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  1. KTCarrott

    Effects of stopping drinking alcohol.

    Hey! I new to this forum, and also new to the BPD diagnosis. I have stopped drinking alcohol, it has been around 5 months now, as I found it made me very vulnerable, to making very bad and self destructive decisions, including promiscuity, and self harm, and just putting myself in general...
  2. E

    Worrying constantly/need advice

    I worry about everything... literally everything. Every interaction I have with someone and try and read into every possible reaction or attitude they give me. I am a huge people pleaser, and the thought of me loosing a best friend to someone else or them not wanting to be my friend honestly...
  3. Midnight.Panda

    Feeling bad about needing constant reassurance

    I worry an excessive amount and no matter how much someone tries to cheer me up, I can’t stop worrying. The negative feelings are just overflowing so the only way I can let them out is to verbally express myself. I only have a few close friends, but they seem to get angry at me because I need...
  4. unplusdoublegood

    Just Sayin Hello

    Hello All I'm 33 & Have Had Issues With Interaction With Others I Can't Seem To Deal With How People Are I Am Also A Substance Abuser I Have Never Spoke In Any seriousness To anyone About It But It's A Big Part Of Me & My Life I Should stop (Writing) Now As It's Not A Good Time To Be Putting My...
  5. A

    Person centred therapy

    I have been to see a therapist today who has suggested person centred therapy to help with my anxiety and how I lose the ability to rationalise my thoughts at times and hence blow things out of all context resulting in a need to gain reassurance. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with...
  6. M

    Disabling fear of the doctor / hospitals

    Hello everyone, thank you for reading. I'm hoping the mere sharing of my problem will offset some of the anguish this situation brings me. I have a phobia of doctors / hospital, simple enough but one that prevents me from ever visiting one and getting reassurance for certain ailments. Not...
  7. F

    I have ocd

    I have been seeking reassurance a lot lately not like making sure everything's in order the door is closed like that its these thoughts they never go away if I do something really good better than others I get thoughts like howcome I am so good at this while others aren't what did I do to get to...
  8. T

    Advice from people who have got over it

    This is my first post on any forum and hope you can help, I am a 27yo bloke and have had severe depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I ended up gambling and drinking until I told my family and have subsequently sought professional help. I've been prescribed, and am now 8 days in...
  9. D

    Identifying please

    Hi! I have this strange anxiety where I googled and I cannot find anyone being like me. I want to seek professional helps but I cannot do so right now. So i just want to know first what I am going through. Here is what happen with me... I have been with my boyfriend for around 2 years and we...
  10. T

    I think i have BPD. I don't know where to beginti get help. Please can someone Help me?

    I think i have BPD. I don't know where to beginti get help. Please can someone Help me? I have basically turned into a recluse. Ive turned to drink which I know is becoming a real problem and cant even bring myself to go to seek advice from my doctor. I havve a long history of depression...
  11. N

    Anxiety disorder or worse?

    When I got an intrusive thought. It made me fear I was homicidal. I did compulsions to prove to myself I didn't want to kill and it made me feel like I had ocd not a murderer. They feel fake I don't think it's ocd. I feel sometimes like maybe I am homicidal. I get caught up and think one day...
  12. D


    Hey my is Darren need a bit of help ​i suffer from severe OCD ANXIETY & SLEEP PHOBIA ​Ive been going through a tough time lately making myself anxious over worrying about sex and arriving to soon. very embarrasing i know. ill have sex with my partner and it will be fine and not over quick but...
  13. D


    Flying overseas today, to start our 10 day holiday! But am really dizzy today and feel trembling every where! My hand was shaking drinking coffee this morning, make things worse stomach issues now! Soo these are signs of anxiety? Well so my dr or should say Doctors keep saying! And popping ears...
  14. K

    Hi Everyone

    I was just online looking for self harm advice and came across this forum. Could really do with some reassurance and guidance on a few things - I look forward to talking with you :panic:
  15. cpuusage

    Flowing Wakefulness

    Flowing Wakefulness The story of individual metamorphosis is no longer an isolated event, but an integral part of global transformation on a collective level. For many, though, the impact of awakening is an ambivalent experience accompanied by shadow of doubt at being unable to withstand, at...
  16. E

    Anxious or sick?

    Hi I am new so sorry if this is in the wrong section. I am just wondering if anyone else struggles with differentiating symptoms of anxiety to symptoms of an illness? I have been feeling quite unwell the past two months but I have also been a lot more anxious and I am starting to notice...
  17. G

    Affecting my life in more ways than 10

    I am used to the stereotypical opinions people have about mental health and the general stigma our society cannot seem to bypass, however I have just experienced a brand new rejection. After a lovely weekend away I have come home to the post and found a letter from an insurance company, with...
  18. M

    Intrusive thoughts and reassurance seeking habits

    Hi. I'm currently suffering from severe intrusive thoughts, and I've been in the habit of seeking reassurance from my boyfriend for the past three or so years. We've been together for nearly six years, and it was about three or four years ago where my OCD symptoms kicked in and everything...
  19. E

    Fear of Faking -- Advice and tips?

    This is my first actual thread on this forum, and I'm in a bit of distress, and almost need reassurance really. I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD and having a working diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, including dissociation/depersonalization. I'm wondering if...
  20. J

    I feel seriously depressed over this, must I feel bad?

    I remember once reminiscing my childhood times spent with a friend when we were little children around the age of 4 or 5, I hung around with her without clothes on, we were young kids. What really disturbed me is when I realized that I may have masturbated over one of the times I saw her naked...