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  1. P

    It's me, Pokey

    Hello... I don't know what exactly to day so I'm going off the cuff right now. I should get out if the way the major issues I have. I have severe self esteem issues that dont seem to go away despiteJust recently, yesterday actualy; I tried to hang myself. I don't know what to do with my life
  2. S

    hello from scotland

    hey, Im a male in my 30's I've had mental heath issues my whole adult life but I've been making progress recently. Hope to make some friends on here.
  3. R

    New to Thread

    Hi everybody :) This is my first time using this site and it is to try and receive some sort of mutual help for my anxiety and depression. I have dealt with anxiety for my entire life, but recently I have started to have symptoms of depression.
  4. W

    First Time User

    Hello I am a worried-mum, unsure of what support I can give my child. He is struggling to motivate himself/go out. He is blaming us (his parents) for the way his life has turned out. I have only recently become aware of his struggles and his fear of failing. Any advice would be very...
  5. L


    Recently diagnosed in my 40's WOW. Terrified
  6. M

    How do you cope ?

    So i have schizophrenia and hear three voices all male telling me all sorts of weird and wonderful things. My distractions dont always work but recently got my driving liesence back so can get out of the house. The voices want me to self harm. I seriously just cant cope with them and dont know...
  7. J

    How did you /do i tell my therapist?

    Hi, so I've recently started therapy for depression and anxiety. I was raped a few years ago at a party and never told anyone for a number of reasons but recently I feel the need to get it off my chest as it's been affecting me more and more. But, I've never said the words out loud and even...
  8. W

    Friend just been diagnosed with BPD - some advice

    Hey all, a close friend and mutual support person has been going through some tough times recently and has just been diagnosed with BPD this week. She's been a rock for me when I've had bad times and I have been there for her, recently had to go wait outside her work and get her and she's had...
  9. A

    Unusual feelings

    Hi guys, I've been diagnosed with GAD for 5 years now. Recently I've been experiencing a drastic change in my moods though. Usually because of my anxiety, I overly worry about what other people are thinking about me, whether they are talking about me, whether they secretly hate me etc etc but...
  10. R

    BPD - Different is different, not bad or good, we are who we are

    Hi, recently suggested but not diagnosed with bpd by nhs (apparently there is a stigma). Started this thread to share my thoughts and reflections. I am 32 and have had problems throughout my life, particularly with connections, im married but recently seperated. I hold down a good job an despite...
  11. S

    hey everybody I have recently been diagnosed

    I recently was diagnosed with bipolar AND generalised anxiety disorder which has paralysed my life this year. Just wanted to introduce myself to this forum. I wrote a more complete intro on the "introductions" forum if you want to scope me out. I mainly just want to make some connections with...
  12. A

    Recently diagnosed with BPD.

    Hi everybody I have recently been diagnosed with BPD. Looking back, I believe I have had this since I was a teenager, but in recent years, the felling of being empty & wothless. I have tried ending it a few times. Then whilst I was sat in the car on the moors with a bottle of wine, thinking daft...
  13. M

    Am I just selfish or is there something more?

    Hi everyone I am currently waiting for a psychiatric referral on the NHS but since this can take a few weeks I'm going to ask for help here too. I have been with my girlfriend for about six months now and I think the world of her. She has been an absolute god send to me. But for some reason I...
  14. S

    Recently diagnosed schizophrenic

    Hello, I have joined this forum so I can interact with other individuals that experience similar symptoms/emotions/experiences. At the moment I feel somewhat alone and isolated and feel that joining this forum can reduce those feelings. Anyway, hello everyone.
  15. S

    anger, mania bullying

    My husband's personality has completely changed to an angry nasty person who says he feels nothing for me at all. He suffers from depression and anxiety ...I am not sure what an accurate diagnosis is for him. I am his third wife. He has a tendency to shut down, I never knew how badly. He moved...
  16. G

    ashamed and alone

    I'm ashamed of the way Ive behaved. Though its the only way to make myself feel even alittle bit human and alive. Ive no one to talk to as no one around me has an understanding of this. I thought I had grown out of behaving this way, up until recently, that is. Is this urge ever going to go...
  17. C

    Being bullied into harm?

    I'm really struggling at the moment. I don't know if a specific group (can't get specific as it'd make me very identifiable and can't handle that) are deliberately bullying me or if they're trying to gaslight me, knowing I'm ill, or if it's all in my head? Over the last two years, they've...
  18. H

    First Love - First real heartbreak, HELP?

    Hi all, I've been in a relationship with a guy for 7 weeks but we've known eachother longer than that. The relationship's been very weird because he would only see me once a week because he was 'busy' and recently just had exams. A week ago I went through a really rough time and messaged him to...
  19. B

    Hi all

    Hi everyone, I am new here and just looking to introduce myself. I am a 30yo male that has recently been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I have suffered from bipolar disorder for several years but only recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia after my third suicide attempt. I am looking for anyone...
  20. T

    What helps you? I need some help

    Hey there, so I have hearing voices since I was 8 and I live daily with them, Some days I am fine and some days I am not so fine, I have coping techniques like constantly listening to music and drawing and keeping myself busy but recently I've kinda not been finding those techniques as helpful...