1. R

    Getting better

    Does anyone find life in recovery really challenging? Making a new life away from mental illnesses really difficult? Want to give up and have little confidence in life as a recovered person being fulfilling?
  2. Mountain violet

    CPTSD, depression/anxiety and dissociation.

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. Hoping to connect with others who may have experience with CPTSD and the symptoms of. I’ve recently suffered lots of fresh trauma through an abusive relationship with a narcissist, which I am healing and recovering from daily. Feel like there is a...
  3. B

    Self improvement plan - critique me?

    Hi guys I think everyone on this site is here because we're in the process of recovery from something. For me, social anxiety was a small thing and then I head a health issue that made things a ton worse. But I’m making some good progress now. Right now, I'm about 3/4 into rehabilitation - I...
  4. J

    Brain poisoned at age 18, now 24 and adapted

    In my teens at around 18 years of age I managed to poison myself by eating gardening seeds that were coated by a pesticide, don't ask why I did it, I am the definition of an idiot. The day after the incident I have noticed that I did not 'feel' the same way and that my brain didn't feel like it...
  5. J

    Starting a video blog as aid in recovery

    Hi! I am starting a video blog about my recovery journey through schizoaffective disorder, hoping this may not only help myself but will help others.
  6. T


    Hello, My name is TwoFarGone as TooFarGone was already taken. Let's see. My forum history is about as bad as my mental health recovery. So here we are.
  7. C

    maybe somebody can relate

    so I have pushed away most of my friends and family due to negative emotions (blaming, addiction, paranoia, anger, recklessness etc). I feel like I need to get away from them in order to fully recover. I noticed major improvements since cutting almost all contact with friends and family. I...
  8. F


    Hey. I made an account today, although I've been looking at different threads on here for a while. I have a few mental health issues that recently have become more of an issue, and I think this is one of the best places to talk about them because people understand others struggles. I was...
  9. F

    Helping yourself after self harming

    Hi all, I was so good for so long but last night I don't know what happened. I've got marks all up my arms, not too deep, but many. I was wondering what self care things I can do, both mentally and physically to help myself out. I'm currently a bit ashamed right now, I want to do better and...
  10. S


    Why do some people with PTSD actively seek recovery (get therapy and meds, do research about PTSD, try new strategies for recovery, write about it, etc.) but others seem unable or resistant to make even small steps toward recovery? (I have PTSD and am in recovery. I'm working with some...
  11. H

    I really need support :(

    Hello, I'm 19 years old and this is my first time sharing my story on a forum, but I have never met anyone with OCD like me and I hope this might help me find some hope that things will get better. It all started over the summer when I was going on a trip. I was convinced that something would...
  12. Ocean Blue

    Hello, I'm Ocean Blue...

    ...and I am new to the forums as you might have guessed lol. I’m more inclined toward the spiritual side of mental health so you might find me hanging out in such forums. I’m in the process of trying to recover from various health issue’s & feel broken beyond repair much of the time, so I...
  13. B

    It’s all so stupid!

    Today I was meant to be going to a meeting to help me control my drinking. I’m not an alcoholic, but I use alcohol unhealthily to self medicate for anxiety, and, with my BPD and trouble controlling my impulses, it’s occasionally pretty dangerous. I turned up early to the community centre and...
  14. H

    How do you know when to go back to work?

    After being off work with mental ill-health, how do you know when you're ready to return? If you've been through this before, how did you handle it? What did you / your employer / your doctor put in place to make the transition easier? What advice would you share with someone in a similar...
  15. fazza

    Been back in work. Just popping in to say hi

    Hi all I hope you are doing ok. I am now working full time and i have been voice free for ages now. I am on minimal meds and hope to be discharged from my cmht soon. Getting a job was the key to my recovery. I am far to busy for my voices and because I am paying no attention to them anymore I...
  16. Guy12182

    "Using positive recovery to help others"

    Hello everyone, In the past I was a total wreck with severe anxiety and social issues. There was a point in my past recovery where I could not offer anyone any good advice or support. But after taking time first to help myself, I found myself really productive and articulate with helping...
  17. N

    New here, just saying hi.

    Hello everyone, New member here from Warwickshire, UK, I was officially diagnosed this morning as suffering with severe depression and anxiety, and have come here looking to talk to people on this road to recovery.
  18. T

    Do you still 'have' anorexia if you're in recovery and no longer underweight?

    Do you still 'have' anorexia if you're in recovery and no longer underweight? I was told recently I didn't have anorexia anymore because I gained weight in recovery. For some reason this really bothered/triggered me, and now I want to lose all the weight again. I guess this perso was correct in...
  19. S

    I didn't introduce myself...

    I did not introduce myself, so I guess I will right now. My name is Andrew. I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia for 10+ years, and who knows what else. I have been posting on this forum for support, and also for advice. I have received great advice from members on this forum. And I am...
  20. C


    I got my dp/Dr from anxiety and it sucks it's such a horrible feeling but guess what ? It's not something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. Many and I mean many have really over come this. Dp/Dr is a defensive mechanism that triggers it's self to protect us, part of the brain that...