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  1. C


    Llandudno Aberconwy Mind 3 Trinity Square Llandudno Conwy LL30 2PY 01492 879 907 [email protected] Aberconwy Mind helps local people rebuild their lives by providing friendly support and a chance to share experiences and regain self respect. We offer a warm welcome, a chance to...
  2. life2live

    Can't seem to shake this.....

    I have been trying so hard to shake my depression and get back to semi normal but I can't seem to shake it. Everytime I feel like I am OK something knocks me back and I have to rebuild my confidence all over again. Its like groundhog day, I have to have everything go perfect and it never does.
  3. L

    Standing at the bottom of the garden - in my dressing gown

    I've just been standing at the bottom of my garden in my dressing gown, smoking a joint, staring into the black abyiss quite literally, wondering how things will ever be okay again. The poster child of sanity, no? What a fucking clichè I am. Then I text a friend, more like a sister, and she made...
  4. B

    Has anyone else lost everything they worked so hard for their whole life due to psychosis?

    Has anyone else lost everything they worked so hard for their whole life due to psychosis? Hello and thanks for reading a new members post! About 5 years ago I was in the beginning stages of psychosis, which ended up being full blown psychosis with hallucinations and delusions that only ended...
  5. meeshmallow

    Trying to rebuild myself after the abuse

    Two years ago I got out of an emotionally/physically abusive relationship, which resulted in me being hospitalized from being so depressed and suicidal. I'm realizing how abusive he really was. He's bipolar AND borderline and really f***ed with my head for a year and a half. He blamed me for...
  6. Foxjo

    Exams!! so unpredictable.

    Hi Exams!! so unpredictable. You can study so much, do well all year and then in one day - blow the lot. You think you did well but you failed- is there a system where you can appeal and get re-marked? Can you resit? Your summer isnt ruined, im sure there are other things you can do if your...