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  1. M

    olanzapine withdrawal and weight loss

    Does anybody know how long after ceasing to take a 5mg dosage of olanzapine for 17 years it might take to see a marked reduction in body weight. Thanks.
  2. F

    New Research into Antipsychotic Discontinuation And Reduction: the RADAR programme

    New Research into Antipsychotic Discontinuation And Reduction: the RADAR programme I would like to announce the exciting news that the UK government’s National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) has recently agreed to fund a new study to compare a gradual and supported programme of...
  3. Jojojabini21

    Finances, how to just breathe a little

    So I've been reading up on how to sort out our extremely low income, I have a long way to go but I took the first steps today. There is no need to do it all at once, but just ringing a couple of companies, bills or debt companies and asking for a reduced payment or reduction can really lift...
  4. AliceinWonderland


    From Counselling on Stirling: Understanding Shame
  5. Gajolene

    The Type of Veggie that Worsens Your Arthritis? (Plus a Vitamin to be careful with)

    The Type of Veggie that Worsens Your Arthritis? (Plus a Vitamin to be careful with) The worst foods for Arthritis - including some veggies and a vitamin Most of us think that all veggies are great for us. Unfortunately, there are certain types of veggies that can worsen or even cause certain...
  6. fazza

    New benefit cap down to £20000 outside london but ESA support group and dla/pip not affected

    New benefit cap down to £20000 outside london but ESA support group and dla/pip not affected the chancelor has reduced the benifit cap to £23000 in london and £20000 outside london but dont worry if you are in the support group of ESA or getting DLA or PIP as you will not be affected by the...
  7. SarahD

    Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Paychiatric Drugs

    This looks very helpful for people who want to come off psychiatric meds, but also gives advice on how to be safer on meds, also about using meds occasionally. It is about making the best choice for you. You can download a free PDF, or there is a paperback version for sale. You will have to go...
  8. prairiechick

    Please talk me out of it

    I wish I could say what I went out and bought in order to self harm. I wish I could say precisely what I want to do with what I bought, and what effects I want to accomplish with my implement. I've been holding off for so long, and I don't know if I can hold off anymore. If I hurt on the...
  9. C

    Hoping to stop venlafaxine

    As I have been better for a year (I have schizoaffective disorder)I have asked my psychiatrist if I can start to wind down my medication. She advises against stopping lithium in case I become unstable and also I take tetra benzine for movement disorders mainly in my jaw and tongue caused, she...
  10. Grape

    Coming off Amisulpride

    Hi all, I came across this site googling symptoms you get when coming off of Amisulpride. I'm down to 50mg after slowly coming down from 400mg to 200mg to 100mg the past three months. I've not noticed any problems until this last reduction where i've been feeling irritable and aggressive...
  11. flowergirl

    reconsidering psychotherapy

    Im very lucky to have been offered psychotherapy and been assessed for it but then they said mit probably was not right for me at the time has anyone got any experience of it who has schizoaffective or bipolar or schizophrenia? Id be happy for anyones point of view on therapy not just that but...
  12. McMurphy's Ghost

    Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs Workshop with Will Hall

    http://www.theicarusproject.net/downloads/ComingOffPsychDrugsHarmReductGuide2Edonline.pdf Video on Coming Off Medications: A Harm Reduction Approach | Will Hall, MA, DiplPW For info and interest....
  13. cpuusage

    Antipsychotics Associated with White-Matter Reduction

    Antipsychotics Associated with White-Matter Reduction - Mad In America Researchers in China find an acute reduction in white matter in the frontal lobe following six weeks of antipsychotic treatment for “first-episode schizophrenia”. Results appear in Psychological Medicine.
  14. cpuusage

    Harm reduction & safely withdrawing from medications

    I know that there is a 'Warning sticky thread' at the top of this section. But I feel it may be helpful to have a resource thread on this subject? Maybe this could be made into a sticky? This is a very good Harm Reduction Guide that can be printed off - Harm Reduction Guide To Coming Off...
  15. E

    scar reduction?

    Anyone got any tips on scar reduction? Bio oil? Special plasters? Whats best?
  16. Ghost89


    Hi guys Im diagnosed with BPD a while now and over past few nights have been in extreme lows (whats new!?) .. Im missing a certain female friend close to my heart and havent heard from her in few weeks.. my mind is thinking the worst even though she probably is just ignoring me.. im just so...