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  1. P

    A Positive Step

    I just submitted my first University essay (for a take home exam) since I survived my suicide attempt. I wanted to tell someone about how much it feels like I have accomplished something, but I know at this point my friends are sick of hearing it and they cannot really understand. The effort it...
  2. B

    “Do your parents know?”

    It’s a question I’ve gotten asked a lot by my various counsellor/therapists. There’s so many reasons why I haven’t told them, or any family member for that matter, but it’s constantly a huge weight that’s pulling me down and preventing me from fully recovering. Yesterday I used the work...
  3. K

    Coping with Thought Broadcasting while recovering from drug and alochol abuse

    Coping with Thought Broadcasting while recovering from drug and alochol abuse I have a DX of Shizoaffective. I have managed to get control of all my other symptom of schizo except the Thought Broadcasting element, I have been suffering from Thought Broadcasting since 2011. At this point I have...
  4. T

    Increasing energy levels

    I have a problem with not having the energy to do anything. Has anyone found any treatments or techniques that have worked for this? There are simple things I'd like to do but feel I cannot do much. I have felt like this for years and years. I rarely have energy to do anything but when I...
  5. K

    My boyfriend hates people who self harm

    I'm quitting self harm on my own anyways, but whenever I say I have the urge to self harm. My boyfriend automatically gets angry at me and tells me if I self harm then he's going to break up with me. So now I have to lie to him each time I have a relapse. I just don't know what to do he's...
  6. C

    bigger bulimic treatment?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to the board (well brand new!) I was wondering if someone could tell me a little about treatment/ nhs for bulimia? specifically for those with high - healthy bmi? What does it entail? Was it helpful? Confused and scared here. I was originally refered to a local ed place...
  7. cpuusage

    Laura Delano on Recovering Myself

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0dQSdoTrmY Published on 13 Nov 2015 The word “recovery” is heard a lot these days in the mental health system, but what does it really mean? Is it that a person “recovers from” a condition of some kind? Is it about finding “mental health recovery”? Or, could...
  8. H

    Am I recovering?

    Hello, new to forum (not sure if I posted in the correct area). I suffered depression and anxiety since I was 12. Currently 21 now and I quit uni and my job and just went through the biggest slump of my life up until now. I have been recovering and recently, I've been crying at night for no...
  9. C


    I made a post in the anxiety forum earlier. I am struggling with thoughts of self harm. The anxiety has been steady.. Not going away, and im at my witts end. I got home a few minutes ago, and i was teary eyed.. Still am. I really dont know how to cope. Yesterday was my fathers birthday.. He...
  10. G

    Feeling Brain Washed..

    Hi Guys. New here. Looking forward to meet you all and learn. I have been visiting a therapist since a year now. He uses psychodepth therapy. Well, the thing is that i've definitely improved over the year and im much healthier now. However, there's one problem which is taking time to go - I...
  11. L

    Hey Hey

    Hey there! This is my first time on a forum so I'm blundering around a little wildly. Currently recovering from depression (origin date unknown, possibly since childhood), in the process of 'tapering' off my medication but finding the mental side effects really tough. I don't have anyone to talk...
  12. S

    Do Rebels Who Defy Treatment Do Better?

    Recovering from Schizophrenia Without Medication | Mad in America
  13. C

    West Sussex

    Chichester, Worthing, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton West Sussex Horizons Worthing area - 01903 239758 Chichester area - 01243 538878 Bognor area - 01243 840933 Our service caters for the needs of individuals recovering from, or living with mental illness. We aim to provide accommodation...
  14. C


    Nottingham Erewash Mental Health Association – Breakthru Day Centre 1 College Road Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 4NE 0115 9461213 [email protected] Monday to Thursday 9.30 - 4.45 Friday 9.30 - 4.30 We run two Day Centres for people experiencing long term Mental Health...
  15. C

    West Midlands County

    Birmingham - Community Garden Martineau Gardens [email protected] 0121 440 7430 'Our mission is to inspire people about the natural environment. We also provide volunteering opportunities in the garden and are a venue for educational activities.' 'Martineau Gardens provides a...
  16. A

    Hi People

    Hello, I'm amber1. I'm hoping to find support here, I have Bipolar1 and currently recovering from an episode, so am glad to have found this place. I appreciate all of the people who have reached out to me so far, thank you.
  17. S

    Recovering from Bulimia?

    New here.. Just wondering whether anyone here is recovering or has recovered from Bulimia? I'm seeing doctors/counsellors for depression but I haven't told them about my eating disorder - nor do I think I can. So I'm here trying to self help.. Hope someone can help with their experiences..
  18. M

    Persistent paranoia

    My father is constantly paranoid, and nothing I say (truth or lie) will stop it. For the past week, he keeps searching for old papers, books, etc. anything that can be considered a threat...to the money. He is currently recovering after getting hit by a truck. His memory is slowly recovering...
  19. dubblemonkey

    borderline pride is killing me

    ...I'm just a regular person I eat I sleep! people everywhere, they eat and they sleep! I am proud that I can do both... I am regular and I am everywhere that I do it! but there is something more!....going on with me. I developed a hate for those that invite me to try otherwise... I am...
  20. cpuusage

    12 Tips for Recovering from Emotional Pain

    12 Tips for Recovering from Emotional Pain | The Mind Unleashed