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  1. T


    I’ve suffered with depression for 40 years and have never asked for help. I am scared of going to the doctors about it as I don’t want it on my medical records. Is there a way of getting support without it going on your medical record
  2. V

    I called labelled schizophrenic for....

    Complaining about discrepancies on my GP records....complained to the PHSO to be told they had done nothing wrong! Left me flooding with blood because I had a fibroid they refused to acknowledge...went to a tribunal of which I again got refused. To find there was no notes to say the Tribunal...
  3. boudreauj4

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Thought Records

    I go to a group for Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and I use it at home on these handout sheets of paper called thought records. It works well for me. In column 1 you write down what the situation is( what happened). In column 2 you write down automatic thoughts that are going through your head...
  4. C

    Asking for records, any experience?

    Hi, I am thinking about asking for my medical records. In part because I have been stewing on some very bad experiences I have had with the NHS and I think reading their viewpoints on what was going on that time might help me achieve closure (and decide whether or not to make a formal...
  5. J

    Lying in records

    Hi everyone, the nurses and doctors have written lies if delusions I've had when I've never had them. They say I think people are controlling my mind when I've never experienced that. They said 3 other delusions I've had which I've never had and never told them. I'm scared it will effect my...
  6. Kerome


    This guy is considered a bit of a joke by some people I know, but who knows maybe his ramblings will be seen as revealed truth by some. The really short version is that this guy Devageet, who used to be Osho's dentist, had been told by Osho that the teeth were a link to the Akashic Records...
  7. NicoretteGummed

    Tracing Your Family Tree

    If you want to know why you are how you are and why your parents are the way you are then you look to your parents and grandparents. If you want to go back before them you generally have to go on a family tree database. Libraries have free versions of ancestry uk with free censuses from 1841...
  8. S

    AsPD and Psychotherapy?

    My psychiatrist recently hinted at the fact me having AsPD, however he gave me an "official diagnosis" of "severe" adult ADHD to not "have anything negative" on my medical records. I know I can't be fully honest with him as I am motivated to lie to get the medications i want (which he must know...
  9. L

    How can I get (ALL) my mental health records?

    Hi I have 3 or 4 questions I wonder whether you can answer? What different types of records are there? Can I get them ALL? And can they refuse? What information will be removed before I can get them? Thanks, (UK)
  10. cpuusage

    Not psychotic

    The conclusion 3 years ago of the last psychiatrist/LMHT was that i wasn't psychotic & had made a remarkable recovery. This stance has been/is maintained by them & the GP. There are ongoing difficulties, struggles & challenges. But i agree that i'm Not psychotic. i do get moments of stuff, but...
  11. amathus

    GP's told to inform patients DWP will obtain 'fit note' records.

    Details around practices’ issuing of Med3 statements for patients are to be extracted by the Government in a move described by GP leaders as amounting to ’state snooping’, Pulse has learnt. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will extract information from GP records, including the number...
  12. L

    What would you guys do? Got medical records

    I've had my mental health records for a month or so now. I originally intended to make a complaint as I believe aspects of my treatment have been negligent and I have failed to the treatment that may help me. A person I was seeing has written a lot of false things in his account of each...
  13. telekinesis

    how ive been doing with schizophrenia

    have you guys went into remission for a month or two only to find that you relapse mentally? or do you usually stay healthy for a long time? i have been doing pretty good although feeling very drained and not much energy been trying to do more push-ups to get some exercise if i dont go for a...
  14. H

    Consent - adding notes to my medical records

    Dear all, I was unfortunately subject to a police investigation some years ago and was subsequently cleared of all wrongdoing. However, when I attended the police interview (on a voluntary basis) I had an 'appropriate adult' attend due to my mental health. This 'appropriate adult' was...
  15. shaky

    Driving licence again

    Got a letter from the DVLA My driving licence expires again in November Have t send them the form and permission to access my medical records again And try to remember when I last saw a psychiatrist and what his name was etc. Uh Tiring
  16. C


    Got this app from the play store. Twilight it's called. Basically, it plays a lullaby until you fall asleep, & tracks your sleep. I dunno how it knows when you're asleep..its genius! Even records if u snore..I didn't know I did. Turns out I snore like a trooper & talk to myself! It's pretty...
  17. S

    Eye for an eye

    So... I have been sick for as long as I can remember. I am married. I have a four year old. Originally, i was diagnosed as manic, depressive bipolar, depression, and anxiety. Has changed some since. I was 16. Fast forward 8 years. I am being treated, fresh, my records vanished. I no longer...
  18. C

    Welsh Assembly Member

    Hi all I have now given my medical records that I paid for to my local assembly Member to digest. I am claiming they have been fabricated and embellished to discredit, that they discriminate, defile, and use mental abuse. Its now out of my hands and in the politicians hands. If you have...

    What are The Akashic Records?

  20. C

    Crown court anxiety

    Hi I'm up at crown court on Wednesday for a minor offence. I was depressed & tried 2 give them a knife in case I hurt myself. I was thrown on the floor, handcuffs & everything. I never meant anyone any harm. Fair enough the police didn't know my intentions. This has been dragged on since July...