1. Fairy Lucretia

    my sister might have cancer

    she has a swollen stomach and hasn't had a period for 3 months shes been refered to hospital for tests i swear if she dies too thats it! first mummy dies then my aunty gets cancer now my sister could have cancer its not fair!
  2. D

    Just Maybe another way ?

    Ok so I am not getting anywhere with my Mental Health Issues, Just 'Maybe' if I leave the CMHT, Stop seeing my Social Worker, Stop My Medication, Stop my Benefits, Hand over the keys to my Housing Association and declare myself Homeless again. :unsure: Just Maybe People will listen to me more...
  3. marcustwelve


    Been refered to a Psychologist. Any peoples experiences of above mentioned professionals appreachiated. :)
  4. S

    Written off?

    Hi, im new to this forum and very reluctant to discuss my own problems but will give you a vague idea of what the problem is, maybe someone has an answer please? i suffer with panic attacks, possibly bpd? and definatly depression. over quite a few years i have tried to end it, as in a bad way...
  5. A

    Please Help, What Can I do?? I feel so alone and lost. (BP)

    I have been on antidepressants for a couple of year now, but i believe they are making me worse. My mum has bipolar and she believes that i have it too. when i told my doctor this, he just laughed at me, iv since seen him twice more about my problems and he still hasnt refered me. I have massive...
  6. arsenal

    hello everyone

    hi everyone in the mental health forum.I joined the forum a couple of days ago and this is the first time iv posted. iv had depression on and off since i was 15.The latest episode has been 7 long years and its only really in the last year iv started to get real help. iv got a cpn and...
  7. R

    my daughter

    hi i have a 18 year old daughter who i feel has had some kind of mental disability ( dont know how else to describe it ) since she was 8 years old she has never been diagnosed not through lack of trying though. at 8 years old she wanted to die and would go into fits of rage attacking anyone who...