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  1. S

    New to this kind of stuff

    Hi, first time writing here or anywhere really... For a few years, 3-4 I've been having these terrible ideas... Mostly negative ones. It all started when I first lost a job. Went into a 2 year depression, "came out of it". Always felt kinda different after the depression compared to before...
  2. A

    Try again?

    I guess this is most appropriate forum. I have been suicidal since 16, perhaps earlier, but that is the age I most remember being suicidal. I'm 26 now. I attempted when I was 22, and again about 1 year and 4 months ago, when I was 24. My first attempt was fairly halfassed as I only a higher...
  3. O

    Help! I think my brother may be going off the deep end

    I love and care for my brother but I think something is wrong with him. If you saw his public Instagram you would see what I mean. It is an interesting look inside his mind. He posts pictures of himself half naked all the time, and he devalues others all the time. For some reason he is all...
  4. C

    Depressed, Almost Jobless and Lost

    Hi, I'm feeling so lost. I've struggled with depression, anxiety and OCD for 12+ years (I'm 26). I am currently having a really hard time keeping it together. A few years ago, I tried applying for disability due to my crippling mental illness. I was rejected and was forced to try to find a job...
  5. soulsearcher

    explaining BPD to other people...

    hey peeps is it just me but i find it difficult to explain BPD to other people so for exmple ill tell someone ive got BPD and then when they ask whats that exactly i just for some reason cant explain and im just like google it, anyone else like that?
  6. A


    Here goes my newly born emo side: I feel pain, paralyzing, agonizing, never ending pain. The only cure is distraction, which actually isn’t more of a cure than the conventional pain killer is for a headache. The headache is there for a reason, and the reason is not gone, you just push away the...
  7. C

    My biggest fear

    So what is my biggest fear? Being the reason my life fails. I fear being the reason my marriage fails, being the reason my son is unhappy or lost, being the reason for losing my job or letting someone I love down. The shame and humiliation that comes with the above. These are my greatest fears...
  8. A

    Depression is winning Abuse trigger warning

    Hi, just a bit of a back story really. I'm 26, male, I'm married with a boy aged 5 and decent steady job. I've never done anything like this before but I need help. When i was little, younger than 5, a neighbours son who my mum knew quite well, used to babysit me and my little sister (2 years...
  9. Artmuzz

    Received statement for reason for refusal of PIP award from Tribunal

    I received my statement of reason from the tribunal through the post today and the reasons they have written have made me very angry. They state that I contradicted myself saying I cannot go out due to severe anxiety yet they say I was able to attend the PIP assessment and tribunal. Don’t they...
  10. M

    Helping someone with Depression.

    Hey everyone sorry new member so if im in the wrong room for this sorry. I have recently broken up with my gf who suffers from depression anxiety and PTSD. She cheated on me out of the blue and that was that. Told me she needed to learn to cope with life on her own etc etc. Which you know...
  11. J

    Assistance/ advice needed for anxiety.

    Hello, I am hoping that someone is able to point me in the right direction to seek help with my anxiety. I feel a bit ashamed/ embarrassed to do this, but am at the point where i can’t deal with it anymore and don’t know where to turn. Although undiagnosed, I know I have had anxiety and...
  12. W

    Why don't ppl tell you why they hate you?

    I have always been the type of person that is willing to change to be more likeable or less upsetting for others. But when people become offended by something I say or do. They don't say why they just start treating me badly and if I straight forwardly ask them they will laugh or make something...
  13. Zardos


    Its back !! Big is back.. Because bigger is better.. 6000 SUX ! an American tradition Hi Guys :) Sorry I've been keeping you all hangin'... I've been a busy fool..That is busy doing nothing.. The last few days are all a dizzy blur... I haven't been eating.. So there has been no reason to go...
  14. 1


    Hey I just want to know if its just me whos struggling with this or not. Ive gotten to a point where I hate spending time with my family anymore. The thought of just sitting and having a simple conversation makes me sick. Its like I hate them but for no reason. im literally spending all my time...
  15. J

    Depressed for no reason newbie

    Hi everyone, I’m James and I’m new to the forum. I’ve had very mild cases of being down, mainly in the depths of winter, which I put down to sads. I always seemed to perk up in the spring. I’ve also put it down to alcohol and occasional recreational drugs, but that’s not it as I don’t do much...
  16. K

    No reason to be depressed, just can't help feeling this way??

    I’ve been battling depression off & on for over 15 years. But this most recent episode, I actually feel emotionless, like nothing I do can make me feel better. I don’t get excited about things, I really have no pleasure in anything. On the outside I seem to have it all together, wonderful...
  17. A

    I'm doing well, I'm where I want to be but I'm still so miserable

    I've suffered depression chronically, I started to feel more inspired and a little happier. I got into college after working for 4 years in places that I hated so it was the extremely exciting that I had gotten a place because It's the one thing I'm most passionate about. It made me happy, gave...
  18. W

    In Danger of Losing Job

    Has anyone some good advice on how to prevent job loss due to this condition? I'm covered by FMLA, but if I am out sick for any other reason and don't have a doctor's note, even for the flu or stomach upset, my employers write me up and try to fire me.
  19. S

    can someone please give me a reason to keep going

    can someone please just give me a reason not to kill myself? a real reason, not the typical "you're loved, it will get better, you would hurt your loved ones" crap. were you ever this low? how did you pull yourself out? im hurting so much and im done with this life. please help me.
  20. H

    Nothing in particular yet everything

    I used to come on here years ago but haven’t felt the need to again til now. Nothing in particular is wrong, yet everything is if you get me. I don’t feel like I have a life & wondering what the point is & whether I can be bothered, I can’t see the reason to currently if I’m honest, nothing will...