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  1. D

    Repeatedly telephoning family members for reassurance

    Hello. I am new here, a single male in my late forties who has had anxiety for over 20 years. Often, when anxious I constantly telephone family members (several times an hour sometimes) for the same reassurance, which is putting stress on my elderly parents. My brother has sent me a letter...
  2. L

    Sad and terrified of death

    I'm not really sure where to post this but I really hope someone can offer some reassurance. For the last couple weeks I have been panicking about dying. It just came out of nowhere and I've never thought about this before. I'm terrified of never seeing my family again and not knowing what will...
  3. L

    Anxiety ruining my life- looing sense of reality- imagination going crazy

    Anxiety ruining my life- looing sense of reality- imagination going crazy Hi I am new to this forum.. I developed some kind of anxiety during high school and it has gradually got worse- i am now 20. I have suffered social anxiety, general anxiety and health anxiety. I constantly feel a feeling...
  4. J

    My Health anxiety is ruining my life

    Hi guys, very new to this but have read a few threads on here and realise more than a diagnosis it's jus reassurance I need. So hi I'm Jess, and I have a very bad case of hyperchondria and cyberchondria ! I'm 26 years old and my anxiety is worse than ever. I've always been nervous even as a...
  5. S

    Reassurance goes a long long way in recovery

    I look back at so many times when I have been extremely unwell and the most important thing for myself during those periods is for others to say to me, you are an ok person and if not tomorrow's another day, then next week is another week, next month etc. Unfortunately, at these times like I...
  6. L

    Seeking reassurance

    Is this type of problem appropriate for this site? I'm struggling with something. I'm getting myself into a state about a relationship situation, that I seek reassurance about. I get the reassurance, I'm OK, for a while, then it will be triggered again. I genuinely believe there is no real...
  7. C

    Completely Overwhelmed

    with life since I came out of hospital. The slightest thing is freaking me out. I am SO unhappy living on my own - it's really difficult looking after myself and I need someone around to give me reassurance. And I've got to decide if I am fit enough to go on holiday .....
  8. K

    I'm sorry i need help

    I'm really sorry but I just need to say this to people in the hope that it will ease up in my head a bit.... So yesterday I sent an email to work. i then forwarded my sent email to a friend with a message about my work which, if seen by my work, would be bad bad news. I sent it to my friend...
  9. M

    Best friend about to be sectioned. What can I do to support them? Please, any advice?

    Best friend about to be sectioned. What can I do to support them? Please, any advice? Hi, just after some advice and reassurance from anyone with similar experiences. My best friend, who I used to be in a relationship with, has recently being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and PDD NOS. We...
  10. L

    Looking for reassurance

    I'm new here and found myself a forum to talk on because I'm in a bad place right now. I've suffered depression on and off for 15 years and in its current form I have been on meds for 3 years but over the last few months I've hit another downward curve. This time my gp has said theres nothing...
  11. H

    OCD in children? Or just normal anxiety?

    My little un (age 9) is proving to be quite anxious at the moment. It takes different forms, usually it is bedtime when she starts to worry but not always. For example, when we were on holiday she asked how we could breathe and swallow so I explained in simple terms about having two different...
  12. Rosso-s

    Feeling so alone

    Hi everyone, Not been on here in a while as I was feeling pretty stable for a good few months but now the depression is back. I am feeling so alone and in the darkest of places at the moment. I really just need to speak with others, I need reassurance that everything is going to be alright...
  13. suicideangel

    needing reassurance *possibly triggering*

    Hey guys So as the title says I really need some reassurance this is gonna mention self harm , abuse , college and suicide so please be careful before reading and I hope this doesn't break any rules .. Here goes .. So my GF she hurts me and she black mails me yells me not to tell the other...
  14. E

    Newly diagnosed-need reassurance!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and searching for a bit of reassurance. I was FINALLY diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 last week after years of knowing it myself but not being able to get any doctor to listen. It took me moving away from my home town and changing doctor before they would take...
  15. F

    Depression and Pregnancy

    Hi, I have had depression for a long time and have recently been diagnosed with personality disorders after a crisis last year which meant i was in hospital twice. Things have improved with medication and hard work. I am now back to work 4 days a week. It has only been about 8 months since I...
  16. V

    Reassurance and support needed please.

    My long term boyfriend all of a sudden said he was unhappy in our relationship 2 weeks ago. He has now bought a new car and very expensive goods which is very odd for him. we had a very good relationship and this was a on the spot decision. I have no idea what to do without him. It has set me...
  17. R

    Relationship advice wanted!!!

    I would appreciate some advice please. I've been with my girlfriend for 7 months and love her very much. She has bi-polar disorder but has been fairly stable since I've known her (I'm not taking credit for that!), although in the past has been extremely unwell. I'm really happy to give her the...