and finally got help

    hello im 24 I run a very succesful business but has created a lot of stress, along with so much more. My girlfriend left me who promised to stay by my side. She's left twice, the second one was when i snapped at her for no reason and regretted it and forgot what I had even done. I was jumping...
  11. E

    Looking for some insight and advice

    Hello everyone. First time poster on any kind of mental health board so it's all a bit daunting for me, i'm usually not much of a talker but things are getting so out of hand I was hoping to get an outside perspective of my situation. I apologize if this is too long or seems like a rant. I've...
  12. shadow8

    Bring Mental and Physical health system more in line (UK)

    Hiya It has been years since I have been on this forum and my life has changed and for once I had some good times, nothing amazing but just feeling I was moving forward for the first time in my life, which felt pretty amazing to me. This year that all came crashing down sadly and I am having to...
  13. E

    Early Intervention Service User Guide

    Hi all. If you're already a service user or have been in the past with the EIS, were you given a user guide and welcome pack when you were first referred? I'm asking primarily those in the UK but anyone may answer
  14. C

    Please read. Been referred to a psychiatric

    I have severe anxiety and OCD about My kids. A fear of something happening to them... Doctor has referred me to a physiatrist. I am really panicking. Will the doctor have to ring social services? My kids are very well cared for and I would like to think the local doctors know that. Do they HAVE...
  15. H

    Waiting times for MH sevices - how long did you wait to be seen/ access treatment?

    Waiting times for MH sevices - how long did you wait to be seen/ access treatment? How long did you wait to be seen by MH services after you were referred by your GP? Once in the MH system, how long did you wait to be referred to the 'correct' team within MH services? My story I am based in...
  16. O

    What do I do now?

    Hi everyone, I'm 21 years old and have been suffering with anxiety and depression for quite a few years, I didn't seek help untill about a month ago when things got really bad and I got sent to a crisis team. I improved under their care so they discharged me at the end of last week...
  17. S

    mental madness

    so just been to my doctor to ask to see a psychiatrist for a possible diagnosis and it didn't go well. he said that not only did he feel that I have no psychological disorder but that he also didn't feel that I had depression. :scratch: I've attempted suicide, I take medication, I have had break...
  18. C

    (First post) Hi

    Hi everyone, I'm 22 years old and I've recently been diagnosed with bpd and although I kind of already expected it I'm still a bit overwhelmed. I have only told two people, my girlfriend and my best (and only) friend who both already suspected it. Nobody else has any idea and I'm scared to talk...
  19. R

    rederral for support worker turned down

    spoke to housing officer, the support worker organisation lookahead she spoke to, i used to have a support worker there, they say support is for 2 yrs then your referred to orgabisations and i;ve been referred to mind Remeinds me of the days they'd refer me to day centres then when i didn't...
  20. F

    BPD diagnosis?

    Been struggling for the past few months (probably up to a year) I have always struggled with mental health, I was about 11 years old. Was referred to CAMHS a few times, overdosed, put on all different kinds of antidepressants, in-patient stay. Sometimes been told I have depression, other times...