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  1. S

    College, Friends and criminal record

    Right a few months ago I was not in a good frame of mind. I am feeling happier and better about my self but i live in the UK and I got a spent criminal record for being nasty to some people online on forums, I really want to volunteer for camp america though and i am worried that i won't be able...
  2. N

    Police record

    Hello all, Years ago when I was very poorly I done something stupid and I was taken into cusody. I was allowed out on bail to then go court. Anyway I was prosecuted and have a police record. My employers are asking for my police record due to the job I do. I am embarrassed of my police...
  3. Mr.NiceGuy

    darkness hallucinations to headphone music

    anyone ever experience this where you have dreamlike hallucinations listenting to esp. techno music in the dark with headphones? I tried to record it one time. I haven't tried in a while. I was seeing stuff like a frog molding into something else.
  4. M

    I feel like I must take photos/videos of everything important in my life

    I feel like I must take photos/videos of everything important in my life Hi guys, I'm 25 years old and I'm having a problem for some time. Basically, I feel like I've to take photos/videos of all the important things in my life. It's became an obsession. Especially everything that has to do...
  5. F

    Setting the record straight on antipsychotics

  6. Lincoln1990


    Now they are saying I'm going to be killed if I don't do it today. I've texted Sue and she said that I need to remind them that if I kill myself everyone dies. I'm not planning on killing myself for the record. They said that I was going to get killed today if i didn't do it yesterday. Well...
  7. Cody*

    Official diagnosis or not?

    My therapist has offered me 2 options: Be assessed and have an official diagnosis of my disorders and go on my medical record Or not get diagnosed and treat off the record so there's no diagnosis of my disorders on my medical record. Which one is best?, what are the pros and cons of having an...
  8. shaky

    Parliament wants your experiences of mental health care

    All Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health - Rethink Mental Illness, the mental health charity At the moment they are looking at emergency mental health care record your experiences here Mind - APPG call for evidence
  9. L

    Dr S today

    I saw Dr S my pdoc who put my meds up today - this is not going in the right direction. She said it was because I can't remember when I hear voices or what they say and because I seem irritable and (I don't know what else). She also said she didn't want me to record the meeting. I don't know why.
  10. F

    Concern over record numbers detained for mental health treatment

    Record numbers of people are being detained for mental health treatment, prompting concern that conditions for patients are worsening due to understaffing and a lack of hospital beds. There were 50,408 cases of people being detained for compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Act in...
  11. N

    Something to record moods to notice patterns?

    I've been using moodscope.com to record my moods for a while now, after someone here suggested it (sorry, I forget who it was). I like moodscope, but it doesn't seem to differentiate between depression or anxiety. I have times when I feel like crap mainly because of depression, and other times...
  12. I

    Schizoid personality test ;)

    Schizoid Personality Disorder Test | Psymed Let me know how you go! I scored 32 for the record :) xx
  13. M


    Is anybody out there making any genuine progress and moving forwards? Would be really good to hear about it if you are. I feel stuck and like a broken record. It is very boring and soul destroying.
  14. V

    26 years service and now possible dismissal. Please help!

    Hello, I hope someone can advise... Ive been a senior manager in retail for the past 26 years and am due to retire in 3 years. I had what I consider a very unfair first and final written warning in May 2012. It was for very ambiguous grounds of 'not for filling a senior role as expected'. I...
  15. A

    The Spice must Flow

    Psychotropics Drive Record 4.02 Billion U.S. Prescriptions in 2011 - Psychotropics Drive Record 4.02 Billion U.S. Prescriptions in 2011 | Mad In America With drugs for ADHD increasing 17%, and an “unprecedented increase in patients taking antidepressants and antipsychotics,” overall...
  16. R

    Service user "notes"

    Service user "letters" :cool: do you receive copies of your letters made by GP - CMHT and so on? for the record I do
  17. L

    My voices can be recorded.

    Hi all. I've been hearing negative voices for 8 years now. Through experimentation, I've realized I can record them talking. This is one of the recordings I captured just by leaving a microphone in the room while I stepped out for a while. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z5S05vDeKc This is...
  18. H

    Clinical Psychologists Assessment - Advice please

    I have no idea if this is the right place to post this, or even if anyone will read it. I have to attend an assessment with a Clinical Psychologist. Basically my Primary care Therapist and his 'buy a book' attitude couldn't help, so they've moved me on. I'm now going to be on another long...
  19. Pixie37

    Management of Emotions Diary

    Sorry to start another thread :blush: My 1st session with my nurse went ok today. Shes explained that i feel things more intensely and they last for longer cause i have bpd. I have to keep a management of emotions diary for the next 2 weeks. I have to record everytime i get upset what state or...
  20. W

    the lilttle girl lost

    I was diagnosed 5yr ago with BPD, my GP wasnt notified of the pysciatrits findings & i have went all this time without proper help & being put on the wrong meds. I have a reluctence to work with people from the mental health sector as i have seen so many people sine i was 12 (now 29) without any...