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  1. N

    CMHT Referrals, Preparation

    Hi Evening Folks, I have always been a firm believer, in preparation, before an actual live session of which ever sort of activty. In time for my last flying visit to cmht back in 2015, I prepared a debrief, of my daily management for coping with mental health and stratergies/activities on a...
  2. N

    CMHT Referrals - how many weeks?

    Hi Morning All, Folks, I am just wondering,and I had trialed the question with my GP service I've just come off the line, would anybody here know or have an idea, roughly how many weeks might take, if I do recieve an referral, for CMHT? If anybody on here does know, this will be of great...
  3. G

    Referral for Psychologist

    We have a nephew in the Hollywood, Florida area. We are looking for a psychologist, preferably male, who specializes in anxiety disorders. We think he has "big O" OCD with intrusive thoughts, but we're not certain of the diagnosis. He is willing to travel up to an hour each way for the right...
  4. M

    What to say to a GP?

    I’m planning on seeing my GP to ask for a referral for a psychiatrist as I’m afraid I may have BPD. I don’t want my GP to know why I’m wanting to see a psychiatrist as I want as few people to know as possible, is it possible to just ask for a referral to a psychiatrist without a reason? Or do I...
  5. T

    Feeling lost with no guiding light left in site

    dealing with my mental health problem ive done well But I can't help feeling lost like there is no purpose in my life I went shopping today and gve a homeless man five pounds I'm so super anxious around people im meeting my friends on Friday and I don't think I have anything to talk about. What...
  6. Q

    Medication question..

    I have been diagnosed with BPD after years and years of pill after pill referral after referral hospital after hosptal...... I could fill 50 pages if i had the time. Tonight I feel overly crazy.... My doc put me back on seroquel after trying them numerous times over the years. The reason I...
  7. N

    Anxiety - Mother (no not her, me)

    HI all, I have been feeling too much anxiety as of recently, regarding what with mum's leg, and the fact that the MRI Scan couldn't be carried out, due to bad administrative organisation on the part of the referral doctor. And, I'm sure at the moment, I have been beginning to feel, fast...
  8. P

    Got an appointment through for assessment

    So after the first referral was refused, my therapist wrote out another referral. I got the letter this morning with an appointment time. It's a relief but it has also hit me hard in some ways. I was planning on doing uni work today since I haven't done any in so long and now I feel I won't be...
  9. When In Rome

    SAD undiagnosed

    My social worker and well, most people who know me say I have likely got SAD as I am very depressed in the autumn and winter and only feel bright when there is sunlight. But I would like to know where it is you should go for an assessment. Do you start with your GP for a referral?
  10. sheeba8188

    Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

    Has anyone had any experience with this I am considering whether to ask my psychiatrist about a referral when I next see her at the end of the month that is if it available on the NHS.
  11. N

    Electroconvulsive Therapy?

    I have been suffering for a number of years from OCD/intrusive thoughts and, as a result, severe depression. It has gotten particularly bad recently, with every waking moment being a great source of pain and distress. I have tried several different types of antidepressants and anti-psychotics to...
  12. mami5

    Home Treatment Team

    As some of you may know by now, I'm really struggling at the moment, and support network is disappearing.....fast! Have been thinking of going to A&E to seek additional support. Would I be able to access the Home Treatment Team in this way? Have done so in the past, but came very, very close...
  13. C

    So low

    I've been struggling with anxiety and depression for over a year now and it's not the first time in my life. I feel like my heart and soul is been ripped out it hurts so bad. I cry, self harm in rages and think about how nice death would be. Theres nothing wrong with my life, no messed up...
  14. C

    The Lothians

    East Lothian Recovery Group Psychological Therapies Herdmanflat Hospital Haddington EH41 3BU 0131 536 8518 The recovery group aims to: Provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges you face and what they mean to you personally Encourage you to focus on possibilities and help you to look...
  15. T

    Problem at work which led to this

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here. I registered because I want to discuss some issues that I have been having at work and which I feel it is very important to share. I want to share these experiences quite candidly but without making reference to where I work or naming anyone involved...
  16. R

    Really can't cope anymore..

    Like i've said before, some days i'm ok. Not that there's many of those days. Most days i can't do anything thing and feel awful. I don't want to get out of bed. I just hate being alive. I hate feeling like this all the time. I can't do anything. Like today we took my dog to the vet but I wait...
  17. amathus

    GP's should offer CBT to all depressed patients researchers conclude....

    GP's should offer CBT to all depressed patients researchers conclude.... Researchers have called for GPs to offer cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for all patients that have not responded to antidepressants in a study published in The Lancet Psychiatry. The research, funded by the National...
  18. C


    Hi I will try to stay on point here and as unoffensive as possible. I basically am not sure why I signed up, but multiple people have suggested that I have, put very crudely, something wrong with me. Although no one seems very sure what, and I am even less sure. I have had very self...
  19. N

    cmht referral - from GP ON 13TH August

    Hi all, The cmht referral went very well actually. In actual fact, that it went so well, I just couldn't receive their longer term back up support - rats, I thought. Anyway, overall, he commented that I have done very well, since a previous visit back in 2012, which was a referral then...
  20. N

    Pre referral for CMHT Nerves, for Thursday 13th - 11AM

    Hi Everyone, I was feeling somewhat unsettled this morning, aside of feeling recovered and am very well now from dental extraction work, done, Monday, I couldn't feel settled this morning, on the basis, of my pre referral nerves, annoyingly just in time before my appointment tomorrow...